Falling For My Stepbrother

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"Can you move back please?" I whispered but the wall of muscles invading my personal space didn't budge. Why did he look so hot doing nothing and everything? Lucian leaned down and pinched my chin up with his thumb stroking the soft flesh. His black orbs lock on my shimmering blue ones. "You kept looking, staring and eye-fucking me. I can give you what you want, again" His deep voice sent waves of shivers down my spine. I could feel his other hand trailing down my waist, thrumming me like I was s violin, my core dripped with wetness at the thought of what happened the last time we got so close. Feeling lust for my new stepbrother should be the last thing on my mind but I couldn't get him off my head. *** Violet hated her mother for changing husbands as she deemed fit. Begrudged, she parked up her bags and moved from one mansion to another. The new mansion was bigger than the last as usual but the new stepfather looked familiar. Violet couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Lucian, the school's most handsome and popular boy introducing himself as her stepbrother! Lucian found himself getting addicted to his new stepsister, a feeling he found strange. He was used to having a girl once and never going back but not Violet. He always slips back to her bed.

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Chapter One

"We are moving again?" I tried to keep my voice as calm as possible but I couldn't. My mom was bent on making me go crazy.

"Violet, I'm not going to repeat myself. Pack your bags, now" She scolded with a stern expression on her beautiful face before exiting the room.

I sat up with a huff, one minute I was chatting with my stupid best friend, and the next I had to pack my property from this room that I was getting used to after three months. Kill me now.

This is my life, today as a princess, tomorrow as a heiress of a conglomerate family! Well, it is okay with me because I don't have to pack all by myself.

I picked up my phone and called one of the maids taking care of this big-for-nothing mansion. My room is at the far end of the second floor, secluded which I like because I could never get used to maids hovering around me.

She walked in soon and got to work while I sat on the sofa to stay out of her way. I watch her pack every one of my numerous plushies while playing Candy Crush to relieve my stress.


I hate planes.

Tell me why we took one for a distance we could cover with a car ride, it is just an hour's drive! I mean we are moving from one top of the city area to another.

I prefer subways but Mom would never use them, it is below her standards that kept inflating every second.

I was jet lagged and thankfully the new family we will be barging into had cars ready for us as soon as we landed.

The airport wasn't as crowded as the normal ones, I guess it was because it was for the richest amongst the rich. I couldn't wait to see the new big golden fish that Mom caught in her net again.

Mom is a beautiful woman and she knows it, and she is confident about it unlike me. I'm a younger version of my mid-twenty-looking thirty-seven-year-old mother.

She gave me all her genes except the black straight hair, I have copper colour hair which has tight waves and goes down to my butts. The only thing I got from my nonexistent Dad.

I was dozing off when the car stopped causing me to sit up and glance outside the glasses. As expected, the new house is bigger than the last one.

I wordlessly got out of the car and made my way to the entrance not bothering to wait for Mom, I needed some sleep.

I'm used to this, going into a new house and introducing myself as my mom's daughter to her boyfriend.

The last two houses we lived in had grown-up kids, I was the youngest, things were awkward and I was thankful that we moved after two months.

Sometimes, I wonder if my mom is an undercover agent to check the rich families in the city.

And how do they all fall for her?

My thoughts were cut short when a fit-looking man walked out of the house excitedly, he B-lined for Mom and pulled her into a tight warm hug.

"You are here finally" The man beamed happily, Mom gave him her signature sweet smile.

"Yeah. I miss you" I felt my teeth ach at how sweet they sounded.

They finally pulled away and turned to me, I resisted the urge to roll my eyes when Mom sent me a warning glare.

"You must be Violet" The man stated still smiling like a lovestruck puppy, he looked familiar.

Although vaguely, I felt like I had seen him somewhere. Maybe a magazine since he's this rich.

"Yes. Good afternoon sir"

"Call me Archer, how was the journey?"

"Stressing" I started truthfully.

"Fourteen hours journey is no joke. Let's go in so you can rest" My eyes widened, did he just said Fourteen hours journey? We have been in the city since last year!

My mom's warning gaze made me realize that she probably lied to him about our journey. I shrugged and went in behind them, I just need some sleep.

"Violet, you can choose any room you want on the third floor, your bags will be taken there," Archer said once we got into the living room.

I'm not surprised at how expensive everything looked, this young man is sure loaded. I watch the couple go towards the stairs, laughing and whispering to themselves.

My mom is such a...

As usual, I chose a secluded room and wasted no time slumping on the bed.

"Rich people are sick" I mumbled at the thought that every room on this floor has a well-made bed like this.

My phone chimed but I couldn't lift myself to reach for my bag, I needed some sleep.


I woke up with a start, something was weighing on my waist, I groaned as I rolled out of the bed to get away from whatever was trying to smother me.

"Fuck" I heard a deep voice cussed followed by a muffled groan.

Someone broke into my room? I sprang up as my eyes trained on the large figure occupying the bed. It is a male, with a familiar back and that unruly black curls atop his head.

"Excuse me?" I tapped his broad shoulder causing him to move, he lifted his hand and the next minute I was back to being trapped under a big log of muscle.

"Shut up and let me sleep" the voice! Why is familiar too?

I looked up at the half-exposed face and my breath caught my throat.

The main character of my sinful fantasies! Is this a dream or what? Lucian Archer is sleeping on my bed in the new home I just moved to....wait! Lucian Archer?

"Call me Archer..." Thirty two years old Archer Ryders the youngest trillionaire in Yakas...!

Lucian is Archer's son?

I know he's a rich second generation but I would never think we would become this close, I mean step siblings?

"Get off me!" I cried out, finding it hard to breathe properly, his arms were crushing me!

" No. Your boobs are so soft, good for a pillow " His voice came out deeper than usual, and it was then I realised that he had placed his head on my boobs!

I pulled my bra before laying on the bed earlier, the only thing that was keeping his cheeks away from my breast was the flimsy chiffon material of my sundress!

"Get off!" I cried out and did what came to my head, pulled his perfect nose until he sat up.

"Fuck! You want to kill your stepbrother as soon as you meet him?" He growled out rubbing his nose.

"You wanted to kill me first. Laying on me and crushing me with your big arm and head" I retorted back.

"Nice way to get to know each other" Mom's head popped in from the half-opened door.

"Your daughter is as beautiful as you" Lucian was flattered and got out of bed.

"Such a sweet mouth, Dinner is ready"Mom was pleased with him, she gave me a nod and left, they would get along so well.

I stuck out my tongue at her and got out of bed too, spotting a slight pout in annoyance. Devils get along like mom and this new stepbrother of mine.

I still cannot believe the fact that the school's sweetheart is my new stepbrother. Even im not left out, I have fantasized about making out with him twice.

"Kill it. Those sinful thoughts because he is your brother now"

From the unreachable popular boy in school to my stepbrother, I better kill that dream for real.

"I want to kiss that pout away, Little sister" Lucian's devilish voice came behind me as we walked down the stairs.

My eyes widened in shock, what did he just say?