Psycho - Headless Horsemen MC

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Jax "Killer" Jones is the most ruthless man in California, President of the Headless Horseman MC. Harley, just Harley has been running from her past moving across the country to start a new life, but she has a small bad habit she just can't seem to shake.

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Chapter One - Cherry Pie *NOT EDITED*

- Harley -

After running for what felt like hours I stop to catch my breath, I look around hoping to find a car that I can easily hotwire, as I'm walking down the streets I come up to one of my personal favorites, a Harley Davidson. I mean what do you think I was named after? My mum had taught me everything I know about cars and motorcycles, I can strip one and put it back together with my eyes closed.

I run up the bike and look it over, I get to the front of it and smile, the fucking idiot has left his keys in it, I swing my leg over the bike and kick the stand up, starting the engine, a roar echos throughout the quiet street, I hear the front door of a house open as a man runs out towards me, I rev the bike and take off before he has the chance to realize whats going on. I don't know where I'm going, but all I know is that I need to leave this state. As I ride out of town relief fills me, I'm free.

I've been riding for days, only stopping for fuel food and small naps. Finally, I enter California, I ride until I find a smallish town, called riverside. As I ride down the main street I take in my surroundings, a few bars, a diner, supermarket, tattoo shop, and strip club what a small town needs. I ride along the road until I find a motel, I get off my bike and grab the small backpack I had that was filled without the small number of things I owned.

I managed to book a room for 2 weeks paying it upfront with the money that was left in my name once my mum had died, after the 2 weeks ill decide if I'll stay or not. I get to my room and flop on my bed, letting my body sink into the mattress, I roll over and stare at the ceiling. Going over the events that have occurred in the past 22 years of my life, I pull myself off of the bed and force myself to have a shower, this is the first time I've had a hot shower in a while.

when I get out I stare at myself in the mirror, my long brown hair falling over my shoulders and breasts, my eyes follow the tattoed artwork I have covering my arms and most of my body. I can't recognize myself, I'm not this person anymore, the old me is dead. I walk into the room and throw on some shorts and an old ACDC singlet, I put my boots on and make my way out the door, I ride down the main street parking in front of a hairdressers.

I walk in and am met with a few pairs of eyes, I stare back in each one of them letting them know I'm not in the slightest uncomfortable, a girl around my age came up to me first I look down to her hands and watch her pick the skin around her nails until they start to bleed "Hello sweetheart, my names Abby, what can I do for you?" she gives me a weak smile "I want to go to blonde, today in one sitting I don't care what you do just get it done" she smiles and nods, leading me to her work station.

I don't know how many hours I had been sitting in this chair but soon enough the had finished, when I met my reflection I couldn't recognize myself, but this time in a good way for some weird reason I finally feel at peace, the old me is gone the weak little girl no longer exists, today I'm stronger, crazier, unpredictable, but I like it this way no one tries to fuck with me... I thanked her and paid her as I left.

I ride down the street looking at the shops, I may as well try and find a job here, what else am I going to do? I walk past shop after shop with no luck, until I hit the strip club, and what do I see? A help wanted sign, I roll my eyes. Oh come on, are you kidding me. I take a deep breath and remind myself that this isn't permanent, just until I have enough to incase shit hits the fan.

I get off my Harley and walk inside, it's quiet only a few dancers working and someone behind the bar. I walk up to the bar and wait for the woman to finish doing whatever she's doing, she stops and looks to me once she realizes I'm standing there, she tilts her head to the side studying me. "You're new here?" I let a small smirk leave my lips "That obvious?" she laughs and shakes her head, "Nah darl, I just know everyone in this town and I've never seen you before. If there anything I can get ya?" I look around once again before turning my attention back to her.

"I saw a help wanted sign out front" I take another look around the room before focusing back on her, "Oh yeah I forgot about that! She holds out her hand towards me, I take her hand in mine and give it a firm shake. "Names Harley" I smile at her "I'm Val. do you know how to dance?" I look around at my surroundings again, watching the others dance on stage. "Yeah, but its been a while" she smiles and points over to a door at the back of the club, "Through there choose something to wear, you're on in 10 minutes if the locals like ya you can stay. But I'm going to need a stage name for you" I look at her, and look back over the small group of older men that are sitting on the chairs.

