Their Wife

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Ralph grabbed one of her thighs and hooked it over his arm as he leaned over her and re-entered her again. "Oh-J-Jesu-" she cried out before Ralph slapped his hand over her mouth. "Tsk-tsk," he hissed. "The gods aren't fucking you. The devil is.” There was no time for her to reply, as Alexei forcefully seized the back of her head and yanked it backwards. "Look how helpless you are... you fucking love it, don't you, wife?" he growled. "Come on, любовь. Beg." **** I loved them more than I hated them. And that scared me more than anything. They came to me in the night, cruel, darkly handsome men from the most dangerous corners of the world in name of helping me in my worst time. I should’ve known better that peace in this world come with a price. Price of my freedom. They tormented me, destroyed me, ripping apart my world with their quest for revenge. Two years ago, I met them. In our first meeting, I was betrothed to them. Now they’ve come to claim me, destroying anyone standing in their way. Even me. I fear them, I hate them, and worse of all I couldn’t escape them.

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My temple tingled at the sensation of cold lips, carrying a faint aroma of patchouli, rosewood, and smoke. "Rest, Schmetterling. We're almost there," spoke a deep and haunting voice that seemed dangerously familiar. Despite my attempts, my heavy eyelids and body refused to respond. I struggled to speak, yet my mouth remained paralyzed.

Gentle and strong hands guided me to rest upon a smooth and warm surface. My head was positioned on something elevated, feeling the presence of firm muscles beneath me - someone's lap. My heart rate quickened, and amidst my slow and confused thoughts, I realized this was not a normal situation. A vague memory reminded me of additional details—darkness, a needle, and the return of my nightmare.

My body immediately sensed the threat, and my mind not functioning properly. My heart rate intensified as adrenaline surfaced in my veins. With great difficulty, I blinked and opened my heavy lids. Even though my vision was blurry, I couldn’t miss the dark features hovering over me. Pair of midnight-dark eyes matched the darkness surrounding me. This…this couldn’t be. I could recognize his cruelly handsome face anywhere, how could I not, my nightmare was embracing me in his arms.

“Close your eyes, Schmetterling. Don’t fight it.” Kilian Schmidt murmured. His deep voice held both threat and promise as he gently cocooned my head in his neck. His fingers ran through my hair gently, massaging away the throbbing pain in my skull. “I told you, you can not escape me. You can not escape ‘us’.”

I wanted to let out a cry but it seemed more difficult. The edges of his calloused hands ran through my long strands as his palm rested under my chin. I shuddered at his touch. His hands. Hands that have killed many today. For two years, I dreaded this moment, and finally, It was here. They were here. For me.

To claim me.

Another equally dangerously erotic voice entered my ears. It sounded distant.

“Don’t cry,” my other tormentor said, brushing away the little hope I held onto for two whole years. “There’s no escape now. You know that.”

Yes, I did. Nothing and no one could help me now.