The Alpha Bully's Obsession

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Nita Ogueri


~Rina Zante~ A half-caste omega and dirt-poor. I was shunned by people and have gotten used to the dirty stares people throw my way. Even though I tried to ignore the taunts, it’s impossible. My mom has gotten a job as a maid in the alpha’s house. It is a big deal and I should be elated. But how can I be elated when the alpha’s son, devilishly handsome Vincenzo has placed me on his bully list? He desires to bend me to his will. To be a puppet, a mere slave to slake his lust on. Try as I might to run far away from his cold smiles and wandering hands, I can’t. Trapped is what I am. ~Vincenzo Moreno~ They call me a beautiful bastard. I am heartless, ruthless, wicked and I'm out for her blood. Despite the fact that she is a nobody, my wolf still craves for her and I will do all I can to make her mine. Because I want to get her and immerse myself in the innocent wreck that she is. If I should ruin her in the process then so be it. After all, she is my possession, mia innocente bella.

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Vincenzo Moreno

Twist it in any way you like, call them whatever you wanted but I stood on my decision. All women were only good for one thing- fucking their head off.

"Come here, puta," I growled, fisting my erection, my eyes not for one second leaving the tempting shape of her bared breast or the glistening hair nestled between her thighs.

The she-wolf grinned, a coy smile on her face as she walked towards me, her steps seductive. Now within only a hairsbreadth of me, she trailed a finger down my chest to my raging arousal.

"Let me take care of this for you," she whispered, softly nibbling my ear as her hand grazed my erection.

In a swift motion, I clutched her neck, rubbing my nose against her rose scented skin, my voice gruff as I grunted, "Are you sure you can handle me?"

"Yes, alpha." There was a mischievous glint in her eyes as she said this, then she bent down and took my 9 inches hard-on into her mouth.

For a second, the cynic in me thought she wouldn't be able to swallow my full girth. Girls always shied away from taking my full length into their mouth. But that thought was wiped away the moment I watched my length slide through her lips, then bump against her throat. She was really the perfect definition of a slut.

I shut my eyes tight, relishing the feel of her warm mouth over my cock. Gripping her hair tightly, I tugged her face forward, driving my hard-on into that sweet, moist mouth of hers. Fast. Raw. Hard.

My wolf howled, reveling in the heady sensation that swarmed through our whole being. The red-haired she-wolf, I hadn't cared to know her name- increased her pace, gaggling and tickling my balls as well.

When the tingling sensations became too much to bear, I reared my head back, growling as I cummed, spilling warm spurts of white jizz in her mouth.

She knelt down, still between my thighs. A glorious mess, she was, with her hair in disarray, my cum sprayed all over her body.

Her eyes were upon me, a come hither sigh which said "Fuck me." depicted in them.

I never obeyed orders, never did, but this was one command I would gladly do.

I stood up to my full height. "On the table with your ass up."

"Yes alpha." Like an obedient puppy, she scrambled to the table, her hands flat against its surface and her ass up.

Roving my eyes against her flawless body, the smooth round curve of her ass, I felt another raw surge of lust. My dick throbbed, hard as fuck.

Grabbing her ass, I ran a finger over her hips and down to her clit. She was ready, wet with moisture. Such a needy slut.

With no foreplay or heads-up, I slammed my cock into her, my sharp thrust earning an excited gasp from her.

Slapping sounds of our skin could only be heard as I thrusted into her deeply, driving as fast as I could, the only thought in my mind, the urge to reach climax. If the she-wolf didn't come before I did, that was no concern of mine.

Angling in, I pushed my hips forward, a groan escaping my lips at how tight her pussy walls clamped on my dick. The girl moaned loudly, her moans irritating the shit out of me.

With the sound we were making, it was a wonder none of the servants had ventured into the dining room, to know who or what was making such animal noises. And even if they did, they had no say in the matter, not when I was their future alpha and lord.

"Shut your mouth whore. You only make a sound when I want you to," I growled, driving even faster, the pleasure much more intense than before.

She whimpered in reply, pushing her behind into mine, so as to gain maximum satisfaction from my aggressive pounding. "Harder, please. I need more."

I didn't heed her words. With one final plunge, I came then pulled my cock out, shooting loads and loads of hot cum on her backside.

The red-haired slumped on the table, face up, an annoyed expression on her face. "But I didn't come."

I shot her a deadly glare. "Your work here is done. If you didn't cum, then make yourself cum."

"How?" A pout formed on her lips as she grazed my cum on the side of her hip with her finger and sucked it off. "I think I would come faster with you in me again."

She cupped her breasts, rolling the rock-hard pink nipples between the tips of her finger. If she was trying to be seductive, she was failing sorely.

I rolled my eyes, my urge to fuck sated and not in the mood to swap body fluids again. "Out."

A frown marred her face as she got off the table and walked in my direction. Now directly in my view, she uttered softly, "Why so gloomy? Hmm? I know you want me."

She rounded my body, her gaze lingering on my cock that hung limp, uninterested.

What was it about women who thought that once they had sex with you, that they had you under their control? It was not only dumb but repulsive as fuck.

I regarded her through bored eyes, a tick growing on my jaw. Earlier, when she'd shown up to the pack house, she appeared gorgeous and sexy as hell, her curve outlined in the next to nothing sheer gown she wore, but now, she appeared pathetic. Hair bedraggled, cum dripping all over her and the musky scent of hot sex clouding my senses. Needless to say, I was hit with a sour taste of aversion.

The desperate look in her eyes heightened when she noticed my shuttered expression. I didn't know what gave her the audacity but she dared to put her hand on my lips, bringing her face forward as if to kiss me.

'No way. No fucking way is she kissing us, Enzo,' my wolf, Russo piped up. He too was disgusted as well.

I didn't kiss sluts or the whores that graced my bed and if this puta thought she stood a chance, she was in for a surprise.

"Bitch your hands off me," I spat, flinging her wandering hands away. "Like I said, your work here is done now."

Maybe she had a hearing difficulty or was dumb as fuck because the bitch tried once again to fucking caress my face. That did it.

I let the rage fuelling in my wolf, come to the surface, that dark animalistic part of me making my eyes glow red and claws emerge from the tips of my palms.

"I said, get your fucking hands away from-" I didn't get to finish my sentence when I heard a gasp from behind.

With a swift turn of my head, I cast my eyes on the intruder, itching to know who'd dared interrupt me. It was another she-wolf. A red, blushing she-wolf who was stuttering at the moment as she looked at us. Embarrassed and probably not used to the sight of feasting her eyes on such a magnificent male as me, she fixed her eyes to the ground, frantically twisting her two thumbs together.

"I'm s-s-sorry, so sorry for barging in. I was looking for my bracelet and I thought it-it- would be in here... I'm so sorry, so very s-s-sorry."

I eyed her, still ticked off as hell. Petite and hair, a mass of black curls, her form was covered in a baggy gown that hid whatever curves she might possess. I couldn't make sense of her facial features as she still stared fixedly at the floor, face as red as a cherry.

A sour scent of nervousness and something else, the sweet, pungent aroma of tangy vanilla swept through the room and if I hadn't been on the watch, I would have been knocked off by such an arousing scent. Only one person could have such a scent. My-

'Mate,' my wolf howled in joy, completing the sentence for me. What the fuck? I was about to call her back but she'd already fled, muttering a tiny, "I will be going now."

Mate? That had to be the most unbelievable statement my wolf has made in our life. But if she was my mate, who was she and where the hell had she come from?!