Wolves, Maces, And Blood

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Five years ago, he was set up and thrown into prison for no reason at all. And after five years, he was back, but as King Wolf this time. To everyone's surprise, he got married almost immediately after he was back to the city, and became a super daddy. He loved his daughter and wife so much... and this is their story.


Chapter 1 General Wolf

The iron gates of the Hilshire detention center were opened.

“Come on!”

“Put them surrounded!”

Dozens of burly men who had been waiting in the square outside immediately rushed up and surrounded the iron gate.

Today, eight ex-cons were out of jail.

The prisoner walking in front was dumbfounded.

What was going on?

Dozens of burly men in uniform black suits stood with their hands clasped and their faces grim. It was clearly not nice people.

At the head was a middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was holding a photo and comparing it with the prisoners coming out of the prison, as if he was looking for someone. It made the prisoners sweat on their foreheads and wonder, “Is it possible that the people who came out of prison with us had enemies of these people?”

It was such a bad luck to be revenged as soon as you got out of prison!

So, each of them ran faster than the other.

In two minutes.

Sean Mason was the last one out of the prison after the first seven inmates had left, and he closed the iron gate. He glanced at the scene outside the door, his face as flat as water. “Are you looking for me?” he asked.

“The Young Mr. Mason!”

The pupil of the middle - aged man at the head shrank suddenly.

Dozens of people around also became tense in an instant, as if facing a big enemy. They stare intently at Sean Mason’s every move, ready to pounce and take him down.

But Sean Mason didn’t seem to see it.

“Don’t call me the Young Mr. Mason.”

Sean Mason shook his head, passing the middle-aged man, “I was not the Young Mr. Mason from the moment I was framed and thrown out of the Mason family five years ago.”

The middle-aged man put his hand over Sean Mason’s chest, blocking his way.

“The Young Mr. Mason, whether you admit it or not, you have the blood of The Mason family running through you. The Old Mrs. Mason has ordered us to bring you back to the Capital City to meet her…” With that, he winked at the burly men around him.

Immediately, dozens of people swarmed and the encirclement shrank rapidly.

He was packed like sardines.

Not even a fly could get out, let alone a person.

“What if I say no?”

Sean Mason showed no fear, but his eyes suddenly turned cold and he snorted, “Did the old woman tell you what you were to do if I refused?”

“Bring you to her. Dead or alive.”

The middle-aged man turned and made eye contact with Sean Mason, not trying to hide his murderous look.

To kill him? They dared!

Moreover, with the Mason family’s influence in the Capital City, even if they did take Sean Mason’s body back, they would not have to bear any consequences.


Sean Mason paused, then smiled.

The smile was a little sad.

Five years ago, Sean Mason was the Young Mr. Mason of the Mason family in the capital city. The Old Mr. Mason loved him very much and trained him as the future heir of the Mason family. Moreover, he engaged the daughter of the Porter family in the Capital City and had a promising future.

However, things changed.

The Old Mr. Mason died, and the Old Mrs. Mason took power.

Contrary to the Old Mr. Mason, the Old Mrs. Mason disliked Sean Mason from childhood. Because Sean Mason’s mother was from Hilshire, and her family was just a small and humble family in Hilshire.

They were no match for each other!

In the eyes of the Old Mrs. Mason, Sean Mason’s mother was just a wild woman clinging to the Mason family, while Sean Mason was just a wild child born by a wild woman, unworthy of inheriting the Mason family’s industry.

He didn't even deserve to be a Mason!

When Sean Mason returned to Hilshire with his mother five years ago, a strange woman appeared in his bed and was seen by the Mason family, who sent him to prison for rape!

And when Sean Mason returned to Hilshire with his mother five years ago, a strange woman appeared in his bed and was caught red-handed by the Mason family, who sent him to prison for rape.

His mother was heartbroken but helpless. She returned to the Capital City and knelt in front of the Mason family for three days and nights, begging the Old Mrs. Mason to spare Sean Mason’s life. She was taken to hospital three days later, but died.

Five years! It had been five years!

Sean Mason’s fate didn’t fade away, and the Old Mrs. Mason did not intend to let him go. The minute he walked out of prison, she wanted him dead!

“The Young Mr. Mason, come with us.”

In this situation, Sean Mason had no room to fight. The middle-aged man called him “The Young Mr. Mason,” but the tone of his voice and the expression on his face were not respectful at all, “After you come back to the Capital City, if you can kneel in front of the Mason family and repent like your mother, maybe the Old Mrs. Mason’s kindness will give you a way to live.”

In the eyes of middle-aged men, Sean Mason looked like a pathetic dog now.

“A way to live?”

Sean Mason’s eyes were as cold as a knife. He looked straight into the middle-aged man’s eyes and said quietly, “Unfortunately, even if you kneel before me to repent, I will not give you a way to live!”


At that moment, the middle-aged man’s body suddenly bowed into a shrimp. He flew up like a cannonball, and knocked over several burly men behind him on the spot.

Suddenly, everyone was numb.

Sean Mason was too fast.

It was so fast that no one could see what he was doing, only to feel the darkness in front of their eyes and collapse.

“You! How dare you!”

The middle-aged man spat out a mouthful of muddy blood, covering his stomach and struggling for a long time, but failed to stand up. He howled, “Come on! Kill him! I want him dead! If anything happens, I’ll take it!”

Dozens of people around him recovered and began to attack Sean Mason with fists.


But just then there was another dull thud. One of the burly men had barely raised his fist in the air when a gaping hole of blood appeared on his wrist.

Blood spattered on other people’s faces.

All of them froze again.

That was a gunshot!

And what pierced that burly man’s wrist in an instant was a real bullet!

“Stop this fucking shit! Anyone who moves will die!”

The roar came from a distance.

The burly men unconsciously turned their heads. Across the otherwise empty street, dozens of dark green military jeeps lined up in a long line and roared.

In each jeep, several soldiers in camouflage uniforms stood side by side, each armed with an assault rifle.

The scene was very impressive!

“Round them all up!”

In the blink of an eye, dozens of jeeps parked in the square outside the prison. All the soldiers jumped out of the car and placed three more layers around the big men. They picked up their assault rifles, with their dark muzzle aimed at the heads of the burly men.

Purr! Purr! Purr…

It was eerily quiet, save for the sound of their frantic swallowing.

These burly men were trained by the Mason family as bodyguards. They were brave and had done a lot of killing and stealing. But they were still outnumbered by the heavily armed regulars.

A normal person would have wet his pants at the sight.

“You, you guys…”

The middle-aged man lying on the ground was livid, his back clothes soaked with cold sweat. “Who are you guys? Is there some kind of misunderstanding? We’re bodyguards for the Mason family of the Capital City.” He said in disbelief.

The Capital City! The Mason family!

The middle-aged man’s eyes locked on the middle-aged general who just gave orders, hoping that the name of the Mason family of the capital city could play a role.

The middle-aged general carried a star on his shoulder, which was the rank of major general.

However, the general did not take a good look at the middle-aged man. Heeding the middle-aged man’s words, he walked up to Sean Mason, saluted courageously, and said guiltily, “General Wolf, I’m sorry I’m late.”