Belle Miller at twenty three decides to lose her virginity to a stranger she met via an app named sex mate. After her one night stand with Ben, she hopes not to see him again but fate disagrees and lead her to him again. She finds out he is the famous Billionaire Ben Larkson and didn't know how to feel about it. On the other hand Ben wants her and even though he believes he doesn't love her just because he isn't a romantic, he still acts possessive over her. Read through to find out how his obsession for Belle turns into love, how he falls in love with her through their lust. ********* He leaned in and touched her lips with his, not kissing her yet, he just caressed her lips with his, teasing her because she closed her eyes when he leaned in, ready for a kiss. He sucked on her upper lips first, feeling how soft they were, he enveloped both her lips now and he heard that 'Mmnn' from her again, he loved it. She didn't return his kiss at first, she just let him play with her lips, she enjoyed it. She hadn't felt his tongue in her mouth yet, she wanted that, so she grabbed on to his neck, to kiss him back still with her eyes closed but he moved away from her a little, and she longed for those lips that just left hers. When she opened her eyes, he wasn't in front of her, he was behind her now. He kissed her neck and he got her soft moan again. He pulled on her dress's zipper at the back of the dress, exposing her bare back. With the tip of his nose, he caressed her naked shoulder, slowly moving to the nape of her neck. She tilted her head backwards when he began to place wet kisses across her back and when he stopped at her waist, where he had unzipped to, he made her dress fall from her body. Read more.....


The Billionaire's Bride: Our Vows Do Not Matter

10.0K·Favor V April

After being betrayed by her stepsister, Cathleen left the country and went abroad. However, on the day she returned to NYK, she was asked to marry the same man she caught sleeping with her stepsister 3 years ago. Cathleen agreed, as she was marrying the man to save her grandmother and wanted revenge, as well as to cut ties with her family. To her surprise, the man she married wasn't the man who betrayed her 3 years ago; it was a different man she had never seen. What happened to Finn? How will she get her revenge?  Her stepmother and stepsister found out that Finn wasn't the owner of Knight Group, so they devised a plan to make Cathleen marry the lapdog while they found out who owned Knight Group. But with Finn on the run, who then did Cathleen marry? Xavier was dimmed to be a cousin from the farm; little did the mother-and-daughter pair know that he was the big shot they had been looking for.    


I Married My Mother’s Lover As A Stand-In Bride


My mother was a lot of things but I never knew she would dare leave her Billionaire husband on the Alter stranded. My soon to be step-father was a lot of things, but he wasn't one to accept humiliation. And for that reason he made me Amelia, the daughter of my runaway mother to take her place on the alter.


The Billionaire's Secret Wife


Kira Bryams, after being drugged by her stepsister and her fiance during a family dinner with her fiance's family at an hotel had a one night with stand with a man. What she didn't know was that the man she slept with was the richest and most powerful man in the country; Sanders Wealth. After finding out that everything was a plan by stepsister and fiance from the very beginning,Kira almost killed herself. But Sanders Wealth came with a proposal that will change her life. Extract "Are you willing to be my wife? I will get revenge for you. You only need to enjoy the show. " Sanders said to her enthusiastically. "I accept. I want those two to be destroyed. But on one condition, nobody should know I am your wife because I am a popular fashion designer. " Kira replied. "No problem. Let's go to the bureau or else it will be too late to get a certificate." Sanders said whilst smiling happily. This was how Kira was bound to Sanders. Follow Kira and Sanders in their love story as they uncover various mysteries. You will enjoy it.


Falling for the Surrogate


“Five hundred million for surrogacy. After you give birth, you will leave the child and never show your face again,” Anya was faced with a difficult decision in her life. That was to accept these absurd terms or just let her husband’s company fall into bankruptcy. In the end, she chose to toughen her heart just to save her husband. She took up this job that goes against her morals, the life she nurtured and cared inside her body, she gave it away. However, after everything she had done, her husband turned his back on her and chose to hurt her in every way imagined. When her world felt like crumbling to pieces, she would be unexpectedly saved and loved by a man she had least expected. She was Anya Laurier, and she’s a billionaire’s surrogate.


