“The attack on Blue Rock Pack was successful, and the goods are now in the arena, ready to be auctioned.” My Beta, Mark, listed the achievements.

“How many men did we lose?” I questioned, staring at the list of achievements he had jotted down in a book.

“Ten. They were strong. We would have lost more than ten men if we hadn’t caught them off guard. It was a nice plan to do it on the day they always did their celebration.”

I smiled as he said it.

I was well aware of the Blue Rock Pack’s strength and had kept a close eye on them. They had so many resources that I wanted, weapons that would help in the building of my army, land on which I could expand my businesses, and their grounds were more fertile than mine. I wanted it all to myself.

I tried to convince the Alpha of the pack to divide his land into two equal parts and give one-half to me, but he refused, which angered me. From then on, I began planning an ambush, which involved watching their every move and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Last night had been the perfect time to strike. I knew they’d be so caught up in the celebrations that they wouldn’t be on their guard like they usually were.

I had gathered my troops and instructed them to mask their pheromones before attacking, then waited for word that they had succeeded. When Mark told me about the success and how the goods were in good condition and unarmed.

I had a smile on my face when Mark continued listing the success news to me and how the goods were in good shape and unarmed.

“That’s good. Gather some Gammas and Omegas to begin preparation on the land. First, I want every broken block and wooden item on the land removed before proper preparation, and I also want everything done quickly. Is that clear? I have a pack to expand and more people to welcome.”

“Yes, Alpha Zane,” Mark replied, and I smiled. I was already fantasizing about how much money I was going to make and how many other packs would come to get items from me. I needed more expansion, more goods, and sales, but first, I had to work on the new land I had just acquired as my property.

“With that said, let’s go over to the arena. I always love watching the auction, hearing the screams of women, the smell of blood, and the sight of women being assaulted. I prefer watching them live rather than downloading them because the chills it gives are incredible. Don’t you agree, Mark?” I asked him.

I knew he had no choice but to back me up on every decision I made. Mark was always the brutal one, which is why I always put him in charge of all the missions I assigned. He didn’t believe in second chances or mercy, which is why I loved him and remained his best friend all those years.

“Yes, Zane, and I reserved the best seat for you. Will you be buying anyone today? To keep you company until you find that special one?" Mark wanted to know, and I chuckled.

“I don't think I’ll need a new s3x slave today. I have a property to invest in. I need to concentrate because this lot will slow me down. When I’m s3xually starved, I know exactly where to go.”

“All right, I’ll always have them ready whenever you want, and as for the land, I’ll make sure it makes you money like the others.” Mark gave me his word.

“I trust you, Mark, I always do. Now let's go, we don’t want to be late,” I said as I pulled on my black hoodie and wore the hood over my head.

I had always attended the auctioning of the goods brought to the arena, but no one had ever seen my face. I liked to keep a low profile while I watched how my money was made. I was interested in how they were sold and how excited the crowd was; their cheers and excitement were what always drew them back to the arena to buy more, and that helped my accounts get fatter.

I am not there yet, I want to be at the top. I want to be great so that the mere mention of my Pack sends shivers up the spines of every other Pack. That was my goal, and I had a long way to go. Step by step, I had told myself, I'd surely get to the height I’ve always wanted to be.

Soon, the Blood Moon Pack will become the most feared pack in the world, and I will crush anyone who dares to challenge me, then claim their land as mine and their women as a source of making more money.

The sound of the car coming to a stop drew me from my thoughts, and I rolled down the window to see that we had arrived at the arena. That was quick. I didn’t expect the drive to be easy, and there was no traffic today. I believe it was due to the event taking place in the arena.

The parking lot was full of cars and people trying to enter. I knew if I didn’t reveal my identity, we wouldn't be able to enter on time and watch the auction begin.


“I know what to do Zane, stay in here for a few minutes and I’ll be right back,” he said before exiting the car, and I watched as he headed towards the entrance of the arena.

Mark returned twenty minutes later. I got out of the car, and he led the way with a smile on his face. When we arrived at the gate, the bouncer bowed before opening it. We arrived at our seats just as the anchor began to make the announcement.

