One Night Stand With My Husband’s Brother


“I just want to be as far away from you as possible, Chase.” She whimpered, trapped against the door by the wall and cage of his body. Heated flesh and muscle, a wall of sex and pure male danger. “Whatever this is between us… it scares me. You scare me…” Her voice was timid in the semi-dark of the room. He grabbed her small hand in his large one and pressed it into the open space of his recklessly unbuttoned shirt. She felt the searing heat of his laddered abs, dragging up till her hand rested right over his heart. He held her chin up with his other hand, saying in a hard tone. “Do you feel that? I burn for you. No part of the earth would be too far for me to find you, Mackenzie. You have every reason to be scared, because right now, I will take you, fuck you, enjoy you till all you can do…is whimper my name in abject surrender.” Those words were permanently branded in her mind, along with the pure black look of obsessiveness in his stormy blue eyes. For the first time, Chase Axford’s cold façade had slipped. ~************** Mackenzie Torsney, a submissive, and doting wife, had lost her husband’s and mother-in-law’s love when she delivered a dead child. Her main goal was to have a living child to regain her husband’s love. However, all her efforts was paid back with betrayal when she caught her husband on bed with another woman the same day she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Crushed and devastated, she goes to a bar to drown her pain in a bottle, there she meets a gorgeous mystery man who she begged to have sex with her, and take her pain away. But the man she had a one night stand with, turned out to be the most powerful man in the family and the whole country, her cold, detached brother-in-law, Chase Axford. She tries to run away, but Chase Axford had had a taste of her, and obsession bordering on the most depraved sexual desires had taken root in his mind. He wants her. And Chase Axfor wants, he gets, no matter the circumstances.


Taming Mr. Black

13.0K·Goddy Francis

Welcome to Club K, home for the finest and wealthiest men in the country, owned by playboy billionaire, Killian Black. He is the handsome, cocky, and dominant bachelor with a shitty reputation. He has one simple rule—never mix work with pleasure. Born and raised in a family who worked hard for what they get, Naomi Alderson despises privileged men, especially this particularly attractive and annoyingly sexy billionaire, Killian Black. She has one simple rule—never get involved with privileged men, especially Killian Black, who happens to be her boss and doesn't even know she existed. But what happens when the mysterious and arrogant Killian Black sets eyes on shy and innocent Naomi Alderson? And one thing's for sure, Killian is willing to break every of his rules to get Naomi in his bed. Even if he has to win her heart first.


The Alpha's Slave


"Strip! Don't make me repeat my words" His croaky voice brought cold shivers down my spine. Hot tears rolled down freely from my cheeks. My name is Madison Adams, 21 years old, and I'm still a virgin, but about to lose my virginity to my ruthless master in the cruelest way. I live with my mother's husband since she's late. My stepfather borrowed some money from him but couldn't pay back. I became the payment for the debt my stepfather owes the devil. Yes! I call him the devil because that's the only word that I can use to qualify him. His name is Lucien Smith. He's called Stone, because his heart is made of stone. He's calloused. He's cruel, inhumane and heartless. Despite the fact that he has so many s*x slaves, he hates me so much. Why does he loathe me so much among the other slaves? I'm his slave, and he's my master. All he has for me is hatred and lust.....


Mommy, Where Is Our Daddy?

12.0K·Black Swan

Disowned by her family for refusing a political marriage, Eleanor was left to die. Five years later, she returns with her twin children, to take what rightfully belongs to her. Revenge is all she has in mind, but she returns to questions that needs answers. Would her quest for revenge continue? Or would she have to give up on her revenge to find the answers to the questions that threaten her life? ----- "I'm afraid that wouldn't be happening" A fierce looking Eleanor walked into the meeting room, glaring at the shocked couple. Eleanor felt lucky to have arrived just before the contract was signed. She had saved her mother's legacy in the nick of time. Across the long table, Alexander and Elaine became furious as they abruptly stood up. "Eleanor? what are you doing here?" Alexander asked in disbelief. The McKinley family had never heard from Eleanor after they has sent her out of New York. Alexander thought she was dead. He definitely didn't expect her to reappear in the company, especially not sat such a crucial time. Elaine glared at Eleanor. If looks could kill, the latter would have died. She pointed her finger at her stepdaughter as she spoke through gritted teeth, "You! What do you think you're doing? Huh" Eleanor scoffed at her stepmother's words. Was she daft? "Are you so blind? or deaf? or both? Isn't it obvious? I'm here to stop you two sly foxes from selling the ZerAnderson Group" came Eleanor's firm reply. "I'm here to take what rightfully belongs to me!" Follow me on this beautiful journey to find out more.....!



