Rebirth of the Big Boss Daughter

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Her life has never been good.Ever since she was born, she never felt the warmth of a father. Everyday, Kara dreams of having one.Their life is not easy.Her mother has two jobs but Kara has never been filial or sensitive in the end she has to leave her mother to be with her father.Day and night she dreams to be accepted and love by him but even in her last breath she never feel his love.....and then she got back in time.

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Chapter 1 Filial Daughter

Katherine loves Kara the most and she did everything for her. 

She felt that she owed her so much since she grew up without a father. 

Katherine has two jobs. 

She barely bought herself new undies but she never failed to buy Kara a new gadget and feeds her well. 

But Kara never felt it was enough. 

She hated her mommy. 

How can she not tell her about her daddy. 

Kara is often teased by her neighbors and she often comes home crying because of it. 

Katherine has always a smile on her face and appeased her with material things and pampering but at night she will shed tears and sobs alone. 

Katherine was disowned by her parents when they found out she was pregnant. The father of her child is unknown. It was a night stand, an accident due to tender age. 

They want her to abort the baby but Katherine fought for her baby’s life. 

She went away and worked even until the moment of her due date. 

She toughened her mind and forced herself to mature for the little life she has now. 

Now Kara was being bullied because she has no father. 

Not even a name. 

But what can she do? 

Katherine is powerless and can only coax Kara. 

Kara ,even though a bit spoiled, she will smile at her once in a while. But when she started Elementary, Kara became more spoiled and very demanding. 

She went home one day crying. 

She angrily threw everything and broke things. 

She doesn’t know what to do. 

“It was you! Because I am like this that no one likes me!” 

Since then, Kara, became more distant toward her and only talks to her if she needs money. 

After getting rejected by an upperclassman, everything changes in her life. 

That upperclassman was popular and a lot of girls fancy him 

Kara was shamed by the man. 

Said she confessed, clings on but he rejected her thoroughly. 

Kara became shameful. 

Everyone calls her names. 

She became gloomier and she always walked lowering her head. 

When she entered high school, Kara felt a new breeze. 

That maybe she can become a new her. 

No one will know her. 

But in this school, there are more people who bullied her. 

She admired the rich gals who walked proudly and beautifully among the crowd. 

She admired how all the boys fancy them. 

She wanted to be part of the group but the price is high. 

She became their friend in exchange she will become their lackey. 

She even bought them expensive stuff. 

She has to steal from her mother to buy those things and they often quarrel. 

But in the end her mother will forgive her. 

In her 2nd year in high school, her mother got admitted to the hospital. 

That time, her father’s secretary came and took her away. 

She was so happy then. 


She doesn’t even believe how happy she was when she found out how rich her father is. 

Super rich that ten thousand can be considered as a change. 

She pretended her mother does not exist and lives with her father. 

Kara’s father is an underworld Big Boss who deals with guns and explosives. 

Kara has to learn a lot of things but she willingly learned everything for her father’s sake and affection. 

Kara met her boyfriend there. 

He is his father’s secretary. 

Aside from Kara, her father has a lot of other daughter’s and they fought head to head to gain his father’s love. 


Their father never bothers. 

She learned her mother died. 

She felt nothing back then. 

But when she was about to die herself, she cried remembering her mother. 

How can she be so selfish? 

Her whole life, she dedicated her father but what? 

His other daughters schemed against her and time for time threatens her life but her father says nothing. 

Her boyfriend got irritated at her uselessness and drugged her and sold her to a brothel. 

She didn’t get raped maybe because her father will not tolerate that she will bring him shame but she got an overdosages of drugs. 

Kara tried opening her eyes and saw her father looking at her as if seeing a disappointment and being disgusted. 

To her mother, she was like a princess. 

To her father….to him…..maybe she is nothing but a failure. 

She closed her eyes and accepted defeat. Accepting defeat but will never forgive them. Those bastards who harmed her. She might not hate her father but….the feeling of wanting to be acknowledged by him disappeared. 

Ah…death is so sweet. 

She wanted to laugh but there was no sound. 

Alas, she died. 


“You think I will like someone like you? You are nothing in my eyes. Look at you. You look so plain!” 

Kara blinks her eyes and tilts her head. 

Who is this brat? 

“I talked to you once but you misunderstand me? Geez. I don’t believe you.” 

Kara wants to laugh at the foolishness of the brat in front of her. 

Who is he? 

Where am I? 

Shouldn’t I die? 

Kara looks around and sees the seemingly familiar place. 

“Hey! Are you listening to me?” The guy taps Kara’s shoulder. 

Kara shrugged her shoulder to avoid his hand. 

“Boy, where am I?” she asked. 

“What the hell?” the brat said and his brows knit. 

“Wait. My voice sounds so immature.” 

Amaze, Kara touches her face and unbelievingly looks at her hand. 

“What did you smoke?” the brat shakes his head and turns around to leave. 

Kara’s eyes twinkle as she grabs the brat’s shoulder. 

“Stephen? Stephen Lacson? The guy who rejected me twenty years ago?” 

“I just rejected you 2 minutes ago.” The brat said while rolling his eyes. 

“What? How?” Kara cant believe what is happening. 

She should have died but now she is in front of the bastard who rejected her? 

That was twenty years ago! 

So long that she forgot how he looks anymore. 

“Can you let me go?” impatiently, Stephen said while tapping his shoes on the ground. 

Kara giggles then she shakes her body until she is roaring into laughter. 

How nice! 

How nice is this? 

She went back? 


Yes she did! 

“You are mental.” Stephen said and left for real. 

Kara is clutching her stomach and she still wouldn't stop laughing. 

She just stopped when she choked on her own laughter. 

She wipes the tears from laughing so much. 

So good. 

She is back. 


IF she is back then…… 

Kara runs. 

She went back only to grab her shoulder bag that has been on the ground. 

Kara runs and her heart beats so fast. 

So fast that she feels like suffocating. 

But she didn’t stop or dropped her speed.

She was almost hit by a car but she just ignored it and ran faster. 

The driver calls her and curses her but she just smiles beaming at him. 


Katherine felt her heart leap and saw the sweating Kara. 

“Kara, you are home. How is---” 

“MOM!” Kara cried as she ran and hugged her. 

“What happened?” 

“I love you,Mom. I love you so much!” 

“I—I love you too. What happened?” 

Kara shakes her head. 

She is back and her mother is still alive. 

This is a reincarnation? 

Whatever it is, she was willing. 


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