I Become A CEO After Divorce

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River Bates


They had been married for five years. She is thinking that one day he will fall in love with her. But she didn't expect that he would not only divorce her, but also fall in love with his first love! She signed the divorce agreement and left the house, breaking off with him. But when she only wants to make money for her career, he just want to chase her. She looked at the man who appeared in front of her again and again for various reasons, "Do you remember that we are divorced?"   The man handed the marriage certificate to her, "No, you are still my wife."

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Chapter 1 Did You Never Really Love Me?

Outside the window, thunder rumbled, and heavy rain poured down.

The atmosphere in the room was both charged with tension and subdued.

Yanis Thompson looked at the man pressing her against the bed and asked in a hoarse voice, "Zane..."

His voice was clear and cold as he replied, "What's wrong?"

The air seemed scorching to Yanis, and with a flushed face, she couldn't help but frown.

"Did you ever truly love me?" she asked.

The man stared at her blushing face with his deep, mysterious eyes. "Yanis, is this really the time to ask that?" he said, sounding somewhat annoyed.

Before Yanis could say anything, the man got up and left.

He stood in the doorway, looking down at Yanis with a condescending expression. "I thought we could spend the last night together peacefully, but it seems you don't want that."

His harsh words cast a shadow of despair over Yanis.

All her desire and passion for him were gone, leaving only a sense of disillusionment.

Zane Lawrence picked up the clothes he had thrown aside and glanced at Yanis again. "Well then, I should leave, and I'll ask Albi to bring the papers for you to sign tomorrow."

Without hesitation, Zane walked out before Yanis could say anything.

The door slammed shut, pushing Yanis into a pit of despair.

As expected, she could never win Zane's heart.

Zane's first love was an actress named Neve Bennett, and he loved her deeply. However, tragedy struck when Neve's car skidded on a slippery road and plunged into the sea in Manches City. She was seriously injured and had to go abroad for further treatment.

The Lawrence family disapproved of Neve and believed she wasn't a suitable match for Zane. After Neve went abroad, they kept setting up blind dates for Zane. To avoid the trouble, Zane turned to Yanis.

Yanis and Zane were classmates back in middle school. While they weren't close friends, they were more than mere acquaintances. Zane had always been slightly closer to Yanis than to others.

Since middle school, Yanis had a crush on Zane and dreamt of marrying him and becoming his wife.

So when Zane proposed marriage, she agreed without hesitation.

Yanis knew that Zane loved Neve, and it seemed impossible for him to forget her.

Yet, she still chose to marry him.

The Thompsons knew that they were no match for the Lawrences in wealth and power, and they understood the hardships Yanis might face as Zane's wife. As a result, they strongly opposed Yanis' decision.

But Yanis was determined to marry Zane, even if it meant severing ties with her family.

Consequently, the once noble young lady became a dutiful wife, taking care of household chores and her husband.

In her mind, with her devotion and loyalty, Zane would eventually fall for her.

Unfortunately, five years had passed, and Zane remained cold towards her, let alone in love.

Now, Neve was back, and it was time for Yanis to leave.

She was tired of being Mrs. Lawrence.

The rain continued all night.

It only stopped when dawn approached.

Yanis had a sleepless night, and her eyes were slightly swollen, with bloodshot edges.

The phone on the bedside table rang.

It was Albi, Zane's capable assistant.

Yanis reached for the phone and answered, "Hello?"

Her voice sounded hoarse, and she noticed it as soon as she spoke.

Albi, on the other end of the line, seemed surprised.

After a few seconds of silence, Albi, in his usual business-like tone, said, "Mrs. Lawrence, are you available this morning?"

Yanis sat up and stared into space for a moment before replying, "Yes."

Then she paused and asked, "Zane asked you to contact me about the papers, didn't he?"

Albi replied, "Yes."

Yanis knew exactly what Albi wanted to convey.

After five years of trying to win Zane's heart, it was futile.

So she decided to give up.

Yanis got out of bed and said softly, "Albi, please tell Zane I'll be waiting for him at the coffee shop across from your company in an hour."

Albi hesitated for a moment and said, "Okay, I'll inform Mr. Lawrence."

Yanis hung up the phone without saying anything else.


An hour later, Yanis parked her car in front of the cafe across from the Lawrence Group's building.

As she was about to turn off the engine and get out of the car, her phone rang.

It was her good friend Bonnie Cooke.

"Yanis, don't forget about the award ceremony today."

Yanis replied, "I know."

"What's wrong with your voice? Did you catch a cold?" Bonnie asked with concern.

Yanis cleared her throat. "I had too much cold wine last night, and the air conditioning didn't help. My throat is sore."

"Did you ask Zane to take care of you?"

"He's too busy."

Bonnie snorted. "He should make time for you."

Yanis turned off the engine and said, "You..."

Before Yanis could finish her sentence, she saw Zane and Neve walking out of the dessert store across the street. Yanis felt her eyes welling up again.

Prince and princess.

"What were you saying?" Bonnie's voice came over the phone.

Yanis said, "Nothing. I have a few things to do now. See you."

"Don't forget about the award ceremony," Bonnie reminded her.

Yanis didn't reply but hung up the phone.

Zane was handsome, and Neve was beautiful. They caught everyone's attention when they stood together.

As Yanis looked at them, she sneered, wondering why she had once tried to replace Neve in Zane's heart.

When Zane glanced her way, Yanis didn't avoid his gaze. Instead, she pushed the car door open and stepped out.

She walked gracefully toward Zane and Neve, looking at Zane and saying, "I can leave if you're not available or want to schedule another appointment."

Zane met her gaze and said firmly, "No."

Then he looked at Neve, who stood beside him, and said in a soft voice, "I'll walk you to the car first. I have something else to attend to."

Neve smiled at Yanis. "You must be Miss Thompson, right?"

Yanis extended her hand. "Yes. Nice to meet you, Miss Bennett."

As Neve reached out to shake her hand, Zane suddenly grabbed Neve's wrist. "It's too windy here. You should get into the car."

Neve smiled sweetly. "Zane, I'm not that delicate."

Zane tugged at Neve's clothes. "I'm worried about you. Just get into the car with me."