The Luna's Second Chance Mate

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Joy Apens


"Yes baby, just like that. Oh fuck yes! Yes!" I opened my mouth as utter shock and pain filled my body. My husband was fucking my step-sister on our wedding night. Hot tears dropped from my eyes as the wet sounds and moaning grew louder and louder. *** Larissa, the esteemed Luna of the Tokenmoon pack, had it all. A loving husband and a strong pack. But it was all a lie. Stefan, her alpha husband, was the devil. He maltreated and abused her constantly while cheating on her with her step-sister. To make matters worse, he rejected her and sent her away. Heartbroken, Larissa was lost until she stumbled across her second chance mate. . . Kaden. Kaden, handsome as sin and the alpha of Griffen-howl pack is a broken man. When his wife runs away with another man, while abandoning him and his son, he vows never to believe in love. But when a homeless woman, Larissa comes into his territory, it appears that he might be breaking those vows. She is his second-chance mate but will he be able to believe in love again?

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My high heels clicked the floor lightly as I walked down the hallway to the room where I would get dressed. I could feel everyone around turning to get a second look at me once I crossed them, and why shouldn't they? It was my wedding party after all and I knew I looked breathtaking.

I kept my chin up, walking just the way I practiced — like a queen. Chloe, my designer and best friend had insisted I wear the red ball gown during the wedding reception even though I had wanted something less colorful. "It's your night, Ris, you should look as sexy as ever." She had said and I couldn't really argue with that.

I had waited so long for this day since the moment Stefan and I were named mates and got engaged to each other. It was all I had dreamed about since I was a girl, marrying a handsome and powerful alpha and ruling the pack by his side as his Luna. Even thinking about it made the excitement rush through my body. Now my wedding night had reached and it was time to mate with my beloved!

I resisted the urge to break into a run when I saw the door of our new room but I knew many eyes were still on me so I comforted myself the best way I could. The butterflies in my stomach bounced up and down like samba dancers but I still kept a cool face, just like I practiced, smiling at people who greeted or congratulated me and keeping my composure. Finally I got to the room, twisted the door knob and entered. I blinked, It was beautiful. The entire room had been decorated with lavender fragrant candles, the king-size bed was also decorated to match the white room and there was a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket by the bed stand.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard a knock on the bedroom door. "Come in." I said as excitement rose once again in my body.

The door swung open immediately and a brown haired lady stepped in. "What do you think?" She smiled, gesturing around the room.

"Chloe, it's beautiful!" I said and wrapped my arms around her in a bear hug.

"Aww. Thanks. I went through some trouble to get it this way but it was worth it." She said and looked me sternly in the face. "I hope you're ready?"

"I was born ready."

She chuckled, "Larissa Tokenmoon is finally gonna get some dick, who would have thought?"

My eyes widened a little at that and I wanted to scold her but I was just too happy to say anything. I laughed with her and felt my cheek burn slightly. I knew where this was heading.

"Look Ris, this might be an unpopular opinion but the wedding night might just be the most important night of marriage, especially if you're married to an alpha. Babe you've gotta show him that you can please him in any way and every way tonight. Wolves need wives who can satisfy their hunger all night long. In other words, charm him with that golden pussy, girl."

"Chloe!" I said, but couldn't help my smile. "I know what's going to happen tonight, you don't need to lecture me, silly. I've waited a long time for this and now I'm ready. I want it to be a night to remember." I said, looking dreamily into space.

"Then let's make it that way. Is there anything else you need here? I can call someone to get them real quick. Stefan won't be here for at least ten more minutes, i saw him speaking to the alpha of Skyhowl on my way here and we both know how talkative Alpha Donovan is, no doubt also giving him fuck tips." She winked.

Skyhowl was one of the packs under Tokenmoon. They were basically family. But I never really like Donovan. He had four wives and fifteen cubs and was very popular among the wolves because of his "fertility" but all I see when I look at him is just a pompous and extremely vulgar person. And to make it even more disgusting, there were rumours that he was planning on taking a fifth wife. I didn't really have anything seriously bad against him but I didn't want him anywhere near my husband.

"Did you pick up anything they were saying?" I asked, interested in what the Fuck Wolf — as I called him— was telling Stefan.

"Hmm. Nothing really, apart from the fact that Stefan looked incredibly bored. I saw the look on his face, no doubt he's craving to be with you."

