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The Alpha

1.0M·Arianna Green

When Alpha Derek come to check-in on one of his pack he finds the one thing he never really paid a thought to: A mate. A mate who has been beaten down to a speck of dirt. A weakling paired with an Alpha. An Alpha who kills, who murders. An Alpha who killed his Beta. Moon Goddess bless anyone who met him, and his little mate stumbled right on upon that. Alpha Derek of the Midwestern region. Specifically the Night Stone pack.He rules with an iron fist. He keeps his pack in check, no one crosses him; they wouldn't bother to think of it.He once killed his beta. In front of everyone. He knocked out his gamma during it.He hated his father so much- he ripped him apart.Death did not bother this man. He wasn't capable of feelings. It didn't come as a shock.He became stony. And no one could alter him.No one.----This is a mature story that will contain dark themes, intense language, and sexual content! MANY TRIGGERS! THIS IS A VERY DARK BOOK


DEIMOS (Alpha of Alphas)


"Do not run, my female. Face my fire. I promise it won't burn you but bring pleasure of... all kinds." He whispers hoarsely his pink tongue sensually caressing his moist plump lower lip, he is hungry for my flesh for my body. "Please let me go." I plead with him a faint whine leaving my lips. He shakes his head in denial a wicked devil's grin on his face. "If you run, I will take it that you want me to hunt you. If I find you after, I will gobble you up." He speaks with a deep aroused growl his eyes keenly studying my bouncy breasts and my exposed trembling thighs. "Have mercy." I whimper knowing I will be mercilessly eaten by him. "Come here, mate." His tone is innocent as if he promises he wouldn't do anything to me. But I know the beast that hides behind in disguise. Deimos opens his arms wide taking a big step forward to capture me and that is all it takes for me to ignore his sinful warning and run. ~~~ DEIMOS is neither man nor wolf. He is a God, the Alpha of Alphas. They say he has no soul for his eyes hold coldness that no heat can melt, his heart unyielding and emotionless scarred from his battles guarded by high walls. He is ruthless, injecting horror within others and striving off it. Slaughter is his pleasure. He does not understand the true meaning of love or mates, but he is mine. How can I make a male like this call me his? How can I make him want me? Opposites attract they say but is it worth bleeding for your mate? Tell me, is it possible to bring a God to his knees all in the name of love?




Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.The pack :We all share the same loss, we all know what we want. Fate has been cruel. But now we got a second chance. She'll be ours to love and spoil. We'll make her one of us and god help anyone who'll get in between.The girl :No one should feel this loss. 2 years ago I lost everything, 2 years ago I lost me. Now that life is throwing me a second chance that I'm taking it no matter his strange it might be.What happens when their worlds collide.Will they be able to confront all the old and new demons.Can they have their happily ever after.This story contain some daddy kink in it.


Mated To The Ruthless Alpha King


After werewolves took over the world and became its supreme ruler, human women (ages between 18 and 35) were locked away in dungeons then forced to become the sex slaves of male werewolves who had failed to find their mates. Once you are chosen by a werewolf, you will become their possession for the rest of your life. Sarah Fibb is a sex slave who had been in the dungeons for five years. After being there for so long, she had lost the hope of ever being chosen by a werewolf. But one night, a strange thing happened....She got claimed by Damon Kalesto; The Alpha King. *** Damon Kalesto is the ruthless Alpha King. He rules by instilling fear into everyone around him. He doesn't believe in love nor fate, so he was convinced that he would not succumb to the mate bond...but all it took was one look for him to fall in love with Sarah Fibb.


The Devil's Possession


"Now you are mine and mine only....You are my possession." For weeks upon weeks, Clara Henry has been locked away in her room day and night for the sake of hiding from a ruthless mafia boss who goes by the name 'Devil.' However, she sneaks out every night in search of someone to sweep away her worries in bed. One lucky night, she finds a guy who has it all...the looks...the charisma...the dominance. But the following day, Clara's house is invaded by a group of thugs, the leader surprisingly being the man who she slept with, as well as the man whom her father fears to the point where he resorts to hiding...And it so happens that he wants her in exchange for sparing the lives of her parents. But besides his strong sense of dominance and his ever-changing personality, there's also something very strange about him...he can smell things normal humans can't, his eyes changes colours every once in a while and he growls like that of an animal!!! What will happen when she finds out that he's not only a mafia boss, but also an Alpha!?


The Alpha Bully's Obsession

8.0K·Nita Ogueri

~Rina Zante~ A half-caste omega and dirt-poor. I was shunned by people and have gotten used to the dirty stares people throw my way. Even though I tried to ignore the taunts, it’s impossible. My mom has gotten a job as a maid in the alpha’s house. It is a big deal and I should be elated. But how can I be elated when the alpha’s son, devilishly handsome Vincenzo has placed me on his bully list? He desires to bend me to his will. To be a puppet, a mere slave to slake his lust on. Try as I might to run far away from his cold smiles and wandering hands, I can’t. Trapped is what I am. ~Vincenzo Moreno~ They call me a beautiful bastard. I am heartless, ruthless, wicked and I'm out for her blood. Despite the fact that she is a nobody, my wolf still craves for her and I will do all I can to make her mine. Because I want to get her and immerse myself in the innocent wreck that she is. If I should ruin her in the process then so be it. After all, she is my possession, mia innocente bella.


