As I drove, my body quivered with tension. The man beside me remained silent, yet the atmosphere around him exuded an intense and brooding energy. When the car finally came to a halt, I found myself frozen in place.

My heart skipped a beat when he opened the door, and I anxiously awaited his reaction. However, he simply stepped out of the car, leaving the door to close behind him. A profound silence settled in.

Relief flooded over me, causing my body to slump against the back of the car seat. I let out a sigh, knowing I was safe. After a few more minutes of waiting, I mustered the courage to climb to my knees and peered outside through the tinted window.

To my astonishment, I gasped, my eyes widening in sheer shock. The view beyond the window stole my breath away. A sight of unparalleled beauty unfolded before me.

A long, circular driveway stretched ahead, flanked by majestic pine trees and adorned with tall red glass garden stakes. Surrounding a grand fountain in the center of the driveway were exquisite shrubs. The central fountain, a mesmerizing sight, boasted glazed ceramic tiles and was encircled by vibrant flowers.

In the distance, I could see a stretch of trees that continued along the lengthy driveway, leading toward the imposing main gate. The tranquility of this place was palpable.

Convinced that I was alone, I swiftly opened the car door and stepped out. When I had left my father's estate, darkness still enveloped the surroundings, with dawn slowly approaching. But now, the sunlight dazzled me with its brilliance. I winced and had to blink several times to adjust to the glaring brightness.

As I turned around, I found myself at a loss for words. This estate seemed far more expensive than my father's. White marble pillars graced the entrance to the mansion, while silver-domed towers and intricate stonework adorned the walls. The massive wooden double door alone must have cost a fortune, exceeding my wildest imagination.

My father had always been affluent, but I had never encountered anything on the scale of what lay before me. The mansion I called home was dwarfed in comparison to this architectural marvel.

A sudden realization struck me, and it dawned on me that this man possessed far greater wealth than my father and potentially posed an even greater danger. I had learned my lesson: wealthy individuals were often consumed by their power, losing touch with their humanity and devoid of emotions. I wasn't willing to take any risks with this stranger. Taking several steps back, I unintentionally bumped into the car. Swallowing hard, I closed my eyes, knowing I had to leave and find a safer place.

As I turned away, my eyes widened in shock upon seeing two men approaching, engrossed in their conversation, oblivious to my presence. Seizing the opportunity, I quickly hid behind the car. Fear shook my body, causing sweat to trickle down my forehead. The urge to escape intensified, but my safety was compromised. When the men entered the mansion, relief washed over me, yet tension still coiled tightly within. Fear lodged deep in my gut, causing my stomach to knot. As I turned my gaze toward the main gate, I froze once again.

Escape seemed impossible. There was no way out. For the first time, I noticed four men stationed at the main gate, acting as guards. Their watchful eyes ensured that nobody entered or exited unnoticed. It was similar to the security measures at my father's estate, where vigilant guards patrolled the grounds, preventing any potential threats. Swallowing hard, I glanced behind me. My heart skipped a beat as the doors swung open. Going through the main gates was no longer an option, and I was unfamiliar with the surrounding area.

Tears of frustration clouded my vision as I desperately tried to devise an escape plan. Taking a step toward the opened door, my heart pounded forcefully against my ribcage. I contemplated seeking refuge inside, where I could potentially hide without being noticed and buy myself some time to formulate a plan. However, before I could take another step, a shout echoed from behind.


I froze, turning around to behold two guards sprinting toward me with unwavering determination.

"Stop right there!" one of the men bellowed, his expression furious. I observed both of them drawing their guns and aiming at me.

My heart skipped a beat, and panic blurred my vision. Without a second thought, I pivoted and raced towards the open door. Their presence pursued me relentlessly, their footsteps resounding with anger and forcefulness. My pulse throbbed in my throat, and I gasped for breath, consumed by sheer terror. The doors were within reach—I was almost inside the mansion.

They closed in, their presence looming behind me. Feeling a brush against my arm, I let out a small scream and propelled myself forward until I passed through the door.

I dashed recklessly, darting between sofas, chairs, and a table before reaching the stairs. My focus was solely on fleeing, oblivious to my surroundings. Upon reaching the second floor, my legs tangled, almost sending me crashing down. I managed to grab hold of the banister just in time, saving myself from a disastrous fall. Ignoring the furious shouts that echoed around me, I persisted in my desperate run.

The hallways sprawled before me, vast and filled with numerous closed doors. Amidst distant screams, I instinctively veered towards one door, opening it hastily and rushing inside, slamming it shut behind me. My body was consumed by a tingling tension, as if I were being pricked by countless sharp knives. My heart raced, its beat resounding like the thunderous wings of a trapped bird, drowning out all other sounds.

Leaning heavily against the door, I closed my eyes, attempting to steady myself. The mansion was immense, and it would take them a while to locate me. Gradually, I slid down until I found myself seated on the floor, hugging my knees tightly to my chest. Resting my head upon them, I sought to calm my rapid breathing. Eventually, as the room ceased to be filled with my gasps, I dared to look up.

Realizing that I was in a bedroom, I rose unsteadily to my feet and distanced myself from the door. The room was expansive, featuring a king-size bed in the center with nightstands on either side. A bench sat at the foot of the bed, beckoning me closer. I approached it and pressed my hand into the plush cushions.

To my left, a chest stood against the wall, while a sitting area unfolded before me as I turned my gaze to the right. Two couches and a coffee table adorned the center, facing a crackling fireplace. Glancing in the opposite direction, I noticed the absence of walls, replaced by grand paneled windows adorned with intricate drapes. Though the room exuded a welcoming aura, darkness cloaked its corners.

My breath hitched upon hearing someone's presence at the door. The knob jiggled, causing panic to seize me. My heart pounded relentlessly, a chant of "No. No. No." echoing in my mind. Frantically scanning the room for a hiding place, my eyes fixated on the bed, the nearest refuge. Without hesitation, I crawled beneath it, lying on my side. Clutching my knees tightly to my chest, I squeezed my eyes shut, fervently praying that the intruder wouldn't discover my whereabouts.

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