One Night With A Billionaire Alpha

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After finding out that her sister and fiance were having an affair, Tabitha fled and attended the party her best friend invited her to. In pain, she got heavily drunk and blacked out only to wake up in bed with a man. At first glance, Tabitha recognized the man as the second son of one of the most prominent companies in State Z. However, that night was a mistake, and Tabitha left with the intention of putting it behind her. Tabitha arrived home, only to find herself locked in her room by her family, forced to marry her fiance. But what happens when the second son of BlueDiamonds Enterprise comes to claim Tabitha as his own? Even more, this man, Silas, isn't just a billionaire, but a powerful person who is the future Alpha of Cerulean Moon Park.

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The betrayal

"I'm sorry, Sarafina, but I can't attend the party. Today is my sister's birthday, and I need to be there," Tabitha said on the phone as she drove her car to her house.

Tabitha had bought a cake for her sister, Bianca. She had also purchased a gift, and the thought of handing her sister the gift made Tabitha's heart beat faster.

Tabitha was excited. She couldn't wait to see the reaction on her sister's face when she wished her a happy birthday.

"I still laugh about how much you love your family. You still don't believe me when I say they don't love you. You don't need to attend her birthday, just come with me!" Sarafina, Tabitha's friend, said on the phone.

Sarafina's words irritated Tabitha.

"I've asked you not to make comments like that about my family. I find it offensive, and I'm going to end this call. Enjoy your party!" Tabitha responded, her voice tinged with anger.

Immediately after saying what she wanted to, Tabitha hung up the call.

Tabitha tossed her phone and focused on the road, fuming because of what her friend said or perhaps because her friend was right.

Regardless, Tabitha loved her family and didn't plan to listen to anyone's opinion about her family.

Soon, Tabitha arrived home, and the excitement she felt about giving her sister a gift filled her heart once more.

Tabitha carefully retrieved the cake from the passenger seat and then the gift she had bought for her sister. The gift was a beautiful dress, and its cost had been quite substantial, further emphasizing its value to Tabitha.

"I hope she likes it," Tabitha muttered as she envisioned the various reactions her sister, Bianca, might have when she received the gift.

With the cake and gift in hand, Tabitha made her way towards the entrance of her home, in a joyful mood.

"I don't think we should be doing this here, Donald," Bianca, a woman with short black hair, protested, pushing a man away.

"How can I resist you, Bianca?" Donald replied, pulling Bianca back into his embrace. He gazed at her with lust in his eyes as his hands roamed her body, eliciting a soft, suppressed moan from Bianca.

"Wouldn't you like a birthday present?" Donald asked, his breathing slightly heavy. His desire for Bianca was so intense that he had to rely on sheer willpower to restrain himself from indulging further.

"What if Tabitha catches us here?" Bianca inquired, her eyes locked with Donald's as his warm breath caressed her nose. While she wanted the same, she exercised caution. However, deep down, Bianca didn't really care if her sister caught them.

"Tabitha isn't home, darling. How about a birthday kiss?" Donald, who was actually Tabitha's fiancé, said to Bianca.

Tabitha entered the house, being careful with the way she carried the cake.

There was no actual party happening yet; any gathering was scheduled for the evening.

Tabitha had arrived early because she was too excited to wish her sister.

However, upon reaching the living room, she noticed how quiet the house was, so she gently placed the cake down and proceeded down the corridor that led to Bianca's room.

In the end, Bianca had agreed to let Donald in as they both succumbed to their carnal desires. They were passionately kissing their way into her room, and Tabitha managed to catch a glimpse of what was transpiring as they pushed each other into Bianca's room.

The intense desire between the two had become so overpowering that they were oblivious to Tabitha's approaching footsteps.

Tabitha's heart pounded fiercely, and she couldn't believe her eyes. She saw what she had seen but hoped deep down that it wasn't real.

Seeking confirmation, Tabitha headed straight to Bianca's room and cautiously opened the unlocked door.

The barely restrained moans and groans she could hear before she peeked into the room already painted a vivid picture of what was happening on the other side of the door. Still, she needed to see it with her own eyes.

Had she truly seen Bianca and Donald together, or had she made a terrible mistake?

Tabitha knew what she had seen and was merely trying to hold onto a glimmer of hope.

Bianca and Donald believed that Tabitha couldn't be home at that hour, but she was, and she caught them undressing in haste.

From what she witnessed, Tabitha realized that this couldn't have been their first time. The way they clung to each other made it painfully clear that they had been betraying her for a long time.

Tears welled up in Tabitha's eyes as she silently watched them. She left the door opened and quietly retreated from the scene.

Back in the living room, Tabitha gazed at the cake she had prepared for her sister on the center table. With trembling hands, she opened the cake box and used her fingers to smash the cake, consuming it herself.

"How could you do this to me?" Tabitha cried, the echoing moans throughout the house breaking her even more.

Tabitha was in tears. The person she had seen in Bianca's room was not an outsider; it was her own sister. How could she betray her like this?

No, how could they betray her?

Tabitha couldn't fathom the depth of the betrayal.

Tabitha, consumed by anger and heartbreak, tore the cake apart with her hands and devoured some of it.

Tabitha then turned her gaze to the box containing the beautiful dress she had purchased for Bianca.

Seeing the dress only intensified Tabitha's tears.

She swiftly removed her formal outfit and donned the dress meant for her sister.

Shortly after, Tabitha was on the phone with Sarafina outside the house.

"I'm coming."

Sarafina was excited that Tabitha had changed her mind and decided to attend the party.

However, instead of heading to the party, Tabitha entered her car and aimlessly drove around the city for hours. Her heart was shattered, and the idea of suicide even crossed her mind, but Tabitha didn't act on it.

Tabitha wept bitterly as she drove through the city, yearning for something to end her suffering, hoping for an accident or some misfortune. The pain and betrayal had taken a heavy toll on her.

Her heart was in pieces, and it felt as though her life had come to a devastating halt.

In her agony, she continued to weep.

When Tabitha brought her car to a stop, it was already night.

Even then, she rested her head on the steering wheel and continued to cry, overwhelmed by the excruciating pain she felt.

She recalled the five years she had spent with the man she had trusted.

Was it all a joke to him? Had he never been serious about their relationship?

Tabitha thought back to the moment she had discovered her sister and Donald in an intimate situation.

"How could you do this to me?" she muttered to herself as tears streamed down her face.

The pain was unbearable. Tabitha found it hard to breathe causing her to gasp for breath.

"How will I be able to go on, knowing that the man I've trusted all my life was a fake? He was the only one I thought understood me and my difficult life, but it was..."

Tabitha held her breath and struck the steering wheel in front of her.

"Ahhhh!" she screamed, unable to contain her anguish.

The car felt suffocating, prompting her to climb out, and moments later, she screamed again.

Inside Tabitha's car, her phone was ringing.

Sarafina was calling.

Tabitha remained lost in her sorrow, weeping and releasing the heavy burden in her heart.

After a while, Tabitha stopped shouting but continued to cry.

Her knees felt weak, so she sat on the floor, continuing to grieve.

It also pained Tabitha that she couldn't express her feelings to the people who had betrayed her.

After a few minutes, Tabitha reentered the car and drove away from that area, on her way to family house.