Gabe turns on the light and snaps me out of my daydream. Alpha Joshua and Luna Rose were very considerate of me. They took me in and gave me a place to stay. I was a rogue and they could have killed me for trespassing on their territory.

Instead, they welcomed me into the pack, gave me an initiation party, and gave me a home. Without them I would have been a rogue and most likely would have lost myself.

After I recovered I started working in the Half Moon packhouse where the Alpha, his Beta, Gamma, and their spouses stayed. I’ve been here ever since. We enter the kitchen and it’s wide and open. There’s a long wooden table with black leather chairs. The kitchen sink and marble counter tops are on the right. Instead of pantries, there are long wooden shelves on the wall that holds the plates, bowls, and cups.

I put on some music while Gabe and I start making breakfast. Later Gabe will make lunch while I go to school. We see each other again for dinner and we work as a team to make dinner.

Music makes the work go faster. I enjoy my early routine with Gabe. As we’re setting the table Mavy comes running in and wraps her arms around my waist. “Good morning Adea! Thanks for breakfast!” she kisses me and takes a seat.

“No problem Mave. I made your favorite!” I sing. She giggles as I grab her a plate. “How’d you sleep?” She sighs, “When I got home last night I was so tired I slept like a log!”

Alpha Joshua and Luna Rose had twins which are rare for werewolves. Mavy and Shane are polar opposites. The top of Mavy’s head lines up with my chest while Shane towers over me at over is 6 feet and they both have black wavy hair. Mavy has gray eyes while Shane has brown eyes like Luna Rose.

Shane walks in and stares at me, smirks, and sits down. Gabe elbows me reminding me to get their trifecta breakfast onto their plates. Today, we went for simple I fill their plates with scrambled eggs, buttered toast, and bacon and excuse myself as Alpha and Luna walk through the door.

Alpha Joshua looks exactly the same and Luna Rose hasn’t aged a day. Alpha is tall like Shane and has black wavy hair gray eyes, while Luna Rose has pencil straight brown hair and brown eyes.

“You don’t need to leave Adea. You’re more than welcome to sit with us for breakfast.” Alpha smiles at me. I can’t leave now so I grab a plate and Gabe fills my plate with scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and buttered toast, and smiles. I swat his arm and take a seat in between Shane and Mavy.

Shane eats his food quietly while Mavy turns to me, “Trent is coming over before school if you wanna hitch a ride with us Adea.” My mouth is full and before I can chew my toast, I swallow my toast making my eyes water, “It’s okay Mavy. I’ve got to get some stuff done before school but you can go ahead.”

Trent and Mavy aren’t dating but his feelings were obvious. I did not want to be the third wheel and have Trent give me the stink eye the whole way to school. “Oh okay Adea,” she smiles looking a little sad. Turning back to her plate she picks at her food.

Shane scoffs, “What’ve you got to do Ady? Scrub the toilets?” Alpha Joshua glares at Shane, “Shane”, he warns. Shane tilts his head and stares at his dad, “Yes, Alpha?” he asks with a smirk on his face. His eyes have started glowing.

Mavy reaches over me and slaps Shane’s shoulder, “Shane don’t be such an ass. She’s not a slave!” She sits down and looks at me, “I’m sorry Mavy. Excuse my idiot brother.” She rolls her eyes and checks her phone.

Shane reaches over and touches my lower back. I sit straight up as chills crawl up my back. Shane looks down at his plate, “You know I’m just joking around don’t you Ady?” he lifts his head and turns to look at me.

Gabe stops and stares at us. “Yeah, I knew you were joking…” I tell the table. His hand slides lower on my back. “Shane’s sense of humor is oh so funny.” “Daddy have you guys decided where the Crescent Ball is going to be this year?” Mavy asks.

“We have a meeting this afternoon to vote on where the ball is going to be. " Alpha tells her. “Out of all the packs, it’s come down to the Silver pack and the Desert Moon pack. Where will our vote go Josh?” Luna asks Alpha Joshua.

“We know that the Silver pack isn’t well off so it might be a burden financially for them if we vote to have them host the Crescent Ball. But if we don’t have the ball at the Desert Moon pack then we only have one other choice…” he says lost in thought.

“Wouldn’t the best choice be the Desert Moon pack then?” Mavy asks. “Is the Desert Moon a safe place to visit?” Luna asks. “It’s safe we just don’t have an alliance with their new Alpha.” Alpha Joshua says. “Desert Moon would be the better of the two because they can afford to throw the ball and it could be a good opportunity for our packs to get to know each other. We’d have a chance to talk about an alliance.”

Mavy squeals, “Adea maybe we can find our mates at the Crescent Ball if it’s held at the Desert Moon pack!” I internally groan as I look at my best friend, “Visiting other packs raises the chances of finding your Goddess chosen mate…” “Me? You mean WE can find our mates at Crescent Moon this year.” She elbows me and gives me the side-eye. I can just tell her eyes are telling me I’m not going to escape this year.

“Daddy can Adea and I go shopping this weekend for dresses? Please?” she asks with doe eyes. Alpha looks at us with a thoughtful expression and before I can tell them there’s no need he says, “That sounds like a good idea. Nothing inappropriate Mavy, you hear me?” “YES! Thank you, Daddy”.

Ding! Ding-Ding!

“Trent’s here! Gotta go.” She stands up and gives her dad a kiss and her mom a hug. “Adea we have plans tomorrow night! I’ll see you at school.” She glares at Shane as she runs out of the kitchen.

I stand up and grab all of the dishes and put them into the sink. Gabe cleans up after breakfast so I can get ready for school. “See you later Alpha Joshua and Luna. I’ll see you guys after school.” “See you after school” they smile.

“See you Ady” Shane calls after me. I don’t know what is going on with Shane but he’s been slowly getting more and more aggressive towards me. Thankfully pack slaves were banned here at Half Moon. Shivers run up my back as I remember his fingers on my lower back.

I grab my bag and run out the back door. My favorite time of the day is my morning run before school. I haven’t heard my wolf yet but I think she’s going to show up soon. My sense of smell is heightened and I love the smell of the woods in the back of the packhouse.

I pull my hair out of my bun as I run. I keep running until I get to the clearing where the grass meets the small creek. I take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of the woods. This creek is my safe haven.

I take off my backpack and lay down on the grass. The sounds of the grass swaying in the wind, the sunlight peering through the woods a mix of orange, blue, and yellow. The birds sing their song, and the cheerfulness in their voices brightens my day.

The light pounding of rabbits hopping along the ground brings a smile to my face. I could lay here all day if I could. Being out here makes me happy.

I hear a bell out in the distance and grab my bag. Time for school.

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