4.0K·Kathrine kayz

~ Ducan : Demon king ~ My kingdom is on the verge of distraction and my race is about to perish in a blink of an eye. What I need is a blessed maiden who can only be found once per hundred years. A virgin girl with the favour of the gods, who will open her legs for me In order to restore the power slipping away from me. To balance my kingdom and the reels of hell, I need her to carry my seed so I could secure my position and forever rule my kind. Once my eyes are set on her, she will become mine with or without her approval, affections or consent.


Psycho - Headless Horsemen MC


Jax "Killer" Jones is the most ruthless man in California, President of the Headless Horseman MC. Harley, just Harley has been running from her past moving across the country to start a new life, but she has a small bad habit she just can't seem to shake.


The love of a Mr. CEO


PROLOG : “What are you thinking about mia cara” he asks me causing my thoughts to drift back to me kissing his jawline. “N-nothing” I stutter cursing myself at how breathy I sounded even to my own ears. I watch his mouth curl up into his trademark smirk quickly glancing over with an eyebrow raised. “Didn’t seem like nothing when you were eye raping the side of my face mia cara” he responds almost mockingly trying to rile me up. Feeling bold and teasing, I open my mouth to share my thoughts. “Well if you must know, I was thinking about leaning over and placing a trail of feathery kisses along your jawline” I say nonchalantly pretending to examine my finger nails. I hear him suck in a breath and cursing before I feel him pullover on the side of the rode. “That’s it” he whispers huskily turning off the engine and reaching his arm over to lift me off my seat. He places me on his lap and I shift around trying to get comfortable but I can tell my movements weren’t helping. “God damn it mia cara, you’re gonna be the death of me” he whispers, his Italian accent coming out as he smashed his lips on mine. The kiss was nothing but aggressive, our hunger and need for each other evident. His hands grip my hair and pull my head back slightly to give him better access to my mouth. I break away to catch my breath while I begin peppering kisses on his jawline grasping his hair and tugging his head back to get more access. I easily elicit a growl from him and I teasingly bite his neck slightly before pulling away completely. I attempt to get off his lap and back into my seat but his iron grip keeps me still. “Mia cara, will you be mine” he asks huskily, his face expressing his nervousness as well as hope. I smile from ear to ear before giving him a sweet peck. “Of course you idiot” I say smiling for ear to ear.


Belongs To Us


She heard the door click open but it wasn't Nicolai. It was lucifer. Her eyes widened in fear as she got up from the bed. Lucifer walked towards her and she stepped back, her eyes started watering recollecting the event of this morning. She tried to run out of the room but lucifer catched her and locked her in his arms. "Shh... I am not going to hurt you, stop struggling..." She stilled hearing his angry voice. Even if he didn't wanted to hurt her, She wasn't ready to trust him. Lucifer let her go and started stripping, her heart started racing seeing that and she ran towards the door but it was locked. She tried to open it but couldn't. Her lips trembled as she felt his breath on her neck. "You can't escape from us, baby... Never..." He lifted her up walking towards the bed and she started struggling. Lucifer gently placed her on the bed and by now she was a crying mess. He was only in his boxers and that was not helping her either. ******** Three evil hybrids and one innocent mate. How is it going to work? But they know that she is innocent not weak... ********* Warning - mature content, sexual content


Anamika - The Broken Beauty


"she will be mine with or without consent...." Massimo Marino... A ruthless Italian mafia king whose aura screams danger....a handsome man who is hiding his darkness behind his handsome face...He don't do love he only fucks women and never look at them again.. women drool over him and throw themselves at him for his money... he demands respect and obedience...blood gives him satisfaction and fear in people eyes power... He is the king of dark world..he get what he wants and possessive about things he own....and now he wants Anamika, at any cost... Anamika singh sahay... Successful business woman....Beauty with brains, but broken inside-out...when Her world turn upside down on her 18th birthday she loses her everything and her grandmother whom she love with bottom of her heart which left her broken, empty and with darkness...but she never gives up she fought back and build her own empire..she got everything, power and money but not her old self... a girl who was once innocent and happy was now cold and stone no one can control her. She made herself like that...she don't trust and love will she react when Massimo claim her as his... What would happen when two dark world will collide with each other... will they destroy each other or build their own new world...will they learn to love or break each other for worst...will Massimo's dominating nature accept rebel behaviour of Anamika...will successful business woman Anamika let Massimo control never...How will they react when they learn the darkest secrets of each other's life... Warning- mature content 18 plus




