My Revenge Life,Fatty to Sexy

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Violet Marsh


Three years ago, she was silly. She lost her kidney and disfigured her face for her ex-boyfriend, which also almost lost her life! Three years later, she regained her beauty and came back gorgeously. She had to punish the bad guys!

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Chapter 1 Fatty, What Are You?

In a pink, girly room, Jocelyn Murphy held up a men's diamond watch and examined it repeatedly under the glow of the crystal lamp hanging overhead. This watch was a limited edition model she had chosen at the mall, believing that Joseph Stewart would adore it. Just then, her sister Gloria Murphy's video call came through. Jocelyn answered, and Gloria's face appeared on her phone screen, sporting a smug sneer.

"Dear sis, do you actually believe Joseph's excuse that he's busy today and won't be back until tomorrow?" Gloria taunted, filling Jocelyn with concern. "What do you mean?" Jocelyn asked, bewildered. Gloria's disdainful expression intensified as she spoke, her smile growing malicious.

"Haha, you're so naive, deserving to be cheated on. Here's my gift to you: open your eyes and see what it is." In just two minutes, the video unveiled an intimate scene between Gloria and Joseph. Judging from the background, they appeared to be on Joseph's living room sofa. So he was engrossed in an affair with her own half-sister?

For seven years, since she was eleven, Jocelyn had loved Joseph. He had been the sweet dream of her youth. She had given him almost everything, believing he would never betray her. The video revealed Gloria looking provocatively into the camera. "Joseph, have you done this with Jocelyn?" she asked, while Joseph, completely absorbed in his encounter with Gloria, seemed unaware of the camera's presence. This disgusting scene pierced Jocelyn's heart like a cold knife, causing unbearable pain that stole her breath.

Jocelyn raised her head and gazed at the dressing mirror opposite her. The flawless surface reflected her appearance in that moment—a once-famous beauty of the city who had now become overweight and freckled, merely a fat person. However, Joseph had claimed that she had gained weight because of him and promised to love her regardless.

Furious, she drove her sports car to Joseph's villa. The man and woman on the sofa were taken aback by her arrival. "What brings you here?" Joseph asked indifferently, his eyes revealing a hint of surprise. He calmly rose to his feet, donned his bathrobe, and walked towards her, his voice dripping with coldness. "Since you've witnessed this, well, Jocelyn, let's break up. I'm in love with your sister."

His words landed on her ears like a pair of cruel hands, tearing her bleeding heart into pieces. Gloria snickered arrogantly and put on Joseph's shirt, linking arms with him while displaying contempt on her face. "Joseph has long been disgusted with you; he just didn't know how to tell you."

Gloria's words poured over Jocelyn like a bucket of cold water, jolting her back to reality. In fact, she should have realized long ago that Joseph had treated her differently since she had become unattractive. She had foolishly convinced herself that his behavior was due to work stress.

"Yes, even if you hadn't seen this today, I planned to clarify it tomorrow. Jocelyn, you're not good enough for me. My family can't wait to get rid of you, so let's just break up. My family wants you to take responsibility for our love." Joseph continued coldly, showing no eagerness to marry this overweight woman. His words shattered her heart into even smaller fragments.

In the beginning, when Joseph's mother fell ill and required a kidney transplant, Jocelyn selflessly donated her kidney out of love for him. However, while his mother recovered, Jocelyn's own health deteriorated. The surgery left her with severe complications, causing rapid weight gain and freckles on her face, completely altering her appearance from the city's renowned beauty to an overweight individual. Rather than feeling remorseful, Joseph and his family developed a dislike towards her. Despite Joseph's infidelity, they expected Jocelyn, the victim, to bear the responsibility. Their actions were cruel and shameless, igniting an intense desire within Jocelyn to take revenge.

"Furious and filled with anger, Jocelyn clenched her fist, ready to strike Joseph's face. However, before her blow could land, Gloria grabbed her hand and forcefully shoved her to the ground, callously pressing her high-heeled shoe onto Jocelyn's hand. The sharp heel mercilessly crushed and rolled over her hand as Gloria coldly spoke, 'You donated your kidney willingly, nobody forced you. Stop using the kidney donation to make others feel guilty! You're not physically fit, so why do you blame others? Numerous people donate kidneys without complications, so why are you the only one suffering from the after-effects?'

As Gloria's words left her lips, the heel of her shoe pierced deeply into Jocelyn's skin, causing bright blood to gush from the wound. The excruciating pain spread throughout her body, though it paled in comparison to the heartache she experienced. Jocelyn struggled and fought back, but Joseph didn't give her a chance. He callously kicked her in the stomach and uttered indifferently, 'Stop it, Jocelyn...'

To her shock, not only did Joseph not intervene to stop Gloria, but he even joined in, aiding Gloria in tormenting her. Their viciousness was utterly outrageous. With a flirtatious smile towards Joseph, Gloria spoke in a delicate tone, 'Joseph, shall we continue?'

Joseph smiled and replied, 'Okay...'

Before they proceeded, Gloria added, 'But before that, can you get rid of this woman? I don't like her presence...'

Gloria's words prompted Joseph to grab Jocelyn's ponytail and drag her towards the door. He abruptly slammed the door shut, not bothering to spare her another glance.

After sobbing for a prolonged period, Jocelyn, feeling lifeless, entered her car and drove away from Joseph's villa with a sudden burst of speed. The pain in her abdomen, where she had been trampled, intensified, and her vision blurred. In the next moment, her sports car spun out of control, colliding with a large tree by the roadside. Due to her negligence in wearing a seatbelt, she was ejected from the car, landing in a snowbank nearby.

Struggling desperately to rise, Jocelyn found herself devoid of strength, her body throbbing with pain. Gradually, the falling snow covered her, bringing an icy coldness. Unbeknownst to anyone passing by, the body concealed under the snow was once the city's celebrated lady. The sharp pain radiated throughout her body, gradually fading her consciousness. She realized that her life was slipping away. It seemed absurd; she never anticipated such an ending.

As she teetered on the brink of unconsciousness, a pair of black leather shoes came into view...

Under the cover of night, Jocelyn vanished without a trace, leaving behind a solitary message to her father, Allen Murphy, claiming she was embarking on a journey. Subsequently, all communication abruptly ceased, leaving everyone in perplexity.

Speculations ran rife throughout the city, as people pondered the whereabouts of Jocelyn. Countless theories emerged, each offering a different opinion on her destination and motives. The mystery of her sudden disappearance gripped the community, fueling curiosity and gossip.

However, it was Joseph, her fiancé, who eventually unveiled the truth, staining the Murphy family name with disgrace. Word spread that Jocelyn had eloped with another individual, an act that brought shame upon her lineage.