Resurrected War God

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Theo Santos


A legendary warrior returns to the city and marries into a wealthy family, only to be treated as a useless waste by his wife's family! On the day of a family banquet, 8,000 people outside the door shout in unison: "Bring out the warrior!" Mother-in-law: Who is this warrior? The son-in-law silently stands up.


Chapter 1: The Cantrell Family's Unwanted Son-in-Law!

"Errol, today you must divorce Celeste!"

"This useless man has been in the family for three years, achieving nothing, and has brought shame to our Cantrell family!"

"Even raising a dog would be more useful than you! Get out!"

In a luxurious suite at the Hilton Hotel, numerous relatives of the Cantrell family scolded a poorly dressed young man consecutively.

Errol Fields, facing the accusations of countless relatives, wore a bitter expression.

He had never expected that on his third wedding anniversary, he would be treated this way.

In the next moment, Errol turned to look at a stunning beauty, Celeste, and asked, "Celeste, what do you think? Do you want a divorce too?"

Faced with the entire question, Celeste Cantrell fell silent.

Three years ago, a wedding had shocked the entire city. Celeste, known as the most beautiful woman in the East Sea, had married a poor man.

With Celeste's beauty and family background, she had countless pursuers, including wealthy second-generation individuals and sons of extraordinary status.

However, the Cantrell family's old man had, on his deathbed, forced Celeste to marry Errol.

At that time, Errol had just returned from military service, penniless, and without any power or influence.

Because of that wedding, Celeste had become the laughingstock of the entire East Sea.

A perfectly beautiful rose had been planted in a pile of dung!

Mr. Cantrell had once said that Errol was like a hidden dragon in the abyss, destined to rise to the heavens and achieve great success someday.

However, in the three years that followed, Errol stayed at home, doing the laundry, cooking, serving tea, and waiting hand and foot on Celeste. Instead of a husband, he seemed more like a male nanny.

Relatives of the family, who had initially gossiped behind Errol's back, now made derogatory remarks openly in front of him.

Celeste also often complained in her heart, wondering why her grandfather had married her off to such a wretched man!

"Errol, we're not compatible!"

She shook her head, her tone somewhat stiff.

"Why? Have I not been good enough for you?" Errol couldn't help but ask.

"Don't you understand?"

In Celeste's eyes, there was a look of disappointment. "Errol, I don't care if your cooking is delicious or if your clothes are clean! What I need is a husband, not a servant!"

"At my friend's gathering, they drive Mercedes-Benz and BMWs, while I can only take the subway!"

"At the class reunion, they carry Louis Vuitton and Chanel, while I carry cheap street-market goods!"

"During holidays and special occasions, my colleagues go to the Maldives, while I have to stay at home!"

"Errol, do you know what I want?"

"What I want is not your tenderness as a good-for-nothing! It's the envious eyes of others when I put on a designer dress, carry a Hermès bag, and step into a luxury car!"


At this moment, Celeste had finally vented all the grievances she had accumulated over the past three years.

Errol had been very good to her, taking care of her meticulously and never letting her do any housework.

But all those things were not what she pursued!

She didn't think of herself as materialistic; it was just that Errol was too incompetent!


Errol sighed and looked into her beautiful eyes, saying, "Actually... I can give you everything you want!"

Hearing this, before Celeste could respond, her mother-in-law, Ella Valdez, rushed over and pointed at his nose while scolding him harshly:

"You brat! You're just a discharged soldier with no education. What can you offer Celeste? Delivering takeout or working as a laborer at a construction site?"

"With Celeste's looks, even after divorcing you, she could still marry into a wealthy family with numerous handsome suitors lining up to court her!"

"It was the old man's mistake back then to let a lowly toad like you be with Celeste! Today, I must correct that mistake. If you have any sense, you should immediately divorce Celeste and stop burdening her!"

Her mother-in-law's words were extremely harsh and unrelenting, offering no dignity to Errol. The surrounding relatives wore expressions of schadenfreude, waiting to see the drama unfold.

At this moment, Errol had a bitter smile on his face.

After three years, it turned out that love could not overcome the allure of wealth and status.

Back in the day, he was a legendary war god, unrivaled in the world.

With a single word, he could decide life and death, and with a single command, he could quell any opposition.

Many royal and noble families vied to have their daughters marry him, even if it meant being a concubine.

As long as Errol gave the word, the finest cars, luxury bags, and boundless wealth would be readily available!

Who would have thought that he would now be looked down upon and treated like a poor boy?

"Celeste, what kind of man do you think is deserving of you?" Errol looked at her and asked.

"Well..." Celeste hesitated.

Just then, a large screen on a skyscraper outside suddenly lit up, playing a special news report.

Not only here but also on every television screen across the entire Da Xia Nation, the same scene appeared.

"The Commander of the Greedy Wolf Army, Alexander Benson, renowned for his outstanding military achievements, stands above the rest!"

"Today, he is officially conferred the title of 'Greedy Wolf War God'!"