"No! You must finish what you have started! You can't keep doing this to me!" Jackson Taylor is a sex freak. Vera Santos was a nymphomaniac. He had nothing to lose, she had nothing to lose until they signed the contract to be sex mates for only ten days until his doctor comes back. He's a ruthless billionaire who doesn't give a damn about anyone, but it was different when she came into his life. They agreed not to fall in love with each other... Did they stick to the rule? This book is rated 18+

Sad loveCompleted



Dean Broody vs. Kayla CooperDean Broody was rich, handsome, charming, fun-loving and a ladies' man. As the last of seven sons by a wealthy couple, Dean had sailed through life getting everything and any woman he wanted. Women didn’t usually say NO to him. Till he fell for one of his friends…Kayla Cooper was a very feisty, smart, no-nonsense young lady who was studying to become a lawyer. Though she had always had the hots for Dean, she had suppressed her attraction because she saw Dean as a male slut who would never commit to a relationship. They were friends…till that fateful day… Everything changed!


Her Brother's Best Friend

7.0K·Artemis Watson

If asked, Emily Robinson would have gleefully said that her life revolved around two cornerstones: Volleyball and Riley. She could not live without those two. Riley was the "special friend" who fueled her passion and offered an otherwise insecure shy little girl the means to grow up strong and confident. In a matter of months, Emily lost both, her life started spiraling down. It seemed that she was fine from her look but there is full out war waging deep inside her, menacing to bring her down any minute. Four years later, Riley comes back. What happens when he starts realizing that indeed, she is no longer a little girl and has turned into a dangerously attractive woman? How can he help her fight her demons, without letting mind and heart stray? He can't fall for the little girl he used to babysit... or can he?


The Billionaire’s Bartered Bride


“Natalie, you know you want me, we are married, why are you trying to resist?” He whispered grabbing her neck seductively and pulling her closer, Nicole took in a much needed breath, no he didn’t understand, even in this moment, she wanted him so much even though she knew just how wrong it was, she wasn’t Natalie, she wasn’t his wife, he just didn’t know it… Nicole Evans had just one job, and that’s to help her twin sister keep her man until she gets back herself and return to her marriage, but why was this so hard for her to pull off and why can’t she keep Rafael Salvador out of her head and off her bed?


My Stepbrother's Secret


Sixteen year-old Chris Devero had no idea the nightmare he was about to enter once he moved into his new home with his mother. He liked his new step dad, Mark, and his step-brother Pablo. However, Chris was terrified of his second step-brother, Royce. Royce was the definition of perfection for Chris but the problem was that Royce hated him and wanted nothing to do with the shy sixteen year-old boy. Chris wanted to hate Royce and his bullying ways, but he just couldn't. Chris knows it's wrong to like his new step-brother, so he tries to hide his feelings with fear that his new family would find him disgusting.




Bradley Jackson vs. Jean BroodyDr. Jean Broody is a hot-headed, happy-go-lucky type of person whose world is filled with sex and merriment. He believes that people should not allow society to dictate how they must live their lives because life is too short. With a successful career, the love of his family, money, and an endless supply of willing ladies at his beck and call, he thinks he has it all. Till Bradley sweeps into his life like a storm and brings with him an unexpected awakening that brings Jean to his knees. Lt. Bradley Jackson is an honest-to-goodness bad-ass and intense person who doesn’t care much for fun. A survivor of a dark and rough childhood, he is a strong advocate of discipline. When he’s forced to live with Jean, the most laid-back person he’s ever met, he’s pushed to explore his deepest desires. He recognizes something in Jean that calls to him. Something that he needs…something he can't resist.When these two completely different personalities find themselves together, things take a dangerous, intense, and exciting turn that shocks both of them. How will Jean cope when he finds himself in uncharted territory that threatens to change who he is? Can Bradley survive the desperate, soul-deep desire within, in the face of the hovering danger that could destroy both of them?


