The Afflicted She-Wolf

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Jenny phoebe


"Rose, I can offer you everything you desire. In return, you must be mine." "Alpha, the truth is, I am..." "Oh, dear Lord! You will never escape me now, my Luna." In a realm where she was considered the most despised female wolf in the New Moon Pack, she endured a life as insignificant as a blade of grass. Tragedy struck eight years ago when her mother vanished, her father was slain, and her entire pack was annihilated. Condemned to the lowest rank by her father's murderer, she suffered relentless abuse, curses, and starvation, all while concealing her true identity. Now, on her eighteenth birthday, everything changes. He, the alpha of America's most powerful werewolf pack, radiates like the sun, possessing a chiseled face and boundless wealth. His name is known by every werewolf, and he is the embodiment of every woman's dream lover. It all seems perfect, except for one crucial detail - he has yet to find his mate. On his twenty-sixth birthday, their paths cross by chance, igniting a spark of fate and conflict.


Chapter 1

[Alex’s P.O.V.]

“Ahhhh... Keep going... Don’t stop...”

I looked at the she-wolf in front of me. Her fair hands were tied to the headboard of the bed, and her long and curly blonde hair hung down her cheeks. Her face was flushed.

Even though I had whipped her for more than ten minutes, she seemed to be enjoying it very much as her body twisted. I deliberately let the tail of the whip sweep past her flesh and her swollen clitoris. Her honey hole was filled with lustful water as it trembled slightly. It was like a hungry little beast.

When the time was right, I broke through her hymen with my dick and rammed it into her honey spot. The pain made her start to convulse and scream, but more fluid seeped out of her flesh, forming a small puddle. I thrust into her more crazily as her lower body move along. Fuck, she was really too tight!

“Ah, Alex, I’m dying!” She screamed my name, and I slapped her hard in the face. I didn’t like people calling out my name during sex. She immediately shut up, and her moans only further stimulated my desire.

The fragrant honey gushed out like a high-pressure water gun immediately, spraying onto my body and legs. Her face was flushed white, and her eyes were mistily filled with longing as she looked at me. My God, how could there be such a beautiful woman in the world?

I continued to thrust into her. Her flesh was still wrapped around my penis like a sucker. I had a feeling I was going to come. I was going to pull my penis out and stuff it in her mouth so that she could drink all my seeds but I suddenly felt dizzy.

I opened my eyes and found myself lying alone on the big bed in the room. My penis was erect and my underwear was dirty.

It was all just a dream! D*mn it!

I couldn’t stop thinking about her and I’ve already dreamt of her more than once. Even when I had sex with other she-wolves, I would fantasize about having sex with this woman, whose body fascinated me even though I hadn’t had her yet.

A few months ago, I turned eighteen and was about to become the future Alpha of New Moon Pack. That was when I realized that this blonde she-wolf was the mate the moon goddess had arranged for me, but I was skeptical. She was a lowly slave of the pack while I was the noble Alpha.

Although she was very beautiful and had a lot of curves -no woman in the pack could compare to her – my father would probably kill both of us if she became my mate. After all, my parents were the current leaders of the pack, Alpha Roger and Luna Jessica, and they believed that my mate should be someone of a similar noble lineage.

My stomach started to growl and it seemed that my wet dreams had made me miss brunch so I was in no mood to change out of my semen-stained clothes before going to the kitchen to find something to eat.

On the way to the kitchen, I found the heroine of my dreams, Rose, being beaten by other she-wolves. They were always beating her for no reason, other than what I speculated to be jealousy. Rose was so beautiful that it made the other unmated male werewolves in the pack very excited.

I hid not far away and started to imagine that I was the one beating her. Then my dick hardened again.