Primus, The Psycho

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After seven blood-soaked years in the military, he was finally the Primus of the country, yet when he finally came back to her with all the glories he had earned with his life, he found that he actually had a daughter...

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Chapter 1: A Little Girl

Noon. Camp Riverlane.

An old man with gray hair in a military uniform stood upright, looking spirited and physically strong. The military rank on his shoulder showed he was a high-ranking officer.

In fact, he was the chief commander of the military region in the country of Kisia.

“Are you really leaving?”

His eagle-sharp eyes were fixed on a man with a rock-hard face, looking mature and clinical after wars.

“Yes, I am,” the man answered without hesitation.

“Robin, I watched you since you started as a soldier in the military. You always risked your life and actively applied for life-threatening missions. You even joined Blade Force, the so-called force of Death. You’ve served in the military for seven years, and your body has been covered by scars. You were shot 32 times, nine of which you nearly died.”

“Those experiences made the well-known General Bailey in Eastern Kisia. You won ten major battles without being defeated. In one of them, you set up and eliminated 300,000 enemies at a critical battle, which enabled you to win the war and made you famous globally. It was a great contribution, as you’d stabilized the hidden dangers of the country for several years. The capital would have been long gone if it weren't for you.”

“I want you to take my position, but you tell me you’re leaving.”

“Let me ask you once again. Are you really leaving?”

The old man’s eyes sparked fires in determination.

“Mr. Berger, I’ve received a piece of news just now. I have a six-year-old child.”

Robin Bailey gave the old man a military salute.

Then he turned away.


Bluesky Airport, Stillwater.

Jeff Reczek, Robin’s subordinate, said to Robin, “General, according to the decision from the top, you can leave the military, but you’ll remain in office.” He was taller and sturdier than Robin.

“Ehn. I got it.”

Robin nodded, realizing it was Mr. Berger’s decision. Robin had served in the military region under Eastern Kisia for seven years. Nowadays, the country returned to peace, so he decided to return to Stillwater.

After all, Elise Houry was in this city.

Also, according to the news he received the previous day, she had a daughter.

“How have you been, Elise?”

Robin pulled out a photo with mixed feelings. In the picture was a woman in a suit with a cold aura. There was a line behind her: President of Lands Corporation, Stillwater.

Seven years ago, there was shocking news in Stillwater. Elise, a well-known female business tycoon, was framed by her competitors and slept with a homeless man.

After the news was reported, there was a mighty uproar in Stillwater. Reporters lined up to interview Elise every day.

The homeless man was Robin.

Later, Lands Corporation’s market value was reduced by several billion dollars because of this matter. The Houry family had to admit Robin as Elise’s live-in husband to avoid gossip and rumors. However, Robin didn’t think he deserved Elise.

Therefore, he joined the military on the second day after getting married.

He applied for the most dangerous missions in the past seven years, known as the Suicidal Psycho. Starting as a soldier, he finally became the most well-known general of Eastern Kisia, leading several hundred thousand crack troops. Everyone learned he had saved the country in one battle and eliminated 300,000 enemies.

He had done everything for Elise, the woman in his heart.

“I’m sorry.”

Robin knew he had mistreated Elise, not only because of what had happened that night to tarnish her reputation but also because he had left her without saying farewell.

“Mr. Bailey, have you seen that girl? Don’t you think she looks like you?”

Suddenly, Jeff pointed at the sidewalk.

Robin followed his finger, seeing a little girl running toward him, followed by two men in suits.

“Stop running, you little prick! Freeze!”

“If we catch you, we’ll kill you.”

The two men looked fierce. After all, they were grownups, so they ran faster than a girl.

When they were only one arm away from her, one man chuckled triumphantly and reached for the girl.

However, Jeff grabbed his hand. “How dare you two grownups bully a little girl! Want to catch her? You must win the fight with me first.”

“You? Gee!”

The two men looked at Jeff up and down. He looked like an ordinary man. In disdain, a man snorted, “Seriously? Want to be a hero, huh?”

“Brat, you should remember me when you’re sent to the hospital.”

One of them threw a punch at Jeff’s head. However, Jeff tilted his head and dodged. He remarked in scorn, “Is that all you can do? When you are sent to the hospital, remember, my name is Jeff Reczek.”

Then he threw a punch at the man and hit his chin.

The next second, Jeff gave another man a shoulder throw. The man fell to the ground and blacked out like his companion.

The girl had run to Robin and hidden behind him. Robin rubbed her head and consoled her, “Don’t be afraid, girl.”

He took a closer look at the girl. She was about six or seven.

Her short hair made her look tiny. Her outfits were cold but clean, and Robin could tell they had been washed multiple times. However, it didn’t cover how pretty and smart the girl looked.

Robin could tell she looked indeed like him.

“Are you my dad?”

The little girl was also studying Robin. Suddenly, she held his legs and burst into tears. “I have a dad, finally. I don’t need to call that bad man Dad. Boohoo...”

Her weeping broke Robin’s heart.

Right then, a woman trotted to them on high heels. “Leslie Bailey!”

The voice stopped the girl from crying. She looked back and saw the woman. Then she threw herself in the woman’s arms and chirped, “Mom, Mom, look! I’ve found Dad. I really found him. I don’t need to call that bad man Dad.”

‘Bailey? Elise Houry!’

The scene seemed to be a bombshell, making Robin pant. He couldn’t mistake the woman who he had missed several years. Although they only had one night together, he would never mistake her.

‘So, this little girl is my daughter!’