Mr. Super

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He aimed to be the strongest man! The city witnessed how one man made great achievements and became a legendary figure standing proudly at the pinnacle!


Chapter 1: A Bloody Escape

South America, Amazon Rainforest, deep within the heart.

The normally silent rainforest was suddenly shattered by the sound of rapid gunfire. The damp air immediately filled with the pungent smell of gunpowder.

Through the dense trees, a tall figure burst forth—no, it was two people. One figure was slung over the other's back, judging by the graceful curves, it was a woman.

Even with someone on his back, his speed and agility were unaffected. He moved like the wind, silent and swift.

As the gunfire behind them gradually faded, the figure slowed down and stopped in a low shrubbery. He cautiously surveyed his surroundings before coming to a halt.

Stanley Burke gently laid the woman on the ground. She was a young woman, her eyes closed as if she had fainted. Even in this state, her exquisite beauty was undeniable.

Her face was as pure as jade, naturally flawless, representing an extreme form of beauty.

Stanley checked her vital signs and confirmed she was not in immediate danger. He spoke into his earpiece in a low voice, "Frankie, Frankie, do you copy?"

After a moment of silence, there was no response from the earpiece.

Stanley's face darkened under his camouflage paint. He tried contacting two more comrades but received no reply. The implication was clear.

Taking a deep breath, Stanley made one last attempt to contact another comrade: "Max, Max, do you copy?"

Immediately, a chillingly cold voice responded through the earpiece: "You can't escape."


The earpiece emitted a harsh noise as if it had been crushed on the other end.

Stanley clenched his fists, his eyes filled with bloodlust. An almost tangible aura of murderous intent emanated from him like a volcano ready to erupt.

Removing his earpiece, Stanley suppressed his rage and became eerily calm—a state that those who knew him feared most.

When Satan is angry, rivers of blood flow!

This reputation wasn't earned lightly but through countless battles and killings in the Dark World.

Stanley began examining his numerous wounds. His body was covered in injuries; even slight movements caused blood to seep out.

Escaping with an unconscious woman through enemy traps seemed nearly impossible. But for Stanley, "impossible" didn't exist.

Several kilometers away, in a forest scarred by battle.

A scruffy-faced man held an earpiece. He was tall and muscular, dressed in camouflage with rolled-up sleeves revealing bulging muscles. A fallen Chulae warrior lay before him, limbs incomplete but with an unyielding expression on his soot-blackened face.

"One man managed to kill fifteen of my warriors within our encirclement. Unbelievable. But this ends now; there's one more loose end."

The scruffy-faced man spoke coldly. His eyes flashed with murderous intent as he commanded loudly: "The target is at twelve o'clock with a woman. Notify squads four and five to intercept from both sides. Viper and Scorpion, lead all warriors to surround them quickly. That woman is worth a hundred million dollars!"

"Roger that!"

Two men around the battlefield responded. Armed to the teeth and exuding a deadly aura from countless battles, they organized nearly twenty warriors using the rainforest's terrain for cover and pursued swiftly.

The scruffy-faced man also moved forward. Passing by the fallen Chulae warrior's body, he tossed aside the crushed earpiece he had been holding.

Deep within the forest clearing.

Amari Atkinson slowly woke up to blinding light. Blinking several times to adjust, she found herself lying on dry ground surrounded by towering trees with sunlight filtering through dense leaves creating dappled shadows.

Where am I?

Amari's expression grew tense as panic flickered in her beautiful eyes. Her last memory before fainting was of a massive explosion followed by darkness. Before losing consciousness completely she felt strong warm arms holding her—everything after that was blank until now.


A deep magnetic voice startled her.

Amari looked up to see a figure standing like a statue several meters away on a small clearing.

Seeing this figure brought warmth to her heart like finding an anchor amidst chaos; her fear subsided significantly replaced by inexplicable safety and comfort.

But then pain pierced her heart like needles; tears welled up uncontrollably at what she saw next—the man’s upper body covered in scars some still bleeding crisscrossing like a bloody canvas—a horrifying sight indeed.

At that moment he held a military knife cutting into his waist wound removing infected flesh before reaching inside presumably extracting shrapnel or bullets lodged within.

Amari’s heart tightened; she wanted to speak but words failed her feeling helpless wanting desperately to assist yet clueless how—knowing without him she’d already be captured facing fates worse than death at hands of armed militants during their escape journey thus far…

Always seen as strong independent—a stone-cold fox—rarely showing emotions yet witnessing this man’s bravery responsibility fearlessness stirred something deep within touching her profoundly…

Stanley finally extracted bullet tossing it aside turning towards Amari now sitting up speaking coldly: “There’s water ahead along with some wild fruits roots eat them all—they may taste bad but won’t starve you—you have five minutes.”

He then walked away tearing military vest into strips bandaging waist wound knowing leaving bullet would hinder actions risk infection aware consequences such wounds could bring in damp rainforest environment…

Amari bit lip accustomed somewhat commanding tone from him during escape journey—a fact hard-to-believe if known back home where men treated her like goddess respectfully cautiously unlike this domineering cold-faced man…

Yet hunger drove Amari drinking water eating unripe bitter wild fruits despite awful taste finishing them resolutely…

Standing up moving towards clearing unnoticed picking blood-stained bullet tightly gripping it feeling emotional turmoil…

Stanley finished bandaging wound putting on camouflage uniform glancing at Amari noticing torn dress revealing long white legs—an alluring sight indeed despite having seen many beauties none matched her elegance charm…

Unaware who she truly was but recognizing extraordinary background grateful for her resilience aiding their escape mission—to protect escort her safely out evading enemy encirclement until reinforcements arrived…

“Time’s up!”

Stanley stood holding removed bulletproof vest handing it over sternly commanding: “Wear this.”

“No—you need it more,” Amari protested softly yet firmly met with unyielding tone: “Wear it!”

Reluctantly complying feeling mixed emotions she donned vest following Stanley leading way armed with 99 Sniper Rifle navigating forest not forward but doubling back…

Heart pounding knowing another battle loomed sensing pre-combat aura radiating from Stanley—calm composed unflinching readiness…