After divorce, I am a billionaire


For the sake of love, Lyra left everything behind and worked as a full-time wife for three years. But in the end, she realized that all her efforts were not as good as one look from her husband's first love. Disheartened, Lyra resolutely filed for divorce. "Sorry, I'm a billionaire! I want a strong man to be my husband." Immediately after, the whole internet exploded! A billionaire super rich woman, suspected to have divorced? So, all the CEOs are scrambling to court her. Melvin in front of the screen can not stand it, the next day held a press conference, the beautiful name: kneeling to beg his wife home!


The Divorcee Who Shines

23.0K·Cali Mosley

After three years of hiding their marriage, she tried her best to please him but was still kicked out in the end! With a bitter smile, she calmly took the alimony and left. From then on, she became a stunning beauty in the translation industry! Soon after, Brendon Stuart discovered that his ex-wife not only had a successful career but also attracted countless suitors - business elites and heirs from prestigious families. Suddenly everyone in town seemed to be connected to her - inviting her out for meals and outings together. She even got pregnant with another man's child at lightning speed! Brendon angrily demanded, "Whose child is it?" Ranita Bowman sneered, "It's none of your business!" Four years later, she bumped into him while holding an adorable baby boy. It was then that Brendon realized how wrong he had been...


Mr. Burns Is Killing His Wife

5.0K·Micah Baker

She had loved him with all her heart for sixteen years, yet she was asked to leave his household empty-handed, just to make room for the angel in his heart. He thought he would find happiness without that woman, until he received her diagnosis of cancer... Panicked, he rushed to see her, only to find her holding another man's hand. "Why didn't you tell me you had stomach cancer?" "Isn't my early death what you wished for?" She sneered with a mocking laugh, "Hamish Burns, in the final moments of my life, I don't want to love you anymore."


My Ex-wife: Millionaire or Mountain Girl


On the day of their divorce, Aaron gave Annie a billion dollars with the condition that she and the child leave and never return. Not long after, they met again. The woman he thought would be destitute, now adorned in a designer outfit worth millions, and sporting crystal heels worth a fortune. Both he and the vast number of netizens were eagerly awaiting the day she would fall from grace. However, it turned out that she wasn't just some village girl; she was a super-intelligent genius, a multidisciplinary scholar, a master of various arts, a national Go champion, a metaphysics expert... And she was also the lifesaver he had been searching for all these years!!!


Accidentally Married


She was Dumped. He needed a bride. Jessica was to be married to her high school sweetheart and heartthrob Burke They decided to only go to the courthouse and do something small. Jessica gets dumped on her wedding day as Burke confesses to cheating on her. She is devastated. On the other hand, Xavier is the only grandson of the famous billionaire grandmaster. His grandfather who had been raising him since his parents died while he was still at a tender age is now nearing death. The grandfather wants his grandson to be married before he transfers ownership of the company to him. He doesn't care who the grandson marries he just wants him to settle down. Xavier had contracted a wife to get married to him. The strange girl whom he had never seen before doesn't show up on the day of the wedding. Coincidentally, Jessica and Xavier happen to be together in the same courthouse at the same time. While Jessica overhears the conversation with Xavier over the phone she goes to propose marriage to him and then gets married to him. She usually carefully overthought everything. She decided to do something spontaneous for the first time and it landed her into a marriage. She was going to get married either way. What happens when two people begin to spend time together? Read on to find out the thrilling love story between Jessica and Xavier


Unwanted Son-in-law's Hidden Talents

3.0K·Matthias Hull

Three years ago, my master sealed my power and memories and threw me into the Pearson family as a useless son-in-law. For three years, the Pearson family treated me like dirt and never saw me as a human being. After three long years, I was finally kicked out of the Pearson family. However, on the day I left, a beautiful young girl was waiting for me under the camphor tree at the crossroads...


Falling for the Surrogate


“Five hundred million for surrogacy. After you give birth, you will leave the child and never show your face again,” Anya was faced with a difficult decision in her life. That was to accept these absurd terms or just let her husband’s company fall into bankruptcy. In the end, she chose to toughen her heart just to save her husband. She took up this job that goes against her morals, the life she nurtured and cared inside her body, she gave it away. However, after everything she had done, her husband turned his back on her and chose to hurt her in every way imagined. When her world felt like crumbling to pieces, she would be unexpectedly saved and loved by a man she had least expected. She was Anya Laurier, and she’s a billionaire’s surrogate.


After divorce, Ex-wife Revealed Identities

263.0K·Lia Poole

After divorce, he found his wife was a talented girl. "My wife studies well?" "My wife can draw with her left hand and play the piano with her right hand?" "My wife is a CEO?" Everyone said that he was stupid and lost a talented wife. Until one day, he said to her, "You are having my baby. Don't leave me!"


Who's the Legal Wife?


Warning Matured Scenes Rated 18 "Because it has been two years since you and Mr. Leo separated, your admirers and fans are wondering whether you have moved on and if you are seeking another life partner." The interviewer asked. "For the time being, I'm not searching for a new relationship considering Leo and I haven't officially divorced. I did not attempt an annulment of my marriage. I also have no intention of filing for divorce." I will not divorce him because I do not want him to be happy with his mistress. I won’t let them be happy. They will suffer in the same way that I did. No one is going to have a happy-ever-after ending. Leopold Fontaine, my billionaire husband, who had an affair with someone else. I'm quite informed that he didn't marry me because we were in love with each other, and that the marriage was solely for the sake of our respective businesses. Nevertheless, I agreed to the marriage because I adored him and because I was still his wife on paper—I am not going to allow anybody else to live in my home without my permission. He has done me wrong, and I am Blossom Belmont Fontaine, his wife, who will make way for him to suffer, and they will pay the price for what they have done.


