“Going once… going twice… sold!” I could hear the bell ringing louder than usual. “Please come forward to claim your property,” the anchor said, and the crowd erupted in excited cheers.

I watched as the buyer approached with a smirk on his face as he approached the girl, his hands grabbing the girl’s breasts as he kissed her roughly.

I was disgusted, and even more so as the crowds cheered him on.

He moaned as his hands moved over her body, and I cringed as he tore her dress open so the crowd could see how he was unpleasantly touching her. I watched as the girl’s eyes widened in fear and I heard her whimpering; she looked about seventeen, but she was being violated in front of a crowd by a beast, and I couldn’t do anything to help.

I was forced to watch as the man raped her like a dog in heat, and when he was done, he wore his trousers and yelled at the crowd, they all cheered him even after watching the disgusting scene playing in front of them.

“I like this one; she takes it well. She is worth every penny I paid for her.” He laughed loudly as he picked up the girl from the ground, ignoring the blood dripping from her private region, and carried her out of the arena on his shoulder.

“Wow, that was entertaining to watch. Bring in the next one!” The anchor yelled and another girl was dragged out to be bid on.

I wanted everything to stop, but I knew no one would come to our aid; the moon goddess was a lie we were fed from the start.

None of these would be happening to us if she were real.

Teens were violated right in front of my eyes; girls my age were raped to see if they’d be good as s3x slaves; those who weren’t were either killed or sent away to be normal slaves for their household.

The stage was stained with blood, some of the blood were those of the girls whose virginity had been taken, and some of it was the blood of girls slain right in front of my eyes for not being good enough.

I desperately wanted this nightmare to end. Everything was happening too fast and I wished it was all a bad dream from which I could wake up.

Soon, it was my turn to be bidden on, and I feared that I would be violated like the rest of the unlucky girls, especially given the way I was being praised.

This was not how I imagined my life would turn out. I wanted to close my eyes and then open them again to find myself at the Packhouse with my family.

That was never going to happen, however, because this was not a dream, but rather reality.

“Sold! The feisty one is sold to the person standing next to the one in black over there for $150 million. Please come forward to claim your property,” the anchor said, and the bell rang once more.

I’d just been sold as a slave or sex slave to someone.


I watched my Pack being annihilated right in front of my eyes. The people I loved were slaughtered, the men massacred, and the women bound with chains and led into a truck.

It all happened so fast that no one saw it coming.

We were all in the field celebrating our creator, the moon goddess, and were so absorbed in the drums and songs that we didn’t realize we were surrounded until it was too late. The festival‘s excitement was coursing through us, but before we knew it, we were being slaughtered like lambs.

They‘d done a good job of masking their pheromones before invading us.

The rest of the women were spared, with the exception of the elderly and pregnant women. They justified the killing of the elderly and pregnant women by claiming that they were condemned goods that no one wanted.

My parents were not spared, either, with my father being the Alpha and my mother being the Luna.

In front of me, they were both beheaded and set ablaze.

I screamed and prayed for a miracle, but it never came. No one came to our aid, not even the moon goddess we had been celebrating.

My hands and feet were bound in chains, with the other end held by my captors, who dragged me right into the van.

The younger ones were crying while the older ones consoled them; some were fortunate enough to have their mothers with them, while others were unlucky enough to have lost their mothers and fathers.

“What will become of us now, Elenora?” Clara, one of the girls, asked in a frightened whisper.

Clara and I had been friends since we were kids, and she was more like a sister to me, so I was relieved she had survived. At the very least, I had someone I could call my own.

“I‘m not sure, Clara, but I fear for the worst. Let’s just stick together, and hope it‘s nothing worse than what we just went through,” I said as I tightly squeezed her hands.

“I‘m sorry about your parents. I’m sure they‘ll watch over you from the moon goddess’ bosom,” she consoled.

“That is if she exists at all.”

I had lost faith in the moon goddess, believing she was a myth made up by our ancestors. If she had existed, none of our Pack members, including my parents, would have been killed.

Carla squeezed my hand tighter as the truck began to move, and I could hear whimpering from the young ones.

We were all scared because we didn‘t know what our fates were or where they were taking us, but it couldn’t be good. If they could kill my parents, as well as the men and some women, who know what they would do to us?

I‘m not sure how long they drove the truck, but when it came to a stop and the door was opened, we were dragged out of the vehicle and into a building by our chains. The first thing we noticed was branding irons set over burning fires.

We were stripped naked and pinned down by a group of women before being branded with an X. The smell of burning flesh and screaming filled the air. Following that, we were bathed in cold water and dressed in a white transparent gown.

Soon after, our captors reappeared and led us to an arena filled with both males and females, where we were forced to stand in a corner, surrounded by seated spectators.

A man came forward to begin the introduction, and then we were dragged to the centre and auctioned off like commodities one after the other.

Carla‘s gaze never left mine as she was dragged away and placed in the centre, so I mind-linked her, promising to rescue her and telling her to wait for me. As she nodded at me, her eyes glistened with unshed tears.

After a few bids, she was eventually sold for 100,000 dollars. I was furious when I saw a well-built man approach her and claim her as his property.

“If you lay a fvcking hand on her, I will kill you!” I screamed loud enough for the man to hear me, and he snarled back, and before I knew it, I was hit in the face by one of my captors, and he was about to strike again when the anchor of the event held him back with a warning not to damage his goods.

He then instructed them to drag me out, which they did, and I was placed in the centre, ready for the crowd to bid on.

“This one here is feisty, and I‘m sure she’ll be great in bed. She smashed one of my men‘s noses and killed another, according to what I’ve heard. It took three of my men to bring her down,” the anchor said.

Lies! All lies! Was that supposed to make me seem special or important? Who would, in their right mind, want to bid on me? At this rate, I won‘t even be able to sell for $50,000.

I guess I made a hasty judgment because someone in the crowd started the bidding at $50,000.

“$60,000!” From the crowd, another woman yelled.

“A hundred thousand dollars,” I nearly puked as I saw the owner of the voice, an elderly man who appeared old enough to be my grandfather, leer at me.

I had deduced from the hints that the anchor had been dropping that we were being sold to be used as s3x slaves.

I couldn’t believe I was being bid on only because the anchor lied about my killing someone and breaking one of the men’s noses.

The bid had risen to $500,000, and I was about to be sold to the elderly man when someone yelled out a bid of $150,000,000, causing a commotion among the spectators.

“Going for $150 million. Going for the last price. Going once, going twice…”

As I waited for my fate to be sealed, I looked at the person who had called out the ridiculous price, and he was talking to the person next to him, the one obviously calling the shots. All I could see was that the person was dressed in all black, with a black cap covering their face. I had no idea if they were male or female.

“Sold! The feisty one is sold to the person standing next to the one in black over there for $150 million. Please come forward to claim your property,” the anchor said.

The man making the bid was about to come forward when he was stopped by the person in black.

The person stood up and removed the face cap, revealing himself to be a man, and when the rest of the spectators saw who it was, they all stood up and bowed.

He smiled before walking up the stage towards me. He stood in front of me, then leaned in and whispered words into my ear that would haunt me for the rest of my life, “I hope you paid your last respects to your parents. You’ll do well to please me if you don’t want to end up like them.”

He walked away from me, and before I could say anything to him, I was struck with something, and my vision blurred.

My new owner snapping his fingers at some people was the last thing I saw before passing out.

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