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Camilla West was once from the powerful and prominent West pack. She lived a simple life and was a young girl full of passion but their fall from grace saw her lose everything that she ever dreamt of. From being the daughter of the powerful alpha Luke to the unwanted and hated omega! But what she did not see coming was the rejection from her one and only mate alpha Lennox, the alpha of the Crawford pack and the CEO of the Crawford corporation.

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chapter 001

Chapter one

Camilla's POV…

I was on the first floor, looking at the people having fun on the ground floor without any expression on my face. The atmosphere was lively but not even for one second did I feel that it was a place I belonged. What I felt in my heart was emptiness and nothing could shake up my emotions.

Had it been a few years ago, I would have been excited, but now looking at all the liveliness, I felt that I was in a totally different world. A world devoid of emotions and full of darkness, that was where I belong.

If I had another choice, I would not have shown up at this party even if it killed me. But thinking about my sick grandfather, who only had me as his family, I had to still my heart and do what is expected of me. Even if it meant going through another hell of rejection, I had to at least try for the sake of my grandfather.

People streamed in from all kinds of background. Others were just there to have fun while others were there to find their mates. Others just wanted to make connections and expand their business and their packs. I, on the other hand thought that I was the only eyesore in this huge building.

As I was still feeling sorry for myself, I saw the figure of the person I have been waiting for. Lenox entered the room with a woman by his side. They were conversing and he looked at the woman with a gentle gaze, full of love and affection. The woman was snuggling in his arms and she seemed to be having the time of her life.

I thought that I was already used to such a scene and I won’t feel a thing after seeing them. It had been sometime since Lenox rejected me. Although my heart would hurt like hell every time I thought about it, I have been fooling myself that I already let go after not seeing him for a long time. But seeing how loving the two were, I still felt a stifling feeling in my heart.

It was squeezing the air out in my lungs and I was starting to find it hard to even breath. My lips trembled slightly and I almost broke the tea cup in my hands.

But thinking about my grandfather who was now in the ICU and who required an urgent kidney transplant, I forced my eyes shut and took a deep breath to calm the beast in me that was threatening to wreak havoc.

‘‘You can do it Camilla. Although we are hurting pretty badly, but we can do it. We are stronger than you think.’’ I heard the calming voice of my wolf, and magically, my heart became was calm as the toad in the sun.

When Lenox rejected me, my wolf Isabela was the most hurt. Since it was the mate bond being broken, the pain that Isabela felt was far worse than any physical pain I have ever felt in my entire life. Even my parents passing away did not feel so painful like when Lenox uttered those words in his cold voice.

“Thank you, Isa, I will make my move now!”

I was wearing a long marron dress which was from the last season. Just getting this dress was not easy. I had spent a lot of effort and tireless begging to get it from my cousin.

Since my parents passed away and grandfather fell ill, everything in my world crumbled. The world that I knew which was once filled with love had so vastly changed. The daughter of an alpha had become an omega and no one gave a damn!

I descended the stairs nervously. Although in my heart I knew that I was probably sending myself in another hell, I pumped myself with courage and made my way downstairs.

Lenox was already toasting to some people who had already gone to him to strike a conversation. He was the young master of the Crawford family and he had just announced Elisa as his mate, they were currently the hottest couple in town and everyone wanted to be connected with them.

“Congratulations for finding such a beautiful mate!” someone said as he raised his glass to Lenox.

“Thank you!” Lenox smiled humbly and drunk the wine in his glass in one gulp.

Elisa on the other hand was blushing as she buried her face deep in Lenox’s chest.

“Ha ha, I never knew that the top socialite of our beautiful city is so shy!” the man chuckled when he saw Elisa's blushing face.

Elisa Martin was among the top socialites in the city. She was every man’s dream of a wife and when other young masters heard that their goddess was already taken, they were disappointed but there was nothing they could do.

Lenox eyes turned into a gentle pool when he heard the man. He smiled and hugged Elisa tightly, drawing her closer to him.

I just so happened to look over at that very moment when the two were in the mode public display of affection. I balled my hands into fists. How I wished that I could just turn around and run away. I did not have the courage to face them, but since I have already taken the first step, then there was no chance of me turning back. Grandfather was counting on me.

I grabbed a glass of wine from the waiter who was passing by and swayed my hips as I walked towards Lenox and Elisa. I did not want to feel inferior thus I raised my neck and walked in an upright manner to boost my confidence.

“Well, how fortunate of me to be able to toast to the newest couple in town.” I said the moment I reached Lenox's side. I had a small smile plastered on my thin lips and no one could tell for sure what I was thinking.

I saw that the moment Lenox heard my voice, his face which had been gentle and full of indulgence turned cold and dark like the bottom of the pot.

Elisa too had an unnatural look on her face when she heard my voice. She turned around and looked at me. But her face turned to one of indifference when she saw the dress I was wearing. Her uneasiness vanished in thin air and the light in her eyes turned smug. And I knew for certain that she was already mocking me and laughing at me to the highest heavens.

“What do you want?” Lenox asked in a low voice. He did not even have the time to say hi or ask how I am doing? He really is a heartless man.

“Can’t I even say hi to an old acquittance?” I asked while laughing in self-mockery. But I was surprised by how calm I was. I had thought that I will start crying the moment I laid my eyes on him, but I was very calm and composed, even managing to smile.

“What do you want?” Lenox repeated again in a low voice, but this time his voice carried a hint of threat.

Actually, not a lot of people knew that we were once mates. Only our two families and a handful of friends were aware of our relationship. Every time I told him to go public about us, Lenox would always say that it was not the right time. He would always say that he was still trying to figure out everything and he wanted to give me the best!

Hah! The best in deed. The best rejection ever!

I was a fool to believe that he actually loved me. I was busy pouring my heart to him like a dumb person I was and he on the other hand was busy having fun with the love of his life!

“My grandfather is dying and I need money for the kidney and surgery.” I said in a calm voice. The moment my words fell, I saw how frosty his face became and I knew it was not the time to play games. I also did not want to play games with. The earlier I was done with it, the better.

‘‘Hah, Camilla, and what made you think that I will help you? I already told you that we have nothing to do with each other, were you not listening?” I heard him utter in an extremely cold voice. It was a good thing that we were only the three of us so no one heard him.

I felt blood rushing in my face and even without looking in the mirror, I knew how pale my face looked at the moment. But I was not about to give up. This was my only chance to save my grandfather.

If even he was not willing to help, then I would better go and dye beside my grandfather.

“Could you help me considering our past relationship? If I had a choice, I would not have shown myself in front of you, trust me.” I tried to sound as composed as I could but the tremble in my voice could not be suppressed.

“Our past relationship? What relationship are you possibly talking about? Camilla don’t play tricks with me!” Lenox warned.

I was astonished and I could not believe my ears. Lenox words were like a bomb exploding in my mind, leaving me disoriented.

“Lenox…….” I whispered in a small voice. I could not believe that Lenox has just denied ever sharing a relationship with me!