The best way to take Moonstar was to get into their territory unawares and then take them down by surprise. The population of their pack was about twice that of my pack but my soldiers were the best in the world and I had a plan.

The new alpha of Moonstar, Derek had been causing problems everywhere since he was named alpha. He had no regard for the wolves in the neighboring packs and did whatever he wanted with whomever he saw fit. I had been ignoring this nuisance for a while until one of his wolves raped one of the shewolves of my pack. It was an insult to me as an alpha and my pack as a whole. I summoned him to my territory to answer to the crime committed by his wolf because after all, Moonstar was still a lower pack to Griffin Howl and was therefore inferior.

He had done the unthinkable. He slaughtered the messenger sent to summon him and returned his head to my court in a box. That was a direct act of war towards my pack, Derek knew this, but did it anyway and would surely pay. I sent one of my soldiers, a spy, beforehand to Moonstar who gave us the information we needed for our ambush. I planned the assault and set up our formation. The next day, we reached the border of Moonstar.

"Jacob, Joshua." I called.

"Yes alpha!" The twins echoed in unison.

"You'll lead the attack on the back gate. Take some quick men and move."

They nodded firmly, pointed at five wolves and moved without another word. Josh and Jake were a rare species of twins called Gemini, they had the ability to communicate with each other no matter the distance between them. As an alpha, I could mind-link too, but theirs had no limit. That was an ability unique to them alone and it came in very handy during spying, but the most impressive power they shared was the ability to merge together and transform into one mighty werewolf. That was exactly why I sent them together this time.

"Ralph, Dom, Sebastian and Valentino, take down the watchers on the wall."

"Yes alpha," They said, stepping out.

"Make it as subtle as possible and leave no survivors. Not a single one."

They nodded and disappeared into the shadows of the walls.

I kept some wolves on standby, instructing them to mind-link me if anything came up, then started toward the front gate with a few men. Joshua's information from spying on Moonstar was right, there were five wolves guarding the gates.

"Don't tell me you actually fucked them both? Damn Pop!" I heard one of them laughing hysterically.

"The more the merrier." Pop said, standing up proudly. "And I even… "

I slit his throat from behind before he could finish his sentence and my men took care of the rest just as stealthily as I ordered. We wore their pack seal to blend in and moved the bodies out of the way and continued inside the gates, taking down the soldiers one by one.

Back gate is clear. Jacob mind-linked me.

Spread out but keep the formation.

Roger that.

We moved cautiously till we got to the heart of the pack, that was where Derek's chambers was but it was guarded by two hefty and rough-looking wolves.

"State your business." One of the king's guards asked after peering at the seal we were wearing.

"We have news for the alpha." I said.

"He didn't send for you so leave before I make you." He said rudely, still looking at me suspiciously.

I smiled, "It's about the gold we found this morning on the outskirts of the pack, it's over here." I said motioning them to follow me to the dark corner some steps away, and they both did.

"I don't think I've seen you before, where's your station?" The rude one asked.

"In Griffinhowl." I smiled and one of my wolves snapped the neck of his companion and before he could turn around to do anything, I dug my claws into his chest and slashed his heart off. They both died without another sound.

"Not bad." Someone said and all of us turned around in surprise.

Alpha Derek had stepped out of his chambers and was watching as we killed his guards.

"I'm guessing I'm next?" He said, looking me in the eye. "Griffinhowl huh? Well, let's get it over with shall we?" He said and in a heartbeat, transformed into his wolf form and charged at me. He scratched my arm before I could move. I put pressure on the wound as blood dripped down my left arm.

Derek was older than I was and was bound to have a bit more physical strength but I was a seasoned fighter and didn't need to be stronger to win fights. I growled and transformed into my wolf. When I opened my eyes again, all I could feel was anger.

Derek charged again but this time I was ready; I ducked to the other side and clawed at the side of his face.

He groaned and growled in pain and I knew I had blinded one eye because the next time he glared at me, I could only see one red glare, not two.

This time it was me who attacked, with him momentarily weak from my blow. I aimed for his side and took out a big chunk of flesh with my big fangs. He screamed in pain and transformed back to his human form. I spat out the chunk of flesh In my mouth as his blood dropped from my mouth. I turned back to my human form and dragged him to his knees.

"Any last words?"

"Fuck y-you." He spurted as blood flowed from his body.

