Chapter Two

"I want to kiss that pout away, little sister" I stopped walking as my brain tried to register his statement.


Me? From Lucian?

I know I'm pretty, I have got that compliment from a few people and mostly, Remi my best friend. But boys like Lucian never looked my way. I bet he doesn't know we attend the same college.

I'm not a popular kid in school because I spend most of my free time in the library. I got bullied a few times for being a glasses-wearing kid which was why I got lenses.

Never in my days of fantasizing did I ever think that Lucian would find me attractive. He didn't when I was at his school mate so why now that we have become siblings, step-siblings?

Earlier, he made a comment about my boobs being soft which I had overlooked and now he is talking about kissing.

It must be a joke. He might be teasing me for fun. I assured myself before turning to him.

"Kiss your little sister? I dare you" I taunted back, my chest puffed out in fake confidence. I was shaking within.

His next action wasn't what I expected, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against the nearest wall, smirking down at me.

Those fucking attractive eyes glinting with mischief, he leaned down with his fucking beautiful black orbs locked on my blue ones.

"You gave your consent, little sister " He whispered and captured my lower lips between his teeth, giving them a light tug.

He stuck out his tongue and gave the spot he just bit a lick causing me to gasp, he was doing it on purpose.

He stuck his tongue in as soon as I gasped, his hand on my right shoulder slipped behind my head, grabbing a fistful of my hair and tilted my head to the side to gain more access.

His other hand slipped down to my waist and pulled me closer, squashing my boobs to his hard chest.

His tongue savoured every corner of my mouth and I went into the kiss but could only respond sloppily, that was my first kiss!

I couldn't move, nor breathe because Lucian-fucking-Archer was kissing me, and my new stepbrother was kissing me in the hallway that led to the dining room where his Dad and my Mom were sitting waiting for us to join them!

I regained myself and pushed him off me, he budged easily, watching me with a taunting gaze as I practically wiped my lips.

"Are you crazy? Why will you do that!"

"You gave me permission " he shrugged with his eyes trained on my boobs! I quickly fold my hands over them realising that my nipples were erected and straining against the fabric of my dress.

"You liked it" He stated seeming sure of himself.

"What?! No"

"Lie. Your body says a different thing" He pointed at my chest.

"I don't know what you are talking about" I retorted lamely and fled.

Lucian is bad! Whatever he was trying to do, I should stay away from him. How could I have forgotten about his reputation in school? He dated girls as he wished and slept with them.

Why did I ever crush on such a whore like him? The idiot took my first kiss.

"I could hang a coat on your lips" My mom taunted as soon as I walked into the dining room spotting a hard pout on my lips.

I quickly clamped them in hoping she didn't notice the small bruise from the kiss earlier. Archer chuckled at my mom's statement.

"She was pouting so hard, I was tempted to see if I could hang something on it" leave it to my mom to always exaggerate.

I took a seat across from my mom on the table and picked a plate to serve myself.

Thankfully those overwhelming maids are not at the dining table like the last house we lived in.

Lucian plopped down beside me causing me to tense up.

"I want some chicken sauce too" he pushed his plate to me motioning me to ladle him some of the sauce I was taking for myself.

"Be polite" Archer reprimanded.

"We are closer than you think Dad"


"She goes to Minaret too. Library and information science major" Lucian's reply made me freeze.

He knows? Does he know me from school?

"Wow, you are schoolmates? I didn't know you also attended Minaret. Violet here got in through scholarship else I would never afford the fees" Mom blabbered out.

Of course, I am on scholarship in the school but that doesn't mean Mom couldn't afford the fees. She made sure my closet was filled with designers, ranging from clothes to bags and my shoes.

"She came home last week to help me move here. I had a hard time convincing her to leave school for a week" Mom continued her well-cooked lies that I just wanted to leave the dining table.

Only a man like Archer would easily believe her lies, he looked like a hen-pecked husband.

I vaguely saw Lucian's eyes narrow at her as she spoke. What? Did he catch on to her act?

"Scholarship? You are that good?' Archer seemed impressed by the information, I turned away from Lucian to him and gave him a nod.

I want to leave here.

Mom went on with her bragging and self-pity that I could hardly swallow the meal. I felt a warm hand on my bare lap, my dress had rode up somehow.

The veiny arm belongs to Lucian of course. He was eating his food like his fingers weren't moving up on my thigh, going dangerously deeper.

"Stop" I whispered.

"Or?" he raised an eyebrow.

Fuck! That looked so hot.

"I will shout" I threatened.

"Shout" I felt his finger graze my silky underwear and I choked.

He held out a glass of water to me, his other hand still in that dangerous position.

"Are you okay?" Mom asked with worry laced in her words.

I nodded and gulped the water, coughing a few times just as his long fingers moved the materials of my underwear aside.

Cold air hit me down there, I tried to clamp my legs close but the warning glare he sent me stopped me.

Why did I obey him?

"Is the food not to your liking, Violet?" Archer glanced at my plate which I barely touched.

"It is" I tried to speak calmly like his son's fingers weren't hovering over my slits, I turned to him with a pleading look.

"What do you want" He leaned in and whispered, his voice breathy.

Yes, what do I want? For him to touch me?

I sprang up causing my chair to scrap the marble floor loudly, all eyes turned to me. I ignored Lucian's gaze.

"I want to use the restroom" I proclaimed and hurried out of the hall before anyone could stop me. I need to get away from that nutjob called Lucian.

He should change his name to Lucifer because he is a devil! Does he want to finger me on the dining table a few hours after arriving at his house? Idiot!

I was still raining insults on him in my head when he pulled me into the nearest room, the room beside mine and locked the door before slamming my back against it.

I was going to yell at him but his big palm covered my mouth cutting short my words. My eyes widened in fear.

What is he planning to do now?

His eyes locked on mine as if searching for something, "You better keep quiet and listen to me" he warned before slowly taking his hands off my mouth.

"Your Mom is lying. I know she's been married to about more than ten men before my Dad"

My eyes couldn't go wider, why was my heartbeat picking up?

"You wouldn't want the school to know about it right? I have enough evidence to implicate you two so you'd better behave well" He threatened as he released me from his hold.

My deepest secret is the fact that I don't know my father. For all I know, my mom has been hopping from one rich man to another, she had dated two here in Yakas and married two before Archer.

Our longest stay in a city is Yakas and that is because I insisted on not fortifying my scholarship for her escapades.

I trembled under Lucian's menacing gaze as I tried to form words.

"You are blackmailing me?"

"If that will get you to open your legs for me" He agreed nonchalantly.

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