My Boss Wants Me In His Bed

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"Have you forgotten our agreement? Or do you want me to remind you?" "You're not allowed to talk to any other man till you conceive my child Vanessa. I don't want to see you with my brother." "I'm sorry sir." I whispered softly, I felt so uncomfortable with the way his eyes were fixed on me, on my body. This towel is going to slip off any moment now, I thought, as I tried to back away from him. But he grabbed my arm tightly, pulling me closer to him. "I'll make sure you remember our agreement, Vanessa. And I always get what I want, you're mine alone." he said, his lips curling into a dangerous smile. **** Vanessa has been working as a maid for Dimitri, the CEO of Ian Company, for years. She has always been drawn to him despite his rude and harsh personality. Dimitri needs an heir within five years to inherit all his late father's properties, or his stepbrother will take over. Hence Vanessa his maid comes into the picture, he wants an heir from a reliable source, he wants the child not the woman, someone he has known for years. He then offers the contract to his maid who has been working with him for years. As they continue their arrangement, Dimitri's possessiveness towards Vanessa starts to increase, and he becomes jealous of any man who looks at her. He starts to blur the line between business and pleasure. Things start to get hotter, but when Dimitri's past comes back to haunt him, and they find themselves in grave danger. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that come their way?

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“ I can’t believe the old bastard did this to me ”

I keep thinking as fresh, raw grief makes its way under my skin while I’m watching the coffin holding the person I most detest sink into the ground.

“ Even from the grave, beyond death, the old maggot still finds a way to sink his claws into my life. Trying to tear my happiness away.” I say to Carter as we both watch.

“ I guess the devil has finally met his match if this man still has a way to torment you from the depths of hell” he replies while tilting his imaginary hat in fake reverence.

I wish I could just punch him across the face, to break that perfectly structured nose. I know that everyone, especially the women would go into fits on that one and I’m ready to take on whatever comes after but what good would it do my reputation to punch my best friend at my father’s funeral.

I guess I could just blame it on my supposed grief. That would be very satisfying seeing as the smug idiot chooses to find the humor in my plight. I can see the tingle in his eyes and the stupid smirk playing across his lips.

At least someone is getting his daily dose of humor.

Trent, on the other hand, cannot seem to get his attention away from his phone. I’m sure he’s waiting on a call from one of his fuck buddies or “ lady companions ” as he loves to call them.

I really hope whoever she may be, she’s damn worth it cause what should be more important than his best friend at his father’s funeral. Nothing should be more important than me right now. Not that I expect the world to stop for me when I suddenly have issues but it should.

He suddenly tears his gaze from his phone and raises his head to look across from us and wait! I can’t read the look on his face. Is that longing or has my grief left me half blind and delusional? Whatever it is, I do not care to find out right now.

I look away from him to stare in the direction he’s looking and there they are. The wild and shameful bunch. She’s not even ashamed, wailing so loudly with all these people staring. I’m not even surprised. It is to be expected when you go to the suburbs, find some cheap trash, dress it upand bring it to the city.

Doesn’t change the fact that it came from the dump.

“God! I hate her so much.”

Can someone just rip out her vocal cords so that I wouldn’t have to listen to this. It really is just stupid.

Rina Williams or Ian seeing as she was married to the old dirt bag before his death. My father’s whore.

The one who stepped into our lives and ruined it before I was even born. She couldn’t even take her time to get dressed properly and look presentable like a member of a high class family. She really is such a disgrace. Guess my father could not manage to bend and break this one. With her flawless, milky skin and her dainty features, I see why my father could not let her go despite being married to my mother.

Despite the state she’s in, she still manages to look pretty. If I didn’t hate her so much, I would probably hit on that despite her age and relationship with my father. At least to see what ticked my father’s obsession. It’s no wonder Carter used to have a crush on her.

“I must be going crazy or why the fuck would I be this thinking this?”

Next to her, are the bastard children. Stephan to her right and Alana to the left, sobbing while trying to hold her mother back. They really make up the sight of a perfect family that lost an important part of it.

“ So what are you going to do now that your father could not leave your inheritance to you without adding a clause that gives his favorite son an advantage?” Brian suddenly speaks up.

“ I’d sooner feed my balls to reptiles than hand over my family’s legacy to his bitch and her bastards” I reply without holding back on the obvious hate and bitterness I feel toward them. I look up at them and Cater has this mischievous smile on his face.

“ Then I guess it’s time to find you a bride."