Nothing else mattered except the excitement on everyone’s faces, including mine. I watched as they were auctioned off one by one, the screams of those who had been touched filling the arena, and the roars of everyone increased with each scream from the girls.

This was exactly what I came here for; this was fun made just for me, and I wanted more.

A smell caught my attention amid the excitement. The fragrance of lavender and cherry filled my nostrils; it was inviting, and its pheromones were calm.

“Mate. Our mate is here,” Grey said through the mind link, which piqued my excitement. After a long wait, the one specially created for me was finally here, and I’d soon have them all to myself.

“Locate our mate and show me the way. I’ll get our mate home tonight,” I told him, and he nodded before searching for our mate. I had no idea how he was going to do it, but I knew he would find them somehow.

“There, our mate is there... She is one of the…” Grey abruptly came to a halt, and as the pheromones grew closer, I saw a girl walking forward with chains on her hands and legs, escorted by some guards.

“No way, Grey, that’s not our mate! Our mate cannot be a slave! A filthy slave! Is the moon goddess playing with us right now? This has never happened before, and I will not accept it!” I said, my voice agitated. I wasn’t going to let this happen.

“What are you going to do? However you try to avoid it, she is ours and ours to keep.”

“She can never be ours! If word gets out that a slave is my mate, I will be dethroned,” I warned him, making sure he was aware of the situation on the ground.

“So, what are you going to do?”

“I’ll pretend and ignore the pull until she’s sold, at some point she’ll be forgotten.”

“Will that rock your boat?” He asked.


“Will that make you happy?”

“Anything that will keep my throne is worth making me happy, and she is definitely not worth it. Just a piece of trash to be thrown away. Grey, thank you for the information. I’ll get in touch with you later,” I said, then disconnected the link.

I watched as the anchor’s hands moved all over her body, and I felt my rage build up.

‘Zane, forget about her. She is worthless, and she will only bring bad news,’ I told myself over and over again.

Hearing people bid on her because of what the anchor said made me both angry and envious. I couldn’t bear the thought of someone putting their hand on her. Even if I didn’t make her my Luna, I’d enjoy her to my heart’s content and have her body as mine until I was done with her.

“Mark, I want her,” I told him.

“I thought you said you weren't interested in anyone.” Mark raised an eyebrow.

“Well, this one has piqued my interest. So get her for me.” I ordered him.

“Jeez, why are you so anxious about this one? Is there something you don’t want me to know about her?” He asked, his gaze fixed on mine.

“No-nothing. I love her body curves and she smells delicious and clean, so I want this one and h-”

“Going for $500,000 to this man here. Going once, going twice!” yelled the anchor, interrupting my conversation.

“Mark!!!” I yelled.

"Fine, I got you, but you owe me one,” he said before raising the plank, “one hundred and fifty million dollars!”

The arena erupted as everyone turned to look at Mark.

I wanted to yell at him for charging such a ridiculous price for a slave, but then I remembered that the money would be returned to me anyway. I cracked a smile. The bell rang, and Mark was called up to collect his prize. He was about to take a step forward when I stopped him.

“I’ll claim the slave myself, Mark. Relax and make your choice,” I advised.

“What's the matter with you today, Zane? First, you wanted to buy her, and now you’re claiming her and revealing your identity. Is everything all right?” Mark asked through the mind link, and I smiled for the nth time.

“I love what I ordered, and I don’t want to keep the crowd waiting,” I explained as I stood up. When I removed my cap, everyone was shocked at first, but soon they recovered quickly as they all stood up and bowed their heads.

I smiled as I walked up the stage to claim my slave, the one the moon goddess had mistakenly given to me. There was something about her pheromones that drew me in, and I wanted to savour every aspect of her.

I leaned forward and placed my nose to her neck, sniffing her briefly before placing my lips close to her ears.

“I hope you paid your last respect to your parents. You’ll do well to please me if you don’t want to end up like them.”

I smiled at her one last time before ordering the guards through the mind link to knock her out and bring her to my chambers.

She was to be my little secret that no one would ever find out.

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