Surprised Wife With Twins

2.0M · Ongoing
Olive Bailey


Seven years ago in a charity dinner, she inadvertently became his antidote, pregnant with the twins. Seven years later, the two kids hacked his computer and got his attention. "Give birth to my kids secretly? And say not my girl?"

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Chapter 1 Beard The Lion in His Den

In the sun, the Marsh's building stood majestically.

A handsome man was walking out of the hall with firm steps. He was Ivan Marsh, six feet tall, exuding an intimidating air.

Behind him, several bodyguards in black and his special assistant Finnley Russell were following closely. They left behind the international financial conference that had been meticulously prepared for more than half a year, just to capture someone in a poor village!

Under the stunned gaze of the company staff, they got into the car.

The limited-edition Rolls-Royce was heading for Sunshine Village, the poorest village in the southwest of Arkpool City.

Ten minutes ago, someone hacked into Ivan's personal computer and stole the Blue Sky Plan, the most important project recently.

The hacker left an address, saying that if Ivan wanted to take back the Blue Sky Plan, he had to go to the address himself, otherwise the plan would be sold to his opponent.

It was the first time that Ivan had been threatened. Thus, he must be very cautious.

Sitting in the back seat of the car, Ivan stared at the watch with sharp starry eyes. He was cold, indifferent.

"Mr. Marsh, Sunshine Village is located on a flat land, and the rolling mountains enclose it like a small basin. The villagers rely on the cultivation of herbs and sunflowers for a living. Data shows that it is an impoverished village, the economic situation of which only became better in the past two years..."

Finnley reported the information of the village, his back already wet with sweat. The Blue Sky Plan was closely related to the future of the Marsh Group.

Ivan leaned back in his chair without speaking, his eyes slightly cold.

Not far inside the village, there was a small courtyard on the side of the road.

Under the sun shines, Jennifer Brooks was processing the freshly picked herbs. The faint aroma of herbs was everywhere in the air.

Her temperament was completely different from that of the other women in the village. Her face was small, her eyes were like jewels. She looked like a beautiful and innocent angel.

In the fields, the beautiful sunflowers bloom brilliantly. The blue sky, white clouds, as well as warm wind, made the place very peaceful.


A crisp childish voice came. Jennifer turned around with a happy smile.

A boy and a girl at the age of around five walked toward Jennifer hand in hand. They were her twin children. Their big eyes were shining, like gems, like the ocean, like stars.

"Mommy! Diana and I are going to Jayla's house!" Alfie's voice was crisp and loud. His eyes were shining.

"Okay, have fun." Jennifer caressed her children's little heads dotingly, "Remember to come back for the meal. Family instructions of the Brooks family, article one. Do not bother others too much!"

"Okay!" Diana, dressed in a pink dress, smiled. "We'll be back very soon!"

"Nice, go then."

The children ran away hand in hand!

Looking at the two little backs that ran away, Jennifer smiled with relief. Her greatest pride in life was to have Alfie and Diana.

After walking away, Diana slowed down and asked mysteriously, "Alfie, do you think that daddy will come?"

"I hacked his system." Alfie said proudly, "I stole the most important information on the computer and left him an address! I promise he will come!"

Diana nodded, choosing to believe her brother, "Then let's wait for him!"

So, instead of going to Jayla's house, the siblings hid behind a water tank.

They stuck out half of their heads and stared expectantly at the entrance of the village, expecting Ivan to appear.

"Alfie, shouldn't we tell mommy about such a big thing in advance?" Diana winked her big eyes, "If mommy knows, she'll get angry."