I nod "Game on, call me Cherry," I say as I make my way for the dressing rooms. I look through the rack and find something that fits me, as I walk back out to the bar I can see the woman on the phone, as I got closer I could hear her conversation "Just get down here, we have a new dancer and I need you to see if she's up to Killers standards" hmmm, whose killer? I'm guessing he's the boss. As she hangs up the phone I clear my throat to get her attention, she turns to me her jaw drops "What am I wearing it backwards or something?" I ask looking down at myself covered in little to no fabric. "Holy shit you're fucking hot if I wasn't straight and taken id jump you myself"

Now this woman is easily in her 50s and happily married by the looks of the massive rock on her finger but her comment made me laugh, an actual laugh, not fake or forced like I usually do. I went to reply to her when I hear the rumble of Harleys approaching the club, she perks up a little "There are the locals! get up and show them what you've got."

Before I had the chance to walk away she asked one last thing "Give me your song" I turn my head back to her and smirk "Cherry pie - warrant" I walk off and make my way to the stage this was my old song when I used to dance, as the music starts I close my eyes and lose myself in the music, dancing around the pole and stage, I open my eyes to the front doors of the club swinging open as a group of 15 men walk in, all wearing the same thing, leather cuts, jeans and riding boots, covered in tattoos too, and all fucking gorgeous, its not hard to figure out who and what and who they are.

I close my eyes again and focus on the song, moving to the beat. Thankfully my few years as a dancer has paid off as I remember most of my moves. when the song finishes, I jump down for the stage and walk over to the bartender "Well?" she shoots me a smile "Well? Take a look around sweetheart" I look around and notice everyone's eyes on me, some of the men smiling at me, some studying me.

"What do you think boys?" she yells out to the crowd of men they start to whistle and clap I take a bow and face the Val again "Well since my boys like you, you can stay. The men around her tend to get a little rowdy can you take it? You will need to keep them inline" I laugh a little and bite my lip "Oh, you've got no idea" I feel a smirk cross my lips once again if only you knew I'm sure I'd be locked up in an asylum. "You're on tonight at 10, clubs having a little party, and you're honestly our best dancer here" I nod my head "no problem see you at 10".

I get changed back into my clothes and head out the front, by the time it took to get changed the 15 men had left, I walked out grabbing a cigarette out of my pocket and lighting it when I look up I'm now face to face with the 15 men, "What?" I ask them, most of them look serious only a few that let out a small chuckle at my response I guess they're not used to people not bowing for them. "You're new here?" I look at the man speaking to me and study his patch The headless horsemen, dumb name for a biker group. My eyes linger lower 'Gunner' it must be his nickname, underneath the name is the letter VP, he must be the vice president.

"Yeah" I simply reply as I walk off to my bike, as I'm snaking my leg over her he turns back to me "Is that your bike?" is this guy serious? "No, I'm fucking stealing it. What the fuck does it look like dickhead, are you blind or something?" some of the guys laugh but it only seems to piss the VP off more "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to bitch?" oh, he did not.

I get off my bike and walk towards him, I smile at him as I stand inches away from his face. With a swift movement, I've pulled my gun out of my waistband and have it pointed at his dick, the men around me pull out their guns and point them towards me, I start laughing, the look at me puzzled "Tell your boys to lower their weapons or you will be missing your third leg before any of you can even blink" I take the safety off and push it into his crotch more. "Drop em boys," he says while trying to clear his throat.

I smile again and lean in to whisper into his ear, pulling my pocket knife out and flicking it open holding it to his neck "Next time I hear you call a female a bitch or anything else, ill take my pretty little pocket knife and slit your fucking throat, it would be such a shame to damage such a pretty neck" I put pressure down on the blade, I put my hands on his chest and push him away. "Nice meeting ya boys" walking back towards my bike sitting on it once again, "Oh, by the way, you're pretty fucking weak for a VP" I kick the stand and turn it on, I can feel their eyes burning the back of my skull as I ride off.

God. This is going to be fun.