The Demon at School

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Apollyon Shirayuki


Y/n L/n is the son of Dante and Trish. They send him to Yokai Academy because he always cause trouble at the other school because of his looks that attract all the attention of the girls and the boys just wanna kick his ass.


Chapter 1 BIO

Name: Y/n

Last Name: L/n

Real Last Name: Sparda

Hair Color: White

Hair Style: H/S

Eye Color: Blue

Father: Dante Sparda – has a white brushed down white hair wearing a long red coat.

Mother: Trish – a blond woman with blue eyes, wearing a black leather pants, high-heeled boots and a corset.   


Yamato – A Katana that has the power to cut anything even space itself.

Cerberus – A tripartite nanchaku with the power over Ice

Nevan – A literal purple electric guitar that summons blood thirsty bats and can transform into a scythe.

Gilgamesh – A set of gauntlets, greaves, mask, and back armor made with from an indestructible demonic metal.

Ebony & Ivory – a pair of black and white customized M1911 pistol that Dante gave to his son.        

Agni & Rudra – A pair of living swords with the head of the original owners that has the power of fire and wind.

Force Edge/Devil Sword Sparda – The Force Edge is a large demonic broadsword while the Sparda is the awakened true power of the Force Edge that can transform into Scythe, Sword and Spear. It’s the sword of the Legendary Demon Sparda that saved the Humans from the Demon’s invasion.


Trickster - Can teleport, dash, run up to walls.

Sword Master - Mastery of all melee weapons

Royal Guard - Can block all kinds of damage from Magic to Physical.

Gunslinger - Mastery of all types of guns and can do a quick-draw

Dark Slayer - Can summon the spectral sword of the Force Edge.

Requip – Can open the pocket dimension to change any weapons or equipments.

Quicksilver - Can slow or stop time

Doppelganger - Can create a shadow image of himself

Devil Trigger Stage 1 – Covering the owner with Dark red lightning to increase his power. (Class A+ monster)

Devil Trigger Stage 2 – Taps into his Demonic heritage, transforming him into Demon. (Class S+ monster)

Devil Trigger Stage 3 – In his Demonic form, the user cover himself with a Demonic armor, increasing his defenses and power. (Class SSS monster)

Devil Trigger Final Stage – By releasing the true power of the user, he transform into the ultimate Devil with a two pair of wings, and a long horn on his head. (Class X+ monster)