I smiled at these words as my tummy fluttered for the tenth time that evening, then took another look around the room. "More candles. Oh and plucked roses for the bed."

Chloe nodded seriously. "I'll have someone fetch them right away." Then she paused, as if suddenly remembering something, "You'll need something more comfortable. Something more… sexy for Stefan." She smiled menacingly and bolted out of the room before I could say anything.

I sighed, sank into the bed and gasped at how soft and comfy it was. No doubt Chloe's doing. I smiled. We had been best friends from the time we learned how to talk. She was like a sister to me, always doing everything she could to make sure I was happy since we were little cubs. Now here she was giving me tips on my wedding night like a pro.

I inhaled the sweet aroma of the candles that lit up the room and the smell of fresh lavender filled my nostrils like I was in a garden in spring.

After a little while, some servants entered the room, and bowed down to me in greeting. When I saw the roses and candles they were with, I motioned them towards the bed and watched as they got to work. First they dressed the bed to remove creases, then opened the jar of plucked roses and spread them carefully on the bed. By the time they were done, the scent of lavender and roses had combined to make the room look and feel even more perfect.

Before they left, one of the omega she wolves approached me with the beautiful green gown sent by Chloe.

"May I?" She said, when I wanted to take the gown from her hands.

I looked at her and nodded as her eyes widened slightly.

"Thank you, Luna. It is an honor for me to be the first to dress the queen." She said in a voice shaking with excitement.

I wasn't yet used to being addressed as queen but at that moment, it felt very good. "Use this first." I said, bringing out the tube of vanilla cream that I had saved for tonight and handing it to her.

The omega nodded obediently, opened the lotion and applied it carefully on my body before quickly dressing me into the gown then bowed and hurried to leave.

"What's your name?" I asked just as she opened the room door.

She stopped on her tracks as if frozen and slowly turned to face me with wide eyes and I suspected that this was the first time she had been asked that question from a high born.

"Joy, My queen. She said without moving a muscle.

"Thank you, Joy. I said and nodded slightly to her and she left.

I smiled and looked into the mirror, it was indeed a very sexy gown as Chloe had said. The green matched with the color of blonde hair. And the vanilla lotion made my body shine in the candle lit room. It felt good, Stefan would love it.

I didn't have to wait for long until the door swung open again and this time it was the one she had been expecting all night. Even amidst the lavender and roses and vanilla fragrances, my wolf could still easily pick up the scent of my mate. He stood at the door for a few seconds before entering the room. On sighting him, my heart started beating faster and I rose up to meet him.

"My love. I've been waiting for…" I was cut short when the light met his face and I saw the look on it. He looked far from excited. "Is something wrong Stefan?" I asked in surprise.

He said nothing but just stared at me. He looked upset. No. Angry was the word. He was angry. I could feel it. But why?


Now he looked away and threw something on the bed. "Do you have anything to say about this?" He asked me in a cold voice I had never heard before.

I picked up the things he dropped and gasped sharply. They were pictures. Pictures of me naked in bed with other men. In some I was kissing them, while in others I was touching them or they were touching me. There were about a dozen of them. They looked so real that for about a minute I didn't know what to say.

"This… this is a lie! They're all false, Stefan, I'm still a… I would never!" I stammered, still in shock at what I saw.

"You lied to me. You're whore! A cheat…"

"Stefan I would never—"

"SILENCE!" He growled in rage and I fell dumb. "You will not sleep here tonight." He said, turning towards the door.

I watched in horror as a female figure moved majestically in the room to stand next to him.

"Katya?!" I croaked as my step sister wrapped her arms around my husband's own and smiled deviously at me.

"Hello Larissa." She said in a low voice.

I opened my mouth but before I could utter another word, Stefan grabbed my hand roughly, pushed me out of the room and locked the door shut in my face.

"No. No. No!" I banged at the door as tears filled my eyes. The night that I had planned so carefully was being ruined and my own sister was behind it.

I heard a noise and I stopped and listened as dread filled my body.

"Yes baby, just like that. Oh fuck yes! Yes!"

I opened my mouth as utter shock and pain filled my body. My husband was fucking my step sister on our wedding night. Hot tears dropped from my eyes as the wet sounds and moaning grew louder and louder.