The CEO Daddy's Doting Baby

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Being framed by her stepsister and stepmother, Susan had an one night stand with a handsome and mysterious man, in order to escape from her toxic family, she went abroad. Five years later she came back with two adorable children, and later she found out that her evil stepsister's boyfriend is her children's daddy, the man stopped her and said coldly"I won't let you escape again."

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Chapter 1

Susan opened her eyes and tried to shield them away from the beaming ray of sunlight that somehow found it's way into the room she was in through a tiny crack of the open widow. She felt an intense pain while she sat up, holding her back and taking a look around her.

"Where the hell am I?" she muttered while she took in the features of the room. It was chaotic. Clothes were scattered all over the place, her clothes. She suddenly realized that she was naked as well, in an unknown place that was enclosed? that didn't look good at all, and as any young lady would, she started to worry about what she felt was the obvious that had happened to her. She had been raped, but by who?

No matter how hard she tried to remember what had gone down the previous night, she just could not come up with anything. She had passed out, someone must have drugged her or something of that nature because she was a hundred percent sure she didn't book a hotel room anywhere in the city, she didn't even have the financial means to afford one, and if she had happened to sleep walk into a hotel, well, maybe it was as a result of that that someone took advantage of her, because nothing made sense to her for now.

Another fact that made Susan swear that she had been raped was because of the pain she felt in all the wrong areas of her body. Her nipple stung, and her vagina was heavy. As a result of these realizations, her body shuddered. She felt a chill pierce through her spine while she grabbed the duvet and covered herself up in fear and shame.

Suddenly, Susan's memory came flooding back to her like a turbulent wave. Her stepmother and her stepsister beat the living daylight out of her the previous day because she neglected her much younger stepbrother when he took a hard fall down the stairs. He was a rude and feisty kid and Susan just had a taste of his devilish, venomous tongue. He went bouncing down on to his mother's feet while the woman gave Susan's mom a tongue lashing because she shared her husband with her. Susan's mom was a mere mistress in that house, the nerve of Susan's dad to bring in another woman and her child to live with them, Susan's stepmother thought and so day in and day out, Susan's mom suffered the worst treatment at the hands of this other woman. It had to be as a result of all that menace that she was in that hotel. Now, she was furious.

She got up in a haste and picked up her clothes from different parts of the room when a diamond studded wristwatch fell of from among her clothes, her eyes grew narrow in even more anger while she observed the watch.

"This is payment for taking my virginity?" she said in a cold, bitter tone while she tossed the watch away without a care in the world and slid into the bathroom to take a bath. Susan wondered what sort of beastly human would allow himself to have sex with someone with a battered face. When she looked in the mirror, she couldn't even recognize herself because she had been beaten to a pulp by her stepmother and stepsister.

"Fucking Animal" she swore under her breath while she stepped under the shower and started to have a bath, scrubbing herself as if she had just come out of a sewage. Disgust was evident in her expression while she took a bath, supposedly cleaning out the shame that lingered, and as soon as she was done, she showed herself out of the hotel room.

A short while after Susan left, the door of the room she was in swung open. It was apt of Susan to think that her stepmother and stepsister were responsible for what had happened to her, no matter how vague the memory was to Susan, because how else would you explain the fact that Joey, her stepsister showed herself into the room that was already locked. She had her own key. It was Joey and her mom that booked the room and deposited an unconscious Susan in it.

"Oh, she was actually a virgin" a surprised Joey said when she ransacked the room and found blood stains littered on the bed sheet.

"Well then Marcus will break up with her now that she's not a virgin anymore. He actually liked her that much? to date her without touching her" Joey said enviously, reaching for her phone to take snapshots of evidence when someone started to rap on the door violently. Joey froze.

"Who is that?" she asked, taking a look via the peephole to figure out who the intruder was, but she couldn't place any familiarity across when she saw the men standing outside the door impatiently. The guilt that enveloped the room made Joey stall for a moment before opening up to hear from the men what they were there for. She hoped Susan had not somehow figured out what had happened to her and alerted the police.

"Hello miss." the unknown man, accompanied by two other serious looking men greeted her.

"Congrratulations." the man said to Joey in a polite tone. Joey raised an eyebrow in confusion. 'We are here as regards to your service rendered to my boss, you did a great job and more, here' the man said, stretching his arm to hand Joey a complimentary card.

"You have access to ask for anything you desire the most from him, he will be more than willing to help, thank you and congratulations once again" the man said, and left Joey to her confusion. She stared at the complimentary card in bewilderment, wondering who on earth the man referred to as his boss.