Possessing My Alpha: The Silver Run Series

58.0K·Emma Taylor

Elle Davidson, orphaned at 12 with limited memory, is taken in by the Alpha and Luna of the New Moon pack. There she meets Damon Ledger, the future Alpha and her nemesis. Damon does everything he can to control Elle's life, and his friends do everything they can to make her life hell. All of those changes after Damon comes home from Alpha training, and their undeniable chemistry makes staying away from one another impossible. What will happen when Elle's past finally catches up to her? Will Elle be able to fight the increasing attraction she has for Damon, her ultimate enemy? Or will she succumb to the lust she feels for him?


The Alpha's Chosen Mate


Every year, each Male Werewolf can choose a mate - and the She Wolf they chooses has no say in the matter. So when the innocent, seemingly young, Julian Myra turns eighteen she instantly catches the eye of the most infamous Alpha of all - Alpha Lincoln Addison. Or, as he is better know as; the bad Alpha. The big bad werewolf that all shewolf are dying to please and to get on his bed. Instead of all the capable shewolves in the pack, he chose her as his mate!!! What happens when an unknown enemy lurks around them threatening to disrupt the peace and balance of the pack? Watch as both alpha and his mate try to protect their love and family in this interesting fantasy story.


Claiming His Resisting Mate

37.0K·Raina Lori

Reese was all set to live her life as a rogue after the tragic past. Homeless, mateless and rejected, she has no hope for her future with a happy term until one said she saved her mate in the woods. It was out of her plan yet she found herself trapped in it. The help she offered has become her biggest mistake, a mistake that she couldn't get away. John has rejected her once, but seeing her again after believing the harsh truth of her death, he couldn't settle himself to let her go again. Living a hellish life without his mate for years, now that he was given a second chance he would do anything to keep her with him. Even if it means forcing her to accept, bounding her in his pack. This time no matter how much she resists he would claim her as his. "I won't leave, I promise" I cried out. "You promised?" He squeezed my already swollen ass. I hissed as I gritted my teeth to endure the pain. "Yes" I nodded hurriedly. "Then swore with Moon Goddess" he uttered, making my eyes wide. What the hell.


The Unwanted Luna


There is only so much a woman can take and Amelia Solace had reached her breaking point. All she ever wanted was a mate but fate cursed her by giving her one who's heart beat for another. He loathed her existence and he never failed to remind her of that. Her only sunshine was the son she was carrying, her mates baby whom he planned to take away and raise him together with the love of his life, breaking her already shattered heart. She was getting tired of fighting to stay afloat. fighting to be seen and to be loved and with the bond decaying inside her and old enemies out to get her, she has no other choice but to take the only option that has always been in front of her but she never dared to accept. When her former pack is attacked and the son she left behind is threatened. She's willing to fight side by side her ex mate and former pack. That doesn't mean she has forgotten the hell they put her through though. Nor has she forgiven them. The new Amelia is cold and closed off, Gone is the girl they knew. When her ex mate wants her back, will he be able to sway her cold and unreachable heart? Or has he already lost her to someone else? someone who saw her value in ways he never did.



94.0K·Keyes M.

“…Reign Callan, I, Alpha Hardin Alonso, reject you as my mate and future Luna. You are free to go out there and find love and protection in another man’s arms for you will never find it in mine...” Reign's world came crashing down on her when her mate threw those words at her. She had been waiting for the day she would meet her mate, but the day came and it turned out to be in total chaos. As if that was not enough, she was accused of murdering her sister the following day. Her mate took pleasure in having her tortured. Will the truth about her sister's death be revealed? Will Alpha Hardin learn to love and accept Reign as his true mate?


The Luna's Second Chance Mate

17.0K·Joy Apens

"Yes baby, just like that. Oh fuck yes! Yes!" I opened my mouth as utter shock and pain filled my body. My husband was fucking my step-sister on our wedding night. Hot tears dropped from my eyes as the wet sounds and moaning grew louder and louder. *** Larissa, the esteemed Luna of the Tokenmoon pack, had it all. A loving husband and a strong pack. But it was all a lie. Stefan, her alpha husband, was the devil. He maltreated and abused her constantly while cheating on her with her step-sister. To make matters worse, he rejected her and sent her away. Heartbroken, Larissa was lost until she stumbled across her second chance mate. . . Kaden. Kaden, handsome as sin and the alpha of Griffen-howl pack is a broken man. When his wife runs away with another man, while abandoning him and his son, he vows never to believe in love. But when a homeless woman, Larissa comes into his territory, it appears that he might be breaking those vows. She is his second-chance mate but will he be able to believe in love again?