Mr. Billionaire's Contract Wife

2.0K·Nikoline Black

A conspiracy by her best friend led to Shirley losing her first time to a strange man. The once-sweet relationship was ruthlessly destroyed by her boyfriend. "Since you are carrying my child, let's get married. It just happens that I don't love you, and you don't love me either," Mr. Billionaire said heartlessly. He threw a contract on the table, saying, "We are just contract spouses." They got secretly married. None of their colleagues knew that Shirley was the wife of their CEO, and they envied why Mr. Billionaire treated this little assistant so specially. Just as Shirley was about to relax, she unexpectedly found out that the man who signed the contract completely ignored her resistance and declared to the whole world that she belonged to him. "What are you trying to do?" "My dear wife, I love you! Let's have another child."


One Night Stand With The Unforgettable Stranger

1.0K·J. Kings

Since she could remember, Cassie Smith had been in love with Nathan Greg. When she left home to attend a university two states away, they transitioned from being best friends in school to friends with benefits. Their once-a-month weekends were the pinnacle of her life, when he would fly in to see her and she would have him all to herself for the whole, uninterrupted weekend. Then he announced his impending marriage to her. Cassie had to take action to restore order since her idealized world was in danger of collapsing. She wanted to be the woman Nathan married and had a happy life with because she needed him in her life. She thus devised a scheme to interrupt the wedding and kidnap the groom. She later met Brian. In order to make the groom envious and aid her in calling off the wedding, Brian Colleen, the reclusive aviation Billionaire, promised to pose as her lover. She began to doubt her allegiance to Nathan as a result of his stunning green eyes and the way he made her feel when he touched her. He's also Nathan's stepbrother, incidentally. She couldn't deny that she felt something for Brian, but what would it indicate for her relationship with Nathan going forward? Should she continue on her current path and work for the happily ever after she had always envisioned with Nathan, or take a risk on a new relationship with Brian? Please dear readers, I want to inform you all that this story is in series and I will be uploading all of them in the story, thank you all.


The Billionaire's Secret Lover


Nina Miller is a simple and easygoing girl. At 17, she gave her virginity to a stranger she met at a club. Now at 27 years, she met the guy who took her heart but he's engaged to her friend. Will she break a friendship or mend the relationship? Michael Vincent Thompson, the first of the three boys in the Thompson's family and the heir to the Thompson's Empire, currently the CEO of the Thompson's Empire is a ruthless billionaire who has everything that money could buy and an heiress of the Mason's Media Group as a fiancee. But a night with a naive virgin girl changes his view of women. Will he risk his inheritance for a naive virgin girl or Will he marries an heiress and expand the family business? READ AND FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


Entangled To The CEO


After losing his wife on foreign soil without warning, Major Jake Middleton is left to raise their son alone. He's put on a brave face for his child, but the pain of his loss lingers every day. Now out of the military and running a successful company, Jake is surprised to find himself drawn to his stubborn and sexy secretary, Kristen. Jake never thought he would want another woman after his wife's passing, but Kristen has him questioning everything. He's torn between the idea that she could be his salvation or that he's a fool for even considering it. As Jake navigates the complexities of his grief and his growing feelings for Kristen, he must also confront the challenges of running a business and being a single parent. Will he be able to find love again, or is he destined to be alone? And will Kristen be the one to help him heal and move forward? "Entangled To The CEO" is a heart-wrenching and steamy romance that explores the depths of grief and the power of love to heal even the most broken of hearts.




Arabella finds out she is pregnant with a child for her husband, Richard Giodano. She wants to inform him about it when she hears him speaking on the phone with Eve Rogers, his ex-lover. Because of Eve's arrival back into the states, Richard wants a divorce. That has always been the plan until he finds Eve cheating on him with his best friend. Five years later, they bump into each other at a party and Richard finds out his ex-wife is not only back with a child but is also a hot sexy CEO of Eagle Homes and Interiors. Even when she pretends not to know him, he vows to stop at nothing to chase after and win her back.


