My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

2.0M · Ongoing
Lana Carr


She loved him for ten years. In order to marry him, she left everything behind. Getting married for one year, he asked her for divorce because of his first love. To keep the dignity, she agreed and said: "After divorce, we don't meet each other anymore." He replied: "Don't regret!" However, when the marriage ended, she did it. Years after, when she came back with a man, he begged:"Honey, go home with me!"

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Chapter 1 Never See You Again After Divorce

Hanyama Mansion.

This was Hance City's most beautiful villa.

A man got up from his bed in the master bedroom and walked into the bathroom with a blank expression on his face. Suddenly, he changed his demeanor, something Camille Armstrong had grown accustomed to. She got up and dressed herself, her face flushed beneath her long hair. She was stunningly beautiful, sexy and provocative.

"Sign this," said the man as he emerged from the bathroom with a soft icy look on his face and cool carelessness between his brows. He took a piece of paper from the drawer beside their bed and tossed it onto the mattress.

Camille lowered her gaze to read "Divorce Agreement" written in dazzling letters across it. Looking back at him incredulously, she asked: "You want a divorce?"

"Eileen is now awake, and I want to keep my promise to her," replied the man as he lit a cigarette; his handsome face turned stony.

Camille's eyes filled with disbelief; she was pale with lightly pursed lips as she mustered courage to ask again: "Is it necessary? Is there no other way around?"

"You should know why we got married in first place," replied he bluntly, implying that there were no other options available, “I've already failed Eileen once. I don't not want to hurt her again."

Envy flooded Camille when he mentioned Eileen's name so tenderly; she understood completely that Eileen Khan held an irreplaceable place in his heart after almost losing her life for him. In comparison, Camille meant nothing at all.

Her gaze remained emotionless yet calm while pondering for few seconds before uttering one clear word: "OK."

The man frowned slightly upon hearing such an indifferent voice, but only for about second before it disappeared entirely.

"You can ask anything you want; I can agree to any request as long as it's reasonable," said he calmly.

Camille raised her head. She was cold and clear-headed, and her eyes remained gentle. "I have only one request."

"Say it."

"We will never see each other again after our divorce." Her eyes were filled with determination.

The man's eyes bore into Camille's as he spoke in a low, husky voice. "Camille, are you mad at me?"

Camille responded with a light smile. "Of course not, what makes you think so?" She meant every word she said.

However, Ayan Simpson didn't seem to be convinced. His dark eyes flashed with a hint of darkness as he frowned slightly and raised his eyelids. "I asked you to make a request, not be angry. Never see each other again? Don't you find it a little childish?"

"Being childish? This is my request; I don't need anything else," she replied coldly.

Camille was afraid that she would lose control of her emotions and start crying in front of him, so she quickly turned around and picked up the divorce agreement without even looking at it. Briskly, sharply and without hesitation.

It was heartbreaking for Camile because nobody knew that she had been in love with this man for ten years- nobody except herself. Her lips pursed tightly together as she refused to shed any tears while remembering how considerate Ayan had been towards her during their first year of marriage- all the care and support that any wife could ask for from her husband. She fell into an illusion where there was only him, but forgot about the third person who always lingered in his heart.

Now it was time to return what belonged to its rightful owner: his heart.

She exhaled quietly before turning back towards Ayan and asking him when the formalities would be done.

Ayan frowned upon hearing this question; after being together for one year already, he couldn't believe that the woman who had always been gentle could be so eager to get rid of him now.

As he narrowed his eyes indifferently at her question before responding: "Are you in such a hurry? You know we can never avoid seeing each other again since Grandpa and other people from the Simpsons love you dearly. Don't you even want to keep in touch with them?"

"You're the one who filed for divorce, Ayan." Camile argued helplessly while feeling like someone had stabbed her heart repeatedly with knives inside out. "Do you still want to mind my business?"

She forced herself into putting on an easy smile despite feeling like dying inside bit by bit every second they were talking about their separation like it meant nothing significant anymore between them both..."Do you know that your words might make me think that there's a part of you that doesn't want me to leave?" Camille asked Ayan. She didn't dare to meet his gaze but forced a smile and continued, "Or maybe you're not in love with Eileen but with me?"