The kidnappers of the sexy Greek gods

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PROLOGUE : Being cheated on is the worst feeling ever. When I called my best friend Kyrn and told her what happened between me and Brett, she came over straight away. I always told her that I wished I would find a person that would love me and not just want sex all the time like most guys do. It turns out, that I would be getting my wish tonight. Tonight was the night that my best friend and I were kidnapped from my house by sexy Greek god kidnappers.

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« Time out ! » The umpire yelled.

I got up and ran to my best friend Kyrn who was at the pitcher’s mound.

« Okay Kyrn. You got this. The count is three-two. There are two outs so far with a runner on third base. All we need is one more strike and we win the championships ! » I said trying to encourage her.

She nodded her head and gave me a nervous smile. « Thanks. »

I smiled at her brightly in reassurance. « Anytime. »

I ran to the plate and crouched waiting for her pitch. I looked at my coach and he gave me the sign for an inside ball. I quickly repeated the sign for Kyrn and she nodded. She pitched it and the batter ticked it causing it to shoot straight up in the air. I threw my catcher’s helmet off and ran over to Kyrn was.

« Mine ! » Kyrn yelled. The first baseman and I went to her sides just in case she missed it.

She caught the ball and everyone jumped up cheering.

« We won ! » I yelled as I jumped on Kyrn. She laughed and tried to balance herself so we both didn’t fall over in the sand.

« Northwestern High wins the championship ! Northwestern High Wild Cats are your new 2013 softball champions ! » The announcer shouted excitedly.

The team ran out in the middle of the diamond and jumped on one another screaming and shouting, praising one another on doing a good job throughout the softball season.

« Captains, would you like to do the honors ? » One of our teammates asked handing us the Gatorade jug. Kyrn and I looked at each other and smiled.

« Yes please, » I said taking it.

Kyrn and I walked to the coach and dumped it on him. We busted out laughing while he jumped around.

Once he saw Kyrn and I laughing, he calmed down and smiled while shaking his head. « I’m really going to miss you two girls. »

« Don’t worry. I’m so coming back next season and helping you coach, » I said with a big smile.

« Me too. Duh ! » Kyrn said.

« Good, » our coach said, pulling us into hugs.

Kyrn and I both shrieked as our jerseys became soaked with blue Gatorade.

« Sam. Dad and I are leaving now for Italy. Okay ? » my mom said as she walked over to us.

« Same here Kyrn. Now remember we left out debit card at Sam’s house along with your clothes. We will be back in two months. Behave you two, » Kyrn’s mom said smiling.

« We will mother, » Kyrn said with a smile.

Kyrn and I get to have my house for two months by ourselves. I know a lot of you are wondering that is kind of stupid to leave two eighteen-year-old girls alone for two months, but my parents think it will teach us responsibility since we will be in college next year. They want us to see what it is like living by ourselves. Kyrn and I haven’t decided if we wanted to buy an apartment, or still live at home when we go to college. But my parents said by doing this, it will help us choose.

Kyrn and I giggled as we mocked our parents’ lectures about how we need to behave and not talk to strangers. You know the stuff that your parents tell you a million times a day. Or at least ten times before you walk out the door to go hang out with friends.

My mom lightly smacked the back of my head when we got to the car. « I saw that. »

« Bye Mom, bye Dad. Love you guys, » I said, giving them both hugs and kisses with a sly smile.

« Remember to call us every day, » my mom said sternly before getting in the car.

I nodded just to satisfy her. I knew she was serious and would probably come back and hunt me down if I didn’t tell her what I was doing every moment of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom, but she is so strict. But I know that she is like that because she loves me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kyrn and I waved until our parents were gone before we both started screaming in excitement.

« I think a shopping trip is in need sometime this week. I mean like seriously, we both have debit cards now, » I said while pulling mine out of my wallet.

« I know. But you better hurry and go take a shower if you want to surprise Brett for your two-year anniversary, » she said smiling.

« Oh shit. I’m going to be late ! » I cussed as I checked my phone. I can’t be late for this. I had a huge surprise for him and I don’t want to mess this up !

We both ran to my car and jumped in.

« What did you get him ? » she asked as she buckled up and I put the car in drive.

« He loves getting his picture taken with me, so I got him a picture frame with his favorite picture of us in it, and tickets to see the Green Bay Packers. I don’t know why he likes the Packers. I’m more of a Vikings fan myself, » I said teasingly.

« You and football, » she said, shaking her head at me as she rested her elbow on the window.

« What ? You like the Steelers, » I retorted.

« This is true, » she laughed in defeat.

The car ride home consisted of us trying to out-do each other about listing off some of our favorite teams’ highlights.

We finally made it to her house and I dropped Kyrn off and went home.

After getting ready ; which didn’t take very long, I hopped back in my car.

I arrived at Brett’s house in ten minutes and quickly made sure I looked presentable before unbuckling my seatbelt and making my way to the front door.

‘Is he home ?’ I thought.

I called out, but no one responded.

« Hmm, » I hummed, as I closed the door and walked into his living room.

I heard some noise upstairs which made me smile in excitement as I ran up the stairs with his present in my hands. I can’t wait to give it to him !

I tiptoed over to his door. I wanted this to be a surprise.

And oh boy. Was I right ? What I saw next was a surprise.

« Hey Brett, I got- oh my gosh, » I said as the last part came out in a whisper.

When I walked in, I noticed a very naked Brett, on top of a very naked Tasha, and they were all up in each other’s grill.

« I love you Tasha, » he said, leaning down and kissing her. I cleared my throat and he quickly looked up. When his eyes landed on me with my arms crossed, they widened. « Oh my gosh. Sam baby, when did you get here ? » he asked quickly as he got off Tasha.

« Hey Sam, I was just uh-«  Tasha started but I cut her off.

« Shut up, » I said as she quickly looked down and wrapped the sheets around herself tighter.

I look at the picture and grabbed the tickets off of the picture frame before I threw it on the ground.

Tasha gasped and shielded her eyes as glass flew across the room.

« Happy two-year-anniversary, boyfriend, » I spat as he looked at me with so much regret. I held both football tickets and ripped them in his face. His eyes widened. « Go to hell, » I said before I ran out of there.

I heard his footsteps following me and I rushed to my car and locked it with him banging on my windows.

« Sam ! » he cried as he held the sheets around his waist tighter so they wouldn’t fall down. « Sam, please ! Let me explain. »

I ignored him and turned my car on while putting it in reverse. I hit the gas pedal and watched as Brett jumped back so he didn’t get run over.