My Bloody Revenge

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Abused, raped and screamed at is everyday happenings for Lyra but one night she prefers to take her chances with a raging storm hoping to escape. If not at least let nature take her life instead of giving that pleasure to the abusive husband Lyra never wanted. WARNING: this story contains bad language, abuse, rape and might not be suitable for all readers.

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Chapter 1: My Bloody Revenge

Dressed up like a doll on display she nods at everything he says. Smiles at the right places and

wishes him a safe trip with a sweet voice and a soft kiss to his dry, chapped lips. Like the good

doll she is, she follows him to the door where he gives her a kiss. It’s a hard, rough and

demanding kiss that mirrors the man itself. A kiss of ownership, not love. Closing the heavy

wooden door, she walks through the dimly lit hallway and back to her room. Leaning against

the large floor to ceiling window she fakes another smile and waves to the man outside. She

remains by the window long after the car has left.

Dark clouds sweep in, signaling incoming rain. The once still trees begins to sway softly to the

wind. The world outside is starting to look like how she feels on the inside. Only difference is

the rain washes away the dirt giving the world a new start but for her, there is no shower or

bath in the world that can make everything go away. Nothing can wash away the feeling of

being used. While standing by the window small drops of rains starts to patter against the

window but quickly turns into heavy rain.

Everything is quiet except from the rhythmic sound of heavy rain against the windows.

What once started as light autumn rain slowly built up until it roared out into a full-blown storm

with a howling wind threatening to destroy everything in its path. Trees no longer sway

leisurely to a soft blowing wind. Now the bow down, just like her.

For the first time since all of this began, she doesn't fear for her life. For years people has used

her for their own pleasure. Their own amusement and no matter what she's done, he always

finds a way to punish her and its useless to struggle against him. Even obeying earned her scars.

More wounds, pain and tears. Standing there looking at the raging storm a small smile tugs at

her lips. The opportunity she's been craving has finally come and nothing will hold her back.

Either the storm will take her or he will and she prefers mother nature to be the one to take her

life instead of him. The weather gives her the much-needed head start and it will wash away all

traces of directions making it harder for him to find her. Wishing life could be different she

takes a deep breath then slowly breathes out. Braids her long, red, hair into a French fishtail

braid and drops all jewelry on the floor as she takes them off. Necklace, earrings, bracelets and

rings. With her head held high for the first time since forever, she leaves the depressingly dark

room then walks down the long stairs followed by the equally depressing hallway and right out

to the raging storm where she just disappears in the blur. Hoping to forever be gone from this

world. Left behind in the dark, depressing room is a lonely black leather book, lying open by the

window together with all the jewelry scattering the floor and the wedding ring.