Mistake With The Alpha


Samantha is a plump maid who was always mocked by everyone around her. She got entangled with their almighty mysterious hybrid alpha when she mistaking send her nude video to him which was meant for her boyfriend. This got the ever angry alpha vexed and punished her. This mistake made her connect to the alpha and he wouldn't let her go even when he found his mate. She got so involved with the pack enemy, that she had to fight war for her pack. Samantha fate lie in the hands of the alpha


The Alpha


Brooks' life changed dramatically after her father's death. When her mother remarried, Brooks hoped for better days, but instead, her challenges multiplied. Her stepfather is a werewolf, and within his community, she's dubbed "Missy Mistake"—they believe she should never have been born. Now, five years later, Brooks endures constant bullying from the werewolves, particularly the alpha's son. As she counts down to her eighteenth birthday, she dreams of a simple plan: turn eighteen, graduate from high school, and escape to California. Completed Alpha and Series by Jilguera (Taylor Lowe)


His abused luna


PROLOGUE : ️️ Nineteen-year-old Angelica Winter is a human girl. She has little knowledge of life outside her mother’s torment and she don’t believe she ever will. For ten years she’s been verbally and physically mistreated, the horrible treatment makes her feel like she’s not human, like she’s nothing, but when she makes a mistake, a choice had to be made… have her only purity be defiled or risk an escape ? Twenty-Two year old Axel Moretti is a fierce werewolf Alpha. He’s searched for his mate for four years, slowly losing hope that he doesn’t have one due to his cruelty. He unexpectedly finds her. However, when he meets her something seems very wrong. She’s an overly startled human… and what’s worse, she refuses to meet his eyes.


Alpha Badass Mate


Ashly is not some cute little Omega who wants to please Alphas; she can kick any Alpha or Beta who tries to mess with her. Even the Alpha is her own mate. Alex knows Ashly is his Omega, but he is scared that Omega rejects him; she already kicked his pack ass. But when the truth unfolded about the Omega identity, he was shocked and somehow happy. Alex had finally decided to confess his burning love to his mate. They both gave in to their overflowing feelings, but Ashly couldn't help her growing fears to slowly consume her. After their graduation, things become hard for Ashly. Alex leaves to see his family, and he never comes back. Ashly waits for him in front of his door with a baby inside her, but the Alpha never comes back. After a year, they meet again. What will be the outcome? Will Ashly still love her Alpha no matter what happens, and will Alex finally tell the truth to Ahley? What happens when Alex sees a child who exactly looks like him? "He is my pup." "No, he is not; you are nothing but a stranger to him. So, get out and never come back here. Ashly Madden doesn't need an Alpha."


Her Moonlit Revenge

4·Viola Oliver

In a world of moonlit packs and tangled destinies, Talia, the weakest Luna, faces heartbreak when her mate, Vance, succumbs to betrayal with her best friend, Nadia. When Nadia's deceit turns tragic, leading to Talia's death, Talia awakens in a new body, seeking revenge and discovering a past entwined with her parents' demise. As Luna of Silverhaven, she battles love, hatred, and dirty family secrets, determined to rewrite her destiny. Talia must choose between the love she lost and the newfound strength she gained. How does Talia navigate her newfound identity and strength after being reborn in someone else's body? What role does Ken play in helping Talia heal from her past betrayals and learn to love again? How does Talia handle the complex emotions of simultaneously seeking revenge and finding love with Ken. Will Talia's past come back to haunt her, or can she truly move forward with her new life alongside Ken? Find out in Her Moonlit Revenge.


The Lycans' Obsession: Chasing Our Rogue Queens


"Let's taste them without falling into their grasp," I whisper madly with lust to my best friend Xanna. Two formidable Lycans are on our trail, determined to claim us for themselves. Eclipse Howlers was slaughtered by a rival pack, Xanna and I are the only survivors. Before my Luna-mother breathed her last, she made me promise to personally deliver the box in her hand to the King of the Werewolf Kingdom when I turned eighteen. However, all hell broke loose when our mates sensed us and started their relentless and tireless chase. But we are resolute in reaching the Kingdom, nothing can stop us from keeping the promise, even if it means being in danger from an opposing pack or even losing our mates. Thanks to Xanna's magic tricks and potion, we can fend them off. But our mates are close to us again, the mate pull is overpowering us, it's almost impossible to subdue. We desperately need our mates, pleasuring ourselves no longer do the job, we need more. In the end, the Lycans trap us and take us to their Kingdom. Four mates arrive at the Palace, where Eon, a rebel leader and son of the Royal Chief Warrior, is waiting for us. But then the mate bond kicks in again, creating a new triangular bond that's mind-blowing and eats away at us, leading to unprecedented challenges in our relationships. And then Eon is captured and sentenced to death. We are left with no choice but to disclose the secrets raging between the Palace walls .....


Lusting After a Vampire


Sarah, a young beautiful girl had imagined a life of bliss with her boyfriend, as they both went camping in the woods with friends. But fatefully, while in camp, she got lost and found herself locked in a strange cave where she met a scary vampire who she later developed feelings for. Having battled with the feelings for so long, she later gave her heart to this vampire, which was the beginning of her troubles when she later discovered his dark secrets. However, his dark secrets, later gave birth to her true identity, which caused a serious chaos.


Married The Wolf Queen


Queen Jenny's struggle to release the curse that befell her. She penetrated the human realm and finally met a handsome man. So what will happen to queen Jenny?

Sad loveOngoing