Belongs to us (sequel)


warning - Mature content Serenity panted heavily as she ran inside the dark Jungle following the light of new moon. She tripped again and again but didn't stop. Her lungs were burning due to lack of breath. She looked back and her heart skipped a beat they were close. She knows that they can easily catch her, they are just playing with her. She has no idea where to run and where to hide. After being madly in love with each other why serenity is running away from her own hybrid mates? Why hybrid kings are chasing their own mate? And why serenity is running like a scared kitten when she is the most powerful supernatural in existence? note- This is the second part of the story "belongs to us".


ELIJAH (Book one of the mafia series)

9.0K·Abbie Kyng

"I own you Princess. No one will ever matter to you but me. Not even that scrawny looking boy who is waiting for you." He walks closer gripping my neck in a firm hold that had me creaming my panties."I'm going to give you want you, what you have always desired. I'll ruin you for any man to come after me that's if I let him live. The thought of me throbbing inside of you gets me fucking turned on. So fucking hard I want you begging to stop but I won't and you why? Because your pleasure is mine alone." He breathe huskily on my neck."Say what I need to hear and I'll make your wildest dreams come true." He says and I moan shamelessly watching his finger caress my expose cleavage trailing down to my hot wet pussy."Say it Princess. Only the magic words will get you your utmost desire." And I desired him more than I ever desired anything in life. His tongue lick my earlobe as those words sent vibrations down to my core, his fingers playing teasingly with my drenched pussylips."I-I am yours Papi." I say through jagged breathing already at the verge of eruption watching his piercing silver grey smirk darkly loving how vulnerable I am for him. A dark promising smile that holds meaning untold. I want to be scared and back away from the insanely handsome man in front of me because I know who he is and what he can do to me. I blink, darting my tongue out to wet my chapped lips. Grey eyes darken further at that motion looking at me like a beast as I am his willing prey.If love is a flame I'll gladly burn for him.********Sonia Vatore have been on the run ever since she watch the death of her family brutally massacred in front of her. In fear she changed her name taking the identity of your everyday American girl. Getting under the radar of Elijah, a ruthless and dangerous man, she found herself facing her deepest fear and her darkest desires.Mature contentAdult languageViolence18+


Rain Falls

565·Harley McRide

Lady Riders Book 1 Words to live by and words to die by that is what they were building. Rain knows that, but also knows her past is going to shake their new club to the core. It will put them to the test when they discover Rain’s past could ultimately bring them down. Knight and Charro have been Nomads for a longtime, and they are ready to settle, especially after they agree Rain is the woman for them. However, all bets are off when her past is revealed, and the men watch their idea of the future fade as fast as it had become known. Blood will be shed, ties will be tested, and the Lady Riders will define what it is to be a biker! Lady Riders’ Code: A bitch who is in it for the long run, will stay with you and have your back no matter what. Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. Violence. Ménage – MFM.


Pregnant For My Bully

14.0K·Joy Apens

Ever since her parents died, nerdy Amelia Forbes has always been bullied by the school's bad boy and jock, Jason. Ruthless and drop dead gorgeous, Jason makes her school years a living hell. Meaner than the devil himself, he is always sure to ruin Mel's day. One day, they are paired up for a school project and in the process of working on the project at home, Jason forces himself on her. Ashamed, Mel feels disgusted with her inability to stand up for herself and soon, she finds out she is pregnant with her bully's baby. Scared out of her wits, poor Mel is helpless. No one is willing to come to her aid except Adrian, Jason's best friend. And as Jason sees Mel with Adrian, he begins to get jealous and soon, he finds himself falling for Mel. But will Mel ever forgive him? Will she ever forget the wrongs he had done to her?


Baby Royalty


Life has so many wrong turns and so many obstacles, even for royalty.Kitanya was born royalty, sweet, and naive. So naive that she slept with the devilishly handsome Prince and landed herself pregnant. What does a Princess do with a baby at the age of 17?Nathaniel has been neglected by his father ever since his mother died. His heart is so cold, even he had lost hope of ever finding happiness. He struggles to keep his personality at bay while dealing with the mother of his first child, only to find out that another princess was also expecting a child for him.Three kingdoms, two babies, one throne. Three kingdoms, two princesses, one prince.