"Wow. That is disappointing." I dug my claws deep into his belly and tore it open. He died as its contents poured on the ground.

I stood up to see that quite a crowd of people had been watching. I wasn't sure how long they had been there but they were watching with awe in their eyes. Then all of a sudden, they all fell to their knees.

"Long live the alpha!" Someone chanted and the rest followed suit.


I bought some gifts for my family on the way back home. After all this, all I wanted to do was spend quality time at home with my wife and son. It had been a long couple of days planning and executing the attack on Moonstar and everything. My arm was still heavily bandaged from the wounds I sustained during battle. A normal injury would've healed fast but these had come from an alpha, scratches and bites inflicted by alphas took a longer time to heal regardless of who was attacked.

My body still stung as I made my way carefully toward the house. A nice hot bath followed by some vigorous fucking with my wife would go a long way to heal me and also calm my nerves. Amaya would love that very much. She loved being touched all the time and I owed her. I smiled despite myself, my body tingling in excitement. I haven't felt this way in a long time. Just thinking about the things I would do to her made me fucking horny. I hastened my steps so I wouldn't piss myself.

On getting home, I noticed the door was unlocked. Did she see me coming and unlock the door? Maya sure did like surprises. I decided to play along and went inside.

"Maya I'm home!" I announced, placing the stuff I was with on a table. When I didn't get a response, I went inside. "Amaya?" Was it hide and seek now? I searched around, expecting to see her every time I opened a curtain or a closet or looked under a bed. I was overworking myself and soon my wounds began to bleed again but I kept looking. This was a game we used to play.

The sound of a baby crying stopped me in my tracks and my heart sank. Declan. I searched where it was coming from and saw my one year old son on the floor crying. His clothes were dusty like he had been there for a long time. Did he fall? Oh God.

I bent and quickly picked him up as the stitches on my arm tore even more and more blood flowed. "Shh. It's okay, it's okay. Daddy's here, stop crying." I said, wiping his tears.

What the hell was happening? Why was Declan like this? Was this still a game? I put him back into his cradle and went into our room for the second time and noticed the note on the bed. I probably hadn't seen it before because my eyes were just focused on finding Amaya's hiding place. I opened it and read. It was in her handwriting;

Dear Kade,

I'm leaving. I know this is very selfish of me but I just couldn't take this anymore, you ignore me a lot, you're too busy, you don't touch me anymore. All you care about is the pack. But I need attention, I need to be taken care of but sadly you can't do that. Nik and I have run away to somewhere far away so please don't look for us. I left Declan with you as a peace offering so please don't start any trouble. Nik loves me and knows how to treat me. I hope you find someone special.


I read that shit about four times and everything I was done, my head went like, 'wait… what?!'

She's gone? With Nik, her apparent lover? And Declan was a peace offering. What the actual fuck was that?

"This can't be right." I shook my head. "Really funny babe!" I said loudly. Obviously she was still in the house but this letter was a bit extreme. I paced out of the room, ransacking the entire house looking for her. When I still couldn't find her, my thoughts went back to the letter in her handwriting but I killed it immediately, that was obviously a joke.

I entered our room again for the fourth time. But this time I was convinced she was hiding here because, where else could she be? Ignoring the trail of blood I had left throughout the house, I turned the room upside down as my denial turned to rage when I didn't find her in the bedroom. I kicked the bedside table so hard it shattered like glass and then something dropped to the ground. A phone. Maya's phone.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I picked it up. She should've just kept it somewhere more open and saved me all of this stress. I knew that if Maya's phone was close then so was she. I opened the smartphone and froze; at first I thought it was just random porn but Amaya's tattoo couldn't be mistaken. It was a sextape. And Nik, my beta, was the one doing the fucking. I immediately stopped the video but a different but similar video started to play. It was a playlist of about a dozen sextapes.

A rage like I have never felt before surged within me and I gave off a roar that I had never done before. It was so loud that walls shook but at that moment, I didn't give a fuck about anything in the world. I smashed the phone into a thousand fucking pieces and turned primal like only an alpha can.

I ripped the king-sized mattress to shreds, I crashed every picture and painting on the wall, tore the shelf down together with every bloody book on it. I grabbed the wardrobe and ripped out one of its doors, grabbed the clothes and tore them to pieces.

Amaya had run off with another man, breaking my heart. My anger fizzled out and I felt the floor in a heap. I would not fall in love anymore.

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