Why Me

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Cara Delevingne is the world's richest teenager, she has all the cars someone could dream of and all the friends someone could ask for, but there is something that Cara has to deal with that causes her to be closed off and not let people in. Will her secret make her lose everything she ever had? All Cara could say is Why Me.Kendall Jenner is poor, she always has been so for her its normal to skip meals to pay the bills. Kendall only has one friend, her best friend Taylor. They have been best friends since they were born Kendall's mom and Taylor's mom went to high school together and had her and Taylor on the same day, but Kendall's family problems make her ask Why Me.

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Part 1

-Author's Note- Just like my other story on here, this story was made back in 2016. So, some of the things you read may be confusing or weird for the time we are in. Hope you enjoy it. Names were changed due to legal reasons.

*Cara's pov*

I'm Cara Dele. I'm 17 years old and I'm super-rich like I'm the world's richest kid. My family owns over one thousand big companies and well over one million small company's. I sometimes work in my dad's offices because he said I have to work to get my money. Every penny I have is because I've earned it over the years. My dad loves me with all his heart and he shows it but on the other hand, my mom says she loves me but the things she says to me would say otherwise. She's just old fashion and needs time to deal with it but its been 17 years I would have thought she would accept me by now. Enough about my family.

I was born in England so I have a British accent which the ladies love. Oh and I'm gay. I've known since I was about ten when I kissed my friend, she was really hot and we dated for about a week and then got bored. Normally that's how childhood relationships go. It's a week tops because we don't know what we're doing.

My dating life is about that same now because I normally get drunk and sleep with a girl and move on. If the girl gives me any problems of wanting a relationship I will pay her one grand so she keeps her mouth shut. The girls always brag that they got to sleep with me but they don't go into detail because if they did shit would go down.

Now my secret. I've had this thing with me since I was born and it confused everyone because there is nobody out there like me. My mom and dad always said never to tell anyone because it would fuck up the company so for me that meant I couldn't be in a normal relationship. Not like I wanted to, I'm more of a one-time thing type of girl. Anyways, this thing takes a big toll on me especially when I was 15 because of all my hormones. Shit was crazy.

I didn't get the monthly lady shit that other girls get which is a gift from God, but I had to deal with my secret becoming noticeable and may I tell you it is hard to hide. So by now, you're probably thinking of things that it could be and you may be wrong or you may be right. My secret is...