Go After My Ex-wife

98.0K·Maia Martin

She had been addicted to loving him and married into a wealthy family as she wished, but in the end she disappointed and she fled to America. "Sleep with me and I'll agree to a divorce." When they meet again three years later, he made his request. For the sake of her mother's operation, she agreed, but short after, she entered his company to start revenge for her father who died in a car accident.



2.0K·Érotique+ TV

Yesssss I had never felt such a need to satisfy my mother, to fulfill her desires, her needs. I realized all the other times it was just rough sex but it was love and lust and my need to possess her. " ILLEGAL LOVE " by Lolo


Virginity in second marriages


Instead of her sister, she married a powerful and dominant man who suffered from leg problems. Cristian Ferrari said, "I will never want a woman pregnant with another man's son." Serena Gallo thought it was a commercial wedding, but she lost her heart falling in love with him, and eventually left sad and disappointed. Years later, the boy exactly the same as him gave him a blow to the head: "Idiot Dad, by whom do you mean another man's son?"


I Become A CEO After Divorce

288.0K·River Bates

They had been married for five years. She is thinking that one day he will fall in love with her. But she didn't expect that he would not only divorce her, but also fall in love with his first love! She signed the divorce agreement and left the house, breaking off with him. But when she only wants to make money for her career, he just want to chase her. She looked at the man who appeared in front of her again and again for various reasons, "Do you remember that we are divorced?"   The man handed the marriage certificate to her, "No, you are still my wife."


The Triumph of my cheating husband

10.0K·Star Prince

What turned out to be a joke from him was forcing me to sign the divorce papers. I refused to sign until I knew why, he became cold, aloof me a lot and paid no attention to me anymore. 8 months ago, I signed a contract marriage with one of the richest billionaires in town. Not until I saw him shamelessly romancing with his ex-girlfriend, they were happy together, so I concluded inside of me, I signed the divorce papers and flee into the dark night alongside with a miracle. Pregnancy! 3 years later, I returned to the city as a successful businesswoman alongside my son I kept away from the world. My mission is to revenge.World turns in my favor when his company became bankrupt and needed shareholders. My miracle has come, I'll anonymously reap him off everything he ever cherished. What happens when our parts crossed, and he founds out I had a child with him. "Come back home WIFEY, you left with my heart." I heard his screeching faint voice begged me. BUT, will I ever forgive him for cheating on me?


After Divorce, I Became A Queen

76.0K·Minnie James

After three years of hidden marriage, he eventually handed her a paper divorce agreement. At that time she covered her belly and asked him, "What if I have a child?" And he was indifferent to it, "I remember I did not touch you." Later, on his wedding day with his first love, she was sent to the ICU covered in blood and never came out. Only at that moment did he realize how wrong he was. Since then, he has been missing a person, day and night, and has gone crazy about it. Until that day, at a friend's wedding, she wore a white wedding dress and brushed past him ......


Getting My Ex-wife Back


She had indulged in her love for him as she hoped to marry into a wealthy family, but her heart had gone up in smoke and she fled to America. When they met again three years later, he made a humiliating request, which she endured for the sake of her mother's surgery! When they meet again, she turns out to be a top car designer, which shocks him.


A Baby For The Billionaire


He laughs disdainfully, "Taylor, remember that you forced me into this marriage two years ago and coerced me to leave my home. I'll never let you have peace in your life. Your child means nothing to me! If I didn't need this child, I wouldn't touch you for the rest of my life. Allowing this child to be born is the most I can tolerate!" Alexander Grant strongly dislikes Taylor Parker and sees her mainly as a means to have a child. But what's the cause of this intense aversion? Could it be due to her pressuring him into marriage, or are there deeper reasons at play? Moreover, what's the underlying motive behind his insistence on her having a child?


The Peerless Man With a Thousand Gifts

7.0K·Noah Clementine

Victor Damone's in-laws stole his life savings, convinced his beautiful wife he was a loser, and urged her to date a billionaire outside of marriage. When the bankrupt Victor fails to pay for his dying grandfather's treatment, he decides to return to his mysterious old life. One in which the entire world kneels before him. Victor will show his in-laws and everyone who underestimated him that he is a legendary, peerless man with a thousand gifts.


After Divorce I Became A Zillionaire

71.0K·Augustina T

She has loved him all her life, she married him to save him from his vicious girlfriend but all she got in return was hatred and mistreatment from him and his girlfriend, when she couldn't endure anymore, she did what he has always wanted, she signed the divorce papers. Two years later, she's back with three gorgeous sons and was now a Zillionaire, her husband knelt before her at the airport. "Please forgive me wifey" "Ex.." She remarked. This novel contains high sexual scenes with abuses. 18+.


From Contract Marriage to Love


Four years of a secret marriage, she was diligent, obedient, and ultimately received only those words, "You are great, but I'm marrying someone else." So, with a simple agreement, she left with nothing. She didn't hold grudges because from the start of their marriage, she knew it was just a transaction. Now, it was only the end of the transaction. She had intended to hide her longing and part ways, each going their own way. "You're pregnant," the doctor's words shattered her hopes of a peaceful life. Suddenly, he reappeared, his gaze icy, and said, "You've breached the contract; you must pay the price."