This groundbreaking news spread throughout every corner of the Da Xia Nation.

"Dear heavens! Another general has been promoted!"

"Alexander is not even 30 years old yet, but he has achieved countless feats on the battlefield, making him the kingdom's sharpest weapon!"

"The promotion is truly well-deserved!"

Inside the Cantrell family's private room, everyone marveled.

Soon, the television screen switched to a desert on the border.

A young man in military attire, like a javelin, stood proudly with deep, sharp eyes that were too dazzling to stare directly into.

His gaze was like an eagle, his appearance unmatched!

Admiration was evident on the faces of everyone from the Cantrell family.

Alexander's legendary achievements were well-known and talked about day and night, with stories lasting for three days and three nights.

In Celeste's beautiful eyes, a glimmer of passion flashed as she looked at Errol and said, "The man who belongs to Celeste should be like Alexander, a towering hero who can take on the world. Not someone like you, a weakling!"

Hearing this, Errol, who had always been obedient to her, unexpectedly clenched his fists. His eyes flickered with a sharp glint, as if a raging murderous intent coursed through them.

"What... what are you going to do?!"

Celeste paled in fear, quickly stepping back. From Errol's eyes, she seemed to see mountains of corpses and rivers of blood, making him appear even more terrifying than the Alexander on TV.

But soon, Errol suppressed his aura and returned to his ordinary appearance.

Celeste rubbed her eyes, thinking she might have had a hallucination.

Errol looked back at the television, a bitter smile playing on his lips.

He hadn't expected that... three years had passed!

The subordinates who were defeated back then had now become kings and commanders!

"Alexander, first of all, congratulations! But there are mixed opinions within the military regarding your promotion! Some people believe that three years ago, you seized the accomplishments of Errol the God of War to gain your current status! How do you respond to this?" A sharp question came from a reporter.

Errol the God of War!

Hearing this name, Alexander squinted his eyes, revealing a hint of cold and fierce light.

"Back then, Errol did have some skills, but he didn't follow orders and fled the battlefield, nearly causing a huge mistake! Don't compare a deserter like him to me; he... is not worthy!!" His words exuded arrogance and dominance.


"He truly deserves the title of Greedy Wolf War God!"

"Alexander is incredibly imposing!"

"I wonder what kind of woman could marry such a great hero."

Inside the private room, the Cantrell family members praised him.

Suddenly, an untimely voice was heard:

"Humph! Alexander is nothing but a name-thieving fraud. How dare he boast?"

Everyone turned in the direction of the voice and discovered that it was Errol who had spoken.

"Errol, you have some nerve to look down on Alexander."

"If he hears what you just said, you won't have enough lives to pay for it!"

"By the way, you were in the military too, but only as an ordinary soldier. You're not even qualified to be Alexander's boot polisher!"

Mockery and sarcasm filled the room.

In Celeste's beautiful eyes, disappointment had completely replaced any hope she once had for Errol.

"Errol, leave. I don't want to see you again."

Her tone was icy, keeping everyone at a distance.

Errol opened his mouth to respond.


Suddenly, the door to the private room burst open.

A towering man in military attire and a fierce gaze strode in, scanning the room with a sharp, oppressive presence.

Even from a considerable distance, the aura of intimidation was palpable.

"What kind of person are you? Don't you understand the rules? How dare you intrude on our Cantrell family's banquet? Quickly get out!"

Zeph Cantrell, the eldest son of the family, stood up and shouted.


In the next moment, a crisp slap echoed through the room.

Zeph was left in a daze, staring at his father in disbelief. "Dad, are you out of your mind? Why did you hit me?"


Simon Cantrell gave his son a fierce glare and spoke in a low voice. "Can't you see? He's wearing military insignia, and he's a fifth-rank Tiger Captain!"

Hearing this, Zeph was struck with fear, finally realizing that the man who had barged in had a distinguished status.

A fifth-rank Tiger Captain led thousands of soldiers, a rank equivalent to a high-ranking official in East Harbor City.

Definitely not someone they, the Cantrell family, could afford to offend!

Simon immediately nodded and bowed, walking up to the Tiger Captain with great deference. He asked, "Sir, may I ask why you're here? If there's anything our Cantrell family can assist with, please don't hesitate to ask!"

His attitude was exceptionally humble, practically ready to kowtow.

However, the next moment, the Tiger Captain took a step forward, bypassing Simon and continuing to move forward.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Everyone watched the Tiger Captain, wondering where he was heading in such a hurry.

Under the gaze of the masses, the Tiger Captain came to a halt in front of Errol.

"Strange? Is he here to see Errol?"

"Impossible! How could this waste know such a high-ranking figure?"

"Could it be... that he offended the Tiger Captain, and the latter is here to settle the score?"

While everyone speculated, the Tiger Captain made an unexpected move.


The Tiger Captain knelt on one knee, bowing before Errol, his face filled with excitement and reverence, shouting loudly:

"I am Melvin, paying my respects to the God of War!"