That Night My Boss Left Me With Our Three Babies

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Hayden Blake


Olivia Prescott married Victor Leer for three years, but it ended in divorce, leading to ridicule from the entire Seacrest community, labeling her as a forsaken woman of high society. Six years later, Olivia returned to her homeland with her twins and transformed herself into a renowned international divine healer. Countless people flocked to her, hoping to marry her. Suitor number one said, "Miss Prescott, do your children need a father? Look at me, how about considering me? If you agree, I will treat them as my own." Suitor number two exclaimed, "Miss Prescott, from the moment I first saw you, I was captivated by your beauty and talent. I am willing to give my all and love you for a lifetime. Mr. Leer may not value you, but he is blind. I promise to never leave your side!" At that moment, a little girl appeared, clinging to Olivia's leg and said, "Mommy, Daddy has been kneeling on a washboard for three days and nights, asking if you're no longer angry. If you're not, he wants to remarry you."

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Chapter 1: Love Gone Wrong

"Mr. Leer, after tonight, you and I have no further ties..."

Olivia Prescott declared, her voice filled with a mix of determination and sorrow. She leaned in, capturing a fleeting moment of passion as she kissed the man beneath her, driven by an impulsive desire she couldn't resist.

"Olivia Prescott, how dare you!!!"

Victor Leer gritted his teeth, his exquisitely handsome face contorted with anger.

How could this audacious woman have set a trap for him?!

As dawn broke the next day, Olivia awakened, suppressing her discomfort.

She retrieved the divorce agreement she had prepared long ago from the drawer and placed it on the bedside table. Gazing deeply at the man still sleeping, she uttered words that carried both finality and a tinge of lingering pain.

"Victor Leer, I set you free. From now on, we part ways, with no further ties!"

She had loved Victor with all her heart for seven long years, yet he had always despised her.

From the day they got married!

Back then, Byron Leer, his grandfather, was gravely ill and he met a fortuneteller. Just somehow, Olivia's signs happened to match what the fortuneteller said, so she was chosen.

Without a second thought, her money-minded father and stepmother sent her to him, offering her as a pawn.

At that time, she was ecstatic , eagerly anticipating their wedding night.

But when Victor appeared, he looked at her with disgust and said, "Olivia, you should know that the person I want to marry is Emma Thornton, not you! Only she deserves to be my wife, not you!"

But in her naivety, Olivia believed that one day she would be able to ignite love in Victor's heart.

However, when there is no love, there is simply no love.

It was only two days ago, on her birthday, that she finally comprehended the truth as Victor stood beside Emma in the hospital..

His heart was something she could never warm, no matter how hard she tried.

He belonged to another woman!

Olivia's heart was completely shattered!


When Victor woke up, it was already ten in the morning.

The first thought that crossed his mind as he got out of bed was to strangle Olivia!

He, the esteemed President of Leer's Group, renowned for his shrewdness and invincibility in the business world, had never been outsmarted or suffered any losses.

Never in a million years did he expect to fall into that woman's trap!

Rage consumed him as he surveyed the room, but Olivia was nowhere to be found. However, from the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a document on the bedside table.

"What is this?"

Victor furrowed his brow and picked it up.

The words "Divorce Agreement" leaped out at him, causing his pupils to contract and his expression to darken.

First, she used that method to ensnare him, and now she's asking for a divorce... Her tricks were becoming more audacious!

Victor had never believed Olivia would actually divorce him.

In a state of disbelief, he swiftly got dressed and exuded a menacing aura as he descended the stairs, confronting the butler with a demanding tone. "Have you seen Olivia?"

The butler, Alexander, was taken aback by the intensity in Victor's voice and promptly replied, "Mr. Leer, Mrs. Leer left before dawn, carrying her luggage."

Victor was completely stunned...


Six years later, at the VR Medical Institute in Yonder Nation, Olivia emerged from the laboratory when she heard her assistant Linda say, "Dr. Prescott, Dr. Everett wants to see you in his office."

Olivia had been working all night and was still a bit drowsy. Upon hearing this, she instantly jolted awake and became much more alert.

"What is it about? Could it be... our research results have been ruined again by those two little troublemakers?"

"Apparently so."

Linda responded, her eyes showing a hint of sympathy.

Olivia, her boss, was always efficient and highly capable. Despite her young age, she had become a rising star in the field of medicine and a prized disciple of Benjamin Everett, gaining considerable fame in the medical community and never receiving criticism for her work.

But every time, Olivia had to take the blame for the mischief caused by her mischievous twin children!

Linda instinctively comforted her, "You've been in the research lab for three consecutive days this time. Sebastian and Ethan are worried about your health. They've been causing a ruckus in Dr. Everett's office every day... I can see a few more gray hairs on Dr. Everett's head."

After hearing this, Olivia felt a headache coming on, but she also found it somewhat amusing.

Six years had passed since she left the Leer family and went abroad.

She had originally planned to focus on her studies, but but life took an unexpected turn—she became pregnant.

She had been conflicted at the time, but when it came to going to the hospital, she hesitated and couldn't bear to part with her unborn children.

In the end, she chose to keep the children!

They were triplets, two boys and one girl.

During childbirth, the girl suffered from oxygen deprivation and didn't survive, leaving behind only the two baby boys, Sebastian and Ethan.

As she pondered the mischievous and remarkably intelligent duo, a mix of joy and exasperation filled Olivia's heart. Taking the blame for their antics had become a familiar role, deflating her spirits but reminding her of the love she held for her children.