Chapter 2: Bad Luck Brought Them Together

Sebastian Whitmore narrowed his deep, narrow eyes, recalling the sound of the woman from last night crying under him, begging him to stop. Her seductive voice made him want to ravage her completely and merge with her. Due to the dim lighting, alcohol, and drugs, Sebastian couldn't remember the woman's face, only her long black hair, soft body, and faint mint scent.

After thirty years of abstinence, last night awakened a beast within Sebastian Whitmore. The consequences were inevitable. At his business party, someone had drugged him. When he returned to the hotel in distress, a woman barged in and he simply had no other choices. He promised to compensate her later, but when he woke up, she was gone.

"Mr. Whitmore," his assistant Danny Reed walked in with a fearful expression.

Sebastian Whitmore handed him a resume. "Danny, find this woman. Don't scare her. Check her background first. Also, terminate all cooperation with Starlight Industries."

Don't scare her? Wasn't there a hint of tenderness in his tone? Danny had worked with Sebastian Whitmore for eight years and was shocked for the first time. Could Mr. Whitmore finally have someone special? Women who previously tried to get close to Sebastian Whitmore all met miserable ends and were thrown out without mercy.

"Yes, Mr. Whitmore," Danny responded respectfully, hiding his thoughts. "By the way, Mr. Whitmore, you have a meeting at ten this morning, an interview at two in the afternoon, and dinner with Mr. Specter at seven."

At Whitmore Corporation.

As an intern yet to be confirmed as permanent staff, Isabella was busy from the moment she arrived at the company.

"Isabella, print this document for me."

"Isabella, help organize this file."

"Isabella, get me a pen."

"Isabella, ask them to send over a water cooler..."

She had no time to think about last night; no one in her department cared where she went after the dinner party.

Finally finding a moment of peace, Isabella poured herself a glass of water and stepped into the corridor for some air.

To outsiders, she seemed glamorous working at Whitmore Corporation—a highly coveted position. But who knew that a Harborview University graduate like her was just doing menial tasks here?

While Isabella was brooding, several colleagues from the operations department approached her. "Isabella, you look tired. Why not rest in my office for a while?"

The man speaking was in his thirties but already balding and looked forty or fifty years old. He was average in height and build but apparently very confident.

What was he thinking? Isabella could see right through him.

She politely declined. "I need to deliver some documents to Mr. Foster soon."

"So hardworking," he said eagerly. "If you need any help, just let me know. By the way, how about dinner tonight? I have two movie tickets about to expire; it would be a waste not to use them. We haven't exchanged contact information yet—what's your number?"

Maintaining her politeness, Isabella lied effortlessly. "Thanks, but no need; my fiancé has already made dinner plans for us tonight."

The best way to deter these clueless men was through fabrication.

"You have a fiancé?" He looked surprised and disappointed.

"Yes," Isabella smiled lightly. "I'll send you an invitation when we have our wedding."

Now it was his turn to feel awkward. "Uh... okay then. I just remembered I have some work to finish."

"Alright, take your time," Isabella said with a sly glint in her eye.

After getting rid of her colleague, Isabella felt relieved until the next second when her heart jumped into her throat.

Turning around, she found herself face-to-face with Sebastian Whitmore.

Her heart skipped a beat as she immediately lowered her head.

Did he know everything and come to settle accounts?

Was it too late to beg for mercy?

Should she confess?

Or... escape?

While Isabella hesitated internally, a deep voice sounded above her head: "Lift your head."

The faint mint scent on her made him feel a sense of familiarity.

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