Sweet Divorce

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Kiran Patel


Rita Brown never dreamed that she could survive! No, it's rebirth to be precise. She had been reborn and time flied back to three years ago, when she had not been driven out of the Brown family, disfigured and killed on the street. She vowed that she would never let the nightmare of her previous life happen again! She took back her obsession with Liam Wilson as he wished and stopped pestering him. However, he refused to let her go even she had handed over a divorce agreement to him. Rita asked,"what exactly did you want me to do?" Liam Wilson's eyes went deep, reaching out and pulling her into his arms.


Chapter 1 She's Tired

Inside the living room

Leaning on the sofa, Rita Brown was having a high fever and feeling very weak. But finding herself safe and sound, her scarlet eyes were full of excitement.

One second ago she was still lying in blood, dying in despair.

But now she's... still alive.

No, to be exact, She's reborn back in time to three years ago!

"Mr. Wilson, you are back." The voice of the servant came from outside before Rita could figure out her current situation.

At the moment that Rita heard the word "Mr. Wilson", she felt heartbroken.

She looked out through the French casement and eventually casted her eyes on a tall man in a black suit in the courtyard.

There wasn’t any affection in his eyes, but only coldness.

Just like the way he looked down at her when she was dying.

At that moment, he said to her, "Rita, you deserve it. It’s you yourself asked all the troubles!"

Thinking of these, she could feel the pain of her broken heart.

Rita had been in love with him for eight years. He was the apple in her eye. She love him so much that she felt self-abased and even forgot what self is.

She thought that her passion and love would move him one day.

But she was wrong.

Since she was plotted to be tied to him, what he had for her was only hatred.

Plus that Joey Nash died in a car accident, his hatred towards her worsed..

Even after three years of marriage, and she was disfigured, broke her legs and even lost everything for him, he was still unmoved.

His tenderness and care never came to her even when she died.

The memory of her previous life made her feel painful with a heavy heart. Rita placed her hand hard on her aching chest and looked away from the man’s cold face, trying to hold back her tears.

Outside the villa yard.

Upon the arrival of this man, the lively yard seemed to be silenced by his apathy.

Liam Wilson slightly nodded to the polite greetings from servants and walked into the yard.

The butler rushed forward to open the heavy glass door for him.

When the man quickly entered the living room, the butler hurried to keep up with him and served him carefully.

"Honestly, Rita, you’ve spared no effort to trick me into coming back home, and even cursed yourself with a high fever."

He looked down at her on the sofa. Though a bit pale, she barely resembled a moribund. Seeing her face, he showed more indifference.

Looking at this cold but handsome man in front of her, Rita trembled a bit.

She tricked him into going back home?

Did she ever do this in her previous life?

Soon the memories came to her mind.

When she was sick, the servant Mrs. Davis was worried and told her situation to Grandpa Wilson, who made a call to Liam.

Thinking to this point, Rita finally figured out her situation.

It turned out that she resurrected on the first day when she woke up from a severe illness three years ago.

"Rita. Don’t tell me you’ve tried so hard to get me back home just to have me watch you sitting here and saying nothing. Come on, what’s in your mind again?"

Hearing his cold voice, Rita murmured and repeated his words, "what is in my mind?"

At that moment, Rita put on a strange look— a mixture of grief, hatred and affection on her little pale face.

She clenched her little hand on a side of her body for a moment and released it, as if she had made a vital decision.

She looked up at him, moving her pallid lips, and said, "I…"

The moment she spoke, tears she had been trying to hold back streamed down.

Rita took a deep breath, with more firmness in her eyes.

"I'm getting a divorce!"

Rita wore a miserable smile on her face.

She knew he would never love her and there was nothing she could do about it. Ttherefore, she surrendered. She had no desire to love him anymore, because she was too tired!