Captivated by Mr. Billionaire


Rafael Achilles Cordova is the notoriously cold CEO of Cordova Industries, unrivaled in the business world. Raised as the successor of his father's company, he poured his life into preparing to inherit the company and grew up with no other interests. No care for women, money, or life in general. For all 29 years of his life, he lived purely for the sake of carrying out his duty without divulging into a single frivolity. And yet, why couldn't he get his mind off of the bright violet eyes of a particular little lady who randomly entered his life one day? Why was there a fuzzy feeling in his chest at a mere glimpse of her? Why did it feel like his entire world was collapsing with only a single tear running down her cheek? Where were all these feelings coming from? Unfamiliar feelings that he had not once ever felt before in his entire life. Little did he know that those were the feelings of a king who finally found his queen, one who he would lay his entire empire down to stay by her side.


Married At First Sight

2.0K·Celia Dempsey

"The bride is here" someone shouted and he calmed down a bit, he just want to get this over with. He turned to stare at his bride and was shocked to see another face, dressed as his bride walking towards the altar. The lady has blond hair and baby blue eyes, a straight nose and a rosebud mouth that was twitching nervously He stared at his friend who was standing beside him, his gaze demanding for an explanation but he only shrugged, his gaze portrayed that he doesn't have a clue about what's going on She smiled nervously when she got to where he was standing "Hello, you must be the groom, my name is Isabella. Joana's cousin and I am your bride" Daniel arched a brow at her before turning back to the priest, "let's begin"........ ***************************************** "Boss, you have to see this video, it is a video of your wife with another man and the worst is that it is uploaded on an adult site" Daniel flung the phone angrily across the wall, "find me that bastard who would dare do such, find him before 24hours elapses" he yelled....... Find out what will become of Daniel and Isabella's marriage after this shocking revelation. Will their love be able to withstand every little secret being dished out?


Love Slave to My Devil CEO Boss


The man I had a one-night stand with is the CEO! "Romantic relationships between employees are strictly forbidden" Karina's chaotic love life starts when she lands her dream job only to fall in love with her colleague on the first day. Things get more complicated when the CEO finds out about her forbidden relationship. Drunk and heartbroken, Karina spends a steamy night with a stranger only to find out that it is her Devil CEO boss. Karina navigates the complicated web of lust and lies with her unwavering determination to reach her career goals. What will happen to Karina and her love life when the Devil CEO demands that she becomes his ‘personal secretary’?


Getting Cara


Cara's life is thrown into disarray when her father tells her she is to be married to powerful billionaire Xander Granger. The man that made her disappear seven years ago, the man she once loved but now loathes, is now her husband to be. She had always loved Zander, but he rejected her severally and picked her cousin over her. She moved away for college and restarted her life. Now she's being forced to be the wife of the very man that nearly broke her. Xander is a handsome, powerful billionaire. He is the man who Cara loved, and he broke her heart at sixteen by picking her cousin over her. Opening his father's will it's part of his dying wish, he marries his best friend and business partner’s daughter Cara before he has access to the company . But Cara isn't the cute sixteen-year-old love sick girl any more but a hot, sexy, tempting young woman. Xander can't seem to figure her out, she treats him like a polite stranger and her heart is guarded by heavy, thick walls. Especially with the appearance of the secret CEO Christian Granger, Xander's step-brother, who is here to win Cara back from Xander. A dangerous game between first love and unending devotion.


The Arrogant Dickless Billionaire

390·Moonlight Rebellion

"I am dickless" Javier muttered, avoiding eye contact with Natalie, who was stunned by his revelation. "You mean you have nothing down there?" she pointed to his lower region, finding it hard to believe. She shook her head, "No, I don't believe you," she disagreed. Javier sighed softly, "Then read the paper you're holding." He weakly slumped on his bed, prepared for whatever decision she would make - to either stay with him or leave him. Natalie's eyes shifted from him to the paper she was holding, and her jaw dropped. **** Javier Reyes, a multi-billionaire in New York, is widely recognized for his fame and fortune. However, his reputation is marred by a history of mistreating women, which began after he graduated from college. The reason behind his transformation into a cruel and heartless billionaire remains a mystery. However, he came across a brave and outspoken lady who thoroughly humiliated him for not apologizing to her and instead paying for his mistake. Javier made a solemn promise to ensure she faced consequences by compelling her to marry him. However, he was unaware that this marriage would reveal all of his concealed secrets. Will she stay after discovering his secret, or will love prevail?


