Two Alphas One Luna

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As Alpha Valdo came out the shower with a towel around him, he noticed that she was still naked in his bed. He asked her; "Why are you still here in my bed?!" She appeared confused and said, "We're married, and I just gave myself to you!" He scoffed and responded coldly, "It was a mistake. I slept with you because I was feeling aroused, nothing more. Now, please leave and go to your room." He callously broke her heart without showing any remorse, treating her as if she were a cheap whore instead of his cherished partner, his luna.



Alpha Valdo Dawson's POV

I left my fancy office in one of the tallest buildings in town. I own the whole building. When I got in the elevator, one of my neighbors was already inside. She's a woman in her 40s, but she's really good in bed. She's the only woman I've slept with more than three times.

Her fancy mansion is very close to my castle-like home.

She told me she has a husband, and she asked me to keep our secret affair quiet, which was fine by me. I didn't want any commitments and wasn't interested in chasing women. She knew that if she caused trouble, I would tell her husband everything. Especially that I discovered her husband is my beta.

She started getting a bit clingy though. She kept showing up everywhere I went and calling/texting me all the time. This was starting to mess up our sexual relationship. So I had decided to end things with her by the weekend.

But here she was, standing in front of me in the elevator. I felt she deserved what was coming, but part of me wondered if I should give her one last round of sex for old time's sake.

Honestly, I'm only in my early 30s, but I look very manly next to any woman, even a 40-year-old like her. I didn't get bored of her body, but I worried she might cause a scandal. She was always asking for more.

The elevator doors closed and she wrapped her arms around my neck, licking her lips. I frowned and pushed her hands off me. "What now? I told you not to come here!" I said sternly.

She pushed her hands inside my shirt and said in a sexy voice, "but I've missed you. I want you to have sex with me, right here."

I raised my eyebrows and rolled my eyes. "What? Here? Now? This is an elevator!"

She shrugged and stood on her tiptoes, licking the corner of my mouth slowly. With a loud moan, she said, "You taste good, daddy. I want more." She then pulled my hand between her legs, showing me she wasn't wearing any underwear.

I slapped her private area gently. "You're a bad woman. You need punishment," I said, before leaning down and biting her lips roughly. I flipped her around and pushed her against the wall, pulling up her dress and spreading her butt cheeks wide. "Daddy will punish you now, you bad girl," I whispered in her ear.

She seemed to enjoy my touch, and I could feel how wet she was, craving my penis. I couldn't blame her husband for not satisfying her - even if he had sex with her daily, it would never be enough. She needed a big penis like mine.

I continued touching and grabbing her roughly, until I noticed she hadn't pushed the emergency stop button. I did it myself so no one else would use this elevator. I ripped her dress and squeezed her breasts aggressively. "Girl, I'll have sex with you until your private area bleeds. Or should I do your butt first?" I growled, licking her neck.

She moaned excitedly and begged me to just have sex with her however I wanted. I pushed three fingers into her private area, moving them in and out roughly. Even though I was tired, I couldn't resist this woman.

I pulled my fingers out and pushed my penis into her butt instead.

She winced in pain, but I ignored her pleas to go slower. I was too busy trying to forget about my love interest by taking out my frustrations on her. I had sex with her hard, pulling her hair and cursing at her.

Eventually, I turned her around and entered her private area. She moaned in pleasure. I leaned down and bit her nipples as I pounded her. Her screams filled the elevator.

But when I was close to climaxing, I couldn't do it. All I could think about was my love. I couldn't bring myself to finish inside her. I just pushed her away.

She tried to get me to let her give me oral sex, but I had no interest. I just pushed the button for the parking lot and stormed out, telling her I never wanted to see her face again. "If you dare show up in front of me again, I'll tell your husband."

I warned her and I left, intending to go take the virginity of my love interest that night.