My Hundred Billion Divorce

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Jared Farrell's marriage proposal was turned down by a country girl he never met! "Young Master, Miss Reed want to pay you five million dollars to call off the engagement." Jared Farrell only lightly raised his eyebrow, "No way." "Young Master, Miss Reed's just raised her offer to twenty million." Jared Farrell's lips curled into a smile, "Tell her I am giving her fifty million and, no way." "Miss Reed's just raised the number to one hundred million, and the engagement must be cancelled." "..." Jared Farrell could not help but feel a headache. Is his fiancée really going to smash him with the money just to cancel the engagement?

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Chapter 1 Meeting

At seven o'clock in the evening of July, the light on the horizon had not yet faded away.

On a mountain called The Margaret, in front of an unnamed tombstone.

Tina Reed, dressed in black casual clothes, stood in front of the tombstone, her exquisitely carved cheeks were cold, "Mom, tomorrow is the tenth anniversary, I listened to you and kept a low profile for ten years, tomorrow - I'm going back to the Reed family."

It was quiet all around, and the answer to her was the bustling sound of the wind.


A loud noise, Tina Reed turned her head, her clear and charming eyes narrowed together, then turned her head and looked not far away.

There was a black sedan parked there, the body of the car was skewed, the tire had burst.

A man got out of the car, dressed in black sportswear, his body swaying forward, as if he was injured.

Then more than a dozen people followed him, all dressed in black.

Jared Farrell looked back, his cold face covered with a layer of chill, he covered his abdomen with one hand, his lips pale.

"Don't run anymore, we've paid such a high price to catch you, you can't get away." The man in black approached Jared Farrell, the leader exuded a murderous aura, with no expression on his face.

"Just because of you guys?" Jared Farrell's long eyes narrowed, his voice as cold as ice.

The pain in his abdomen ravaged his brain, he felt the blood flowing out of his body, and feared he wouldn't last long.

"Then let's try." After the leader in black finished speaking, he attacked Jared Farrell.


Just then, a stone flew out of nowhere and hit the man in black. He only felt his tiger's mouth vibrate, and the man knelt on the ground.

The man in black's face changed drastically, he growled in a low voice, "Who is it?"

Tina Reed's voice was light and emotionless, "You disturbed my mother's rest, please go somewhere else to fight."

More than a dozen eyes looked at Tina Reed at the same time, all with solemn expressions.

Even Jared Farrell, in those sinister eyes, there was a touch of surprise.

In front of him were all international assassins, each capable of fighting ten opponents alone, but they were knocked down by a stone thrown by this teenage girl.

This girl - is not simple!

"Mind your own business, go die!" The leader's eyes turned cold, he whispered, "Kill!"

The rest immediately rushed forward.

Tina Reed's eyes shrank slightly, with some coldness.

"Be careful!" When the man in black rushed to Tina Reed, Jared Farrell had already moved.

Suddenly! Jared Farrell's footsteps stopped abruptly, and his ink-colored pupils were filled with incredulity.

More than a dozen killers didn't even have a chance to make a move before they all fell in front of Tina Reed.

And she still stood in place, her eyebrows and eyes calm, she didn't even blink.

If it wasn't for her hands that she hadn't retracted yet, Jared Farrell would have thought he was having hallucinations.

"Get lost!" Tina Reed's chin lifted slightly, her voice as cold as frost.

The man in black looked at her like a ghost, "Who exactly are you? What did you do to us?"

They still didn't know how they fell down.

They just saw this girl raise her hand, then sprinkle something like powder, and they fell down.

And they didn't even touch a hair on this girl.

Not waiting for Tina Reed to answer, the men in black all fainted.

Tina Reed glanced down at them, then turned to look at Jared Farrell, who was not far away.

With just this one look, Jared Farrell's heart missed a beat. What clear eyes, like a bright moon.

Jared Farrell collected his thoughts, walked over, and said gently, "Thank you."

