Mafia's Secret: His Euphoria

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WARNING: EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT!!! Audrey Nathan, twenty years old, notorious hacker since the age of ten. She's the most scouted hacker in the whole of the continent and probably worldwide, but no one could get to her. Different Mafia organisations have been searching for her but she's as slippery as an eel. Luck left her side for a few minutes when she got caught in the two Biggest Mafia organisations' fight and was shot. Jordan Van Arthur, leader of Lone Wolves found a frail redhead in his penthouse fighting for her life, clutching to a lilac tote bag. "No.. no hospital, please... a..." She fell conscious. **** Jordan Van Arthur is the leader of Lone Wolves, His best friend Conan Raymond and His lover, Eve William colluded and betrayed him making him lose his most successful project to his rival gang White Tigers, Sebastian Cornell. Audrey Nathan came into his life like a warm ray of sunshine on those cold and hopeless days, Ignited emotions that he thought were lost forever and even retrieved what was his without fear that such a dangerous move could cost her life. "I am not used to being this loved, but you have loved me selflessly..... Your happiness should be my priority too" Audrey choked out, her heart overflowing with love, the tinkling feeling felt too much for her that she got scared it will all go away as usual. *** "Nghnn... Jord... I want you.....all of you" Audrey moaned out, her eyes hooded with lust, she didn't care if his shadow crew could hear her, she wanted him in her, home where he belongs. "I got you mama" Jordan's voice always dripping with lust just like his lips were dripping off her juices.....


Chapter One

She had been planning for this moment for the past four months and a half now, picking up the white clutch bag, she gently tapped Seb who turned to her with a stern expression morphing into a loving one

"I need to use the restroom" she whispered

"Be quick, we are going to the stage soon" Audrey nodded gently and walked out of the large hall towards the restroom but took a sudden turn and made for the stairs beside the restroom door.

She started to run, skipping steps, her heart pounding hard, she pulled out the bobbin pins holding her hair, letting the shinning copper hair out of its restraint, she quickly zipped down the black dinner dress exposing the white and pink short sleeveless jumpsuit she had under, her appearance has completely changed except for her hair colour, a distinct feature she couldn't get rid of.

Running down to the ground floor from the fifth floor seems too much but not for Audrey. By the time she reached the ground floor, she could already hear the commotion going on as she reached the end of the stairs, she opened the clutch and pulled out a black device that looked like a phone, typing in a few codes, all the elevators in the building were locked.

Knowing they would use the stairs, she quickly made for the door, heels have always been comfortable for her due to her height, she always had heels on to make herself look taller, and she was running perfectly well in her platform heels.

A black sleek car was already waiting at the back of the building, She got in immediately and it zoomed off.....

Audrey smiled as the large hotel turned into a tiny dot in the rear mirror, no car was after them obviously, her smile got wider as her heart also pounded harder.

"Jordan, I'm coming home"


"Boss, she was found in Hillway, a secluded house at the end of the city" a deep voice reports

The scarred face morphed into a triumphant smile, his unequal detention out in full display as he smiled widely.

"No mistake will be forgiven this time" The scared face replied and dropped the call.

"Finally got you, Computer Doll" George Fredrik, leader of Raiders declared happily.

Audrey Nathan is like the world's most precious tool for Mafias, she could break into any defence against their internet access and also build a wall that's impossible to crack, so Mafia organisations refer to a precious tool as she could help them get into their rival's computers, dig up their secrets to use against them.


Audrey was dyeing her hair purple, her eyes not leaving the small screen in front of her, the Chinese show playing on it was at the climax and she wouldn't want to watch it later.

She knew some people were after her, they've always been, she paused the movie to check her work in the mirror, dyeing her hair has been a routine, a way to keep her life as hers for a few more days.

Reluctant to leave her movie, she quickly got into the shower to wash out the remnant of the dye, feeling so tired after all the work, it's not easy maintaining such thick and long curls that she always altered alteredolour, it was a miracle her hair is still so healthy.

She ordered a single-serving pizza and some hot chicken wings and dried her hair while waiting.

That's how Audrey spends her day after moving.....


The thrusts were hard, just as the busty blonde under him demanded, Jordan groaned hard as he released into the condom, he pulled out not caring if the blonde hit her release, he pulled his sweatpants up and trailed off to the en suite bathroom, not caring about the whining woman he left on the bed.

The blonde knew better than to let him meet her there on his return, she quickly got up, put on her dress and scampered out with her shoes and bag in her hand.

Jordan came back his thick black curls dripping wet, he held a dryer in his left hand his left hand holding a phone, and scrolled through his message absentmindedly until one caught his attention.

"Mission 001

Object spotted close by"  a report from Allen can't be dismissed.

A strange expression made its way to Jordan's face, he was gambling a big risk but it's worth it if it goes his way.

"Move as planned" he replied and dropped the phone to focus on drying his hair.


Audrey put on a white and purple milkmaid dress that stop stopped above her knees, a long black Jacket the same length as her dress, her now purple her in a high ponytail, and her favourite type of heels, Naked Wolf platform heels to match and a lilac bag, she was going to the physical school like every normal college students to get her results, she had just completed her online studies as a cyber security student and was going to claim her result, she had to go without any disguise, well except her hair.

Her Uber driver already waiting for her at the parking lot, she got in and the car zoomed off, aware of eyes watching her with curiosity.


"Boss, ...we... Missed h...."

" Again! Don't fvcking come back without her!" George Fredrik yelled into the phone before the call disconnected. He was breathing hard in anger, just when he thought he had won!

He picked up the phone and called a number.

"Kill the Boy... He should be at school now, make it neat" he ordered into the phone, the person on the call already got the full message.

A Billionaire family recently disagreed with Lone Wolves, he ordered to kill the Family Leader's favourite grandchild to cause misunderstanding.

If he, George Fredrik is not happy, his enemy can't be......


Audrey got back to her condo with her certificate, she wondered if she would ever be able to live like a normal growing lady, when she would walk around like every normal person without worrying about those Wolves pouncing on her, without having to alter her appearance every time she changed her location.

Thinking about it, this is the first time in a while she's walking about in her natural face, she felt bored just sitting and doing nothing, the unnamed person she used to play the game of ' build and destroy '  with has been ghosting her for a while now, and she was not in the mood to hack some secret files off some dangerous organisation's web to mess with them.

' shopping!'


Ethan Lincoln knew some people were after him, he quickly thought of the best place to go before he could request backup from his grandfather.

He swerved into the Mall parking lot and hurried out of the car, he ran straight into the female clothing section, his face had a calm expression but he was scared inside, his panic attack was about to kick in, and his vision blurred with tears, a strick of purple flashed his eyes as warm soft fingers laced around his wrist, he felt a pull before he could fall into full panic attack...