Yours, Forever

770·Author Iris

She was his motivation. Madison Connor, the only woman he had ever loved, the woman he had hurt, the woman he had left. Billionaire Damien Daniels had three things he needed to accomplish in his life. First, he was going to get to the root of his past. Second, he was going to make the Connors pay. Third, the last thing, he didn't even know. But he knew there was something remaining, a wrong he needed to right. And it was staring straight at him. A dark truth that risked breaking him apart, that could mar his existence. In all these though she was at the center of it all, Madison Connor. Lord help him. She was the one thing he could never have. His enemy's little sister. Eyes like the sea, strawberry blonde curls and those dotted freckles atop her nose; she was his obsession. She was the beginning of his downfall, his damnation and motivation. *** He was the one man she couldn't avoid back then, and the man she couldn't resist. Damien Daniel, her childhood crush who never looked her way even once. Her brother's enemy. She was too small for him, not sexy or beautiful enough for him, too shy to even talk to him. Their attraction was unmistakable, almost beyond control, but as much as she ached to be his, she feared the pressure of his demands. *** Submitting to each other meant they had to break so many rules. Could they? Would they? Their love was forbidden. Their intertwining past threatening to tear them apart. A bumpy ride. So many obstacles and trials. It took days, months and years, but what's meant to be will always be!


Billionaire's Fake Marriage


I've completely lost my rationality by pretending to be in a marriage with my brother's closest friend. Ritchie Hollis III, a legendary CEO with the physique of a Greek god, and a lifelong friend of my brother, has irritated me since childhood. When his father passes away, leaving him the inheritance on the condition that he marries, he approaches me to act as his fiancée. He secures his inheritance, and I receive a substantial sum to clear my debts. The sole rule is that it's strictly a fake marriage with no genuine feelings involved. Nevertheless, rules tend to crumble. Despite our best intentions, we have a one-night encounter and find ourselves attracted to each other, which we can't deny. What began as a simple scheme becomes more complicated. His once-cold heart warms me, but I can't shake the fear that he'll end things once he achieves his ultimate goal, his father's fortune.


Nanny For the Billionaire's Son


NOTE ON CONTENT MANY EROTIC SCENES, BREATHE PLAY, ROPE PLAY, SOMNOPHILIA, AND PRIMAL PLAY ARE FOUND IN THIS BOOK. IT HAS MATURE CONTENTS BECAUSE IT IS RATED 18+. THESE BOOKS ARE A COLLECTION OF VERY SMUTTY BOOKS THAT WILL MAKE YOU REACH FOR YOUR VIBRATORS AND LEAVE YOUR PANTIES WET. Enjoy yourself, girls, and don't forget to comment. ***XoXo*** BOOK ONE "Whatever happened at Apen house over the weekend stays there and that's it..." I heard him thunder while I saw the smirk on that vicious woman's face, mocking the shit out of me like I was standing on some lost ground. All my life, I had never believed in love, and after my last breakup, I had sworn never to give my heart to anyone else, but here I was with another broken heart filled with regrets, simply because, the mother of his son was back and he needed to be with her just to protect his son's happiness. But is that the truth?


The Takeover

440·TL Swan

I first met Tristan Miles at a meeting where he was trying to take over my late husband’s company. He was powerful, arrogant, and infuriatingly gorgeous, and I hated him with every cell in my body. In the shock of the century, he called me three days later and asked me on a date. I would rather die than date a man like him—though I do have to admit it was good for the ego. Turning him down was the highlight of my year. Six months later, he was the guest speaker at a conference I attended in France. Still arrogant and infuriating—but this time, surprisingly charming and witty. When he looked at me, I got butterflies. But I can’t go there. He’s just a player in a hot suit, and I’m just a widow with three unruly sons. I just need this conference to be over. Because everybody knows that Tristan Miles always gets what he wants…and what he wants is me.


Seduced By My Billionaire Boss


Skylar William is an artist who has just graduated from school. She needs a job urgently. The only job vacancy available is with a billionaire boss. After falling in love only once and having her heart shattered, she vowed never to fall in love again. But when she was face-to-face with the billionaire boss, only then did her shattered heart beat again. VINO Matthew Thompson is the second child in the Thompson family. He is the CEO of Thompson's Art Centre. He vowed never to mix business with pleasure, especially not with his employees, but when he employed Skylar William, he didn't know the rule would no longer matter as he thrived to make her heart beat again.