Tina Reed glanced at him indifferently, "I didn't do it to save you!"

She just didn't want to be disturbed from talking to her mother.

After speaking, Tina Reed turned around, patted the tombstone, "I'm leaving, take care of yourself."

She was about to leave when Jared Farrell called out to her, "May I ask your name? So I can repay you in the future."

"I didn't mean to save you." Tina Reed waved her hand and continued walking forward.

"Wait..." With a thud, Jared Farrell fell straight down before he could finish speaking.

Tina Reed looked back, frowned, then lifted her foot to leave.

Unexpectedly, a gust of wind blew around her. Tina Reed stopped, looked up at the unnamed tombstone, "Do you want me to save him?" She was answered with silence. Tina Reed was silent for a moment, her voice a little helpless, "Then I'll save him!"

Tina Reed squatted down and pulled open Jared Farrell's clothes. With one glance, she could see that he was injured in the abdomen, quite severely.

But it was not a big problem.

She took out a small porcelain bottle from her backpack and sprinkled powder on the wound, then took out another porcelain bottle and took out a pill to feed Jared Farrell.

If Jared Farrell was awake at this moment, he would surely find that this pill was the highly sought-after healing pill on the black market. A single pill had been speculated up to 5 million, and was extremely scarce.

After feeding Jared Farrell the pill, Tina Reed didn't linger. She turned and left.

Ensford, Reed Family.

"As long as I live for one day, Tina Reed will never set foot in the Reed family door!" An angry voice rang out, audible throughout the villa.

In the middle of the living room, Tina Reed lifted her eyes slightly to look at the angry Old Mrs. Reed in front of her. Her peach blossom eyes were slightly lowered, under the deep pupils was a sea of calm.

At an angle no one could see, the corners of her mouth curled up in a mocking smile.

She had just been brought back by her father Hugo Reed, before she even got her footing, Old Mrs. Reed had gotten the news and summoned them here.

As soon as she walked in the door, Old Mrs. Reed made it clear she did not agree to let her come back.


"Mom! Tina is my daughter, your granddaughter."

Hugo Reed's hands hung tightly at his sides, gritting his teeth, deliberately restraining himself.

It had been ten years since he finally found his daughter. He was overjoyed, but he didn't expect that his mother would refuse to let Tina Reed come back, and would not give Tina Reed any face in front of the whole family.

"She is not worthy! I will never recognize her!" Old Mrs. Reed slapped the table fiercely, "My only granddaughter is Amber!"

Old Mrs. Reed's eyes turned to Tina Reed, those murky old eyes like a knife, cutting straight at her.

Tina Reed's eyes lifted slightly, meeting Elizabeth's gaze for a moment, then retracted her eyes.

Allowing Elizabeth to stare at her.

Hugo Reed looked up abruptly, "Now that I've found Tina, I won't let her leave my side again. Anyway, we've already split up the family, it's none of your business what I do!"

"You dare!" Elizabeth suddenly stood up and shouted angrily, "If you dare bring her back, I'll revoke your position and take back your shares!"

Hugo Reed sneered, "Position? Shares? Mom, I'm just a minor executive at the company now, earning a base salary of 4,000 a month. It was you who didn't want me to leave the company. As for the shares...didn't you take them all back?"

"You!" Old Mrs. Reed gnashed her teeth, "Are you deliberately trying to oppose me?"

She couldn't believe that her usually weak and incompetent son was defying her again and again for Tina Reed.

She knew Tina Reed and her dead mother were a curse, deliberately trying to undermine their mother-son relationship.

Just as Hugo Reed was about to speak, Amber Reed, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly spoke up, "Grandma, please agree to let my sister come back."

"Humph!" Although Elizabeth's expression softened a lot towards Amber Reed, she still snorted coldly, "Letting Tina Reed come back, dream on!"

" sister is Mr. Farrell's fiancée!" Amber Reed blinked, a smile at the corner of her mouth.