The Nerd Mafia Empress

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A story about a girl who have a many secrets . A girl who was a fighter inside and out . A girl who was known to be a Nerd . A girl who was known in underworld as a Mafia Empress. " In an unexpected event . I didn't know that my life will turn upside down "- Sakura

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Chapter 0 : Introduction

Today is the first day of school in St Fanazi Academy where Elite and Scholarship student meet . Let’s see what’s new today ? Meeting up your friends ? your long time friends ? .

I was walking alone in the hallway since all the students was already inside their classroom , want to know why I’m the only one walking alone in this hallway ? . Of course , it’s because I’m freaking late right now ! . In this school I was known as Nerdy Girl not a nerd scholar since I was born from Elite . You can say that , we are rich but my style was something like a nerd ? . I dressed up as a Nerd , the one you always saw in the movie . Dressing up a nerd style , the one one who wore a 7 inches below the knee skirt with a pony tail and with matching eye glass .

The hallway was too quiet , you cant hear any noise if it is class time .

First day of school but late comer ? . Oh come on ! what an unlucky day I have ! arrrghhh ! . I was being emotional for being late that I forgot to introduce my name , right ! what a day ! but first let me introduce myself .

Im Psyche Sakura Takahashi 15 years of existence my birthplace is in Japan . People call me Sakura and I have 1 sister and 1 brother . I have a secret that no one knows . Im Sakura and Im the Heiress of Mafia . I was known as DEATH SCYTHE .

Ever since I was a kid , I was trained in different kinds of weapons and even martial arts . I was born in unexpected event . Im not your typical cold queen , I just want to feel what normal life is .

In unexpected event , I didn’t know that my life will turn upside down .