Mafia's Curves

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Everything was a mistakecoming to spent my break with my aunt who works at his house,looking at him,His flirtatious kinda crooked smilemy heart beating fast at his sight,he cocky attitude that pissed me off as well as swoop me off my feet,but most importantly fall for the manwhore mafia and sleeping with him!************He leisurely walked towards me shirtless, does he really not know the affect he has on me? I tried to ignore him and pressed my things tighter under the kitchen island.He sat by my side, "good morning everyone!" He said and a series of good morning was heard. I too mumbled softly and continued eating my breakfast, I jumped when I felt a callous hand on my thigh I looked up to see Hayden being the owner who was nonchalantly talking to Jason with a smirk on his face.I tried to pry his hands off me but on a contrary his grip became tighter. His hands travelled dangerously close to my wet core, I was silently panting and biting my lips from stopping myself from moaning. "Fallon can you go get me a shirt?" Hayden asked me, I nodded and went upstairs to his room. I took out a plain red T-shirt and was about to close the when a hard body pressed me againt the wall. Hayden's sea green eyes were clouded with lust, he picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist, he gripped my ass and ravished my mouth like there is no tomorrow.

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Chapter 1

Fallon's POV

"Please remember to the assignment, study and definitely have fun during the vacation, class dismissed" our professor said and walked out of the class.

"Urgghh finally!!" My best friend Mia groaned and stretched out on the seat, I chuckled at her and packed my bags.

"Where will you be going for the holidays?" Mia asked as we exited the class, "I don't know maybe go for a vacation or just stay in, what about you?" I asked looking at her which instantly changed to an excited one, "well me and my cousins are going for a mini world trip-ish that will only be 3 months long, we'll mainly be in Europe. Honestly I would love if you could join, you know you should live a little because someday when you look back you won't have anything to laugh at!" She looked at me seriously, I can't agree any more but I don't like....people..

We said our goodbyes and went our different directions, I sat down in the bus that directly took me to my house. I decided to sell my old car and save a few more dollars to buy a good car, you see I don't come off from a very well off family but that doesn't mean that I am broke, I am from a middle class family. I actually don't have a family, my real parents abandoned me in my mother's sister's door step (my aunt) they didn't want a girl and didn't wanna take care of me so they left with a note attached to my basket that said , 'she is your niece and we don't want her, take care of her..maybe?'

Yeah my asshole parents wrote that, I mean come on who writes 'maybe' after that bullshit!! just straight up rejection. I got to know this when I was 18 now I am 22 but that wasn't what I was sad about the fact that all those years whom I thought was my mom is actually my aunt but fuck it! a mother is that person who brings you up not who gave birth.

So more about me, I am actually a m.b.b.s student and this is my last year as a student and after the spring break (4 months) I will officially be a doctor. My train of thoughts were broken by my phone ringing, it's my mom, "hey mum! How are you?" I chippered

"I am good sweetheart, what about you? So has your vacation started?" She asked cautiously

"Yeah, well it has begun from today but did you need anything?" I got up from my seat as the stop had arrived.

"I won't beat around the bush so, I want you to spend sometime with me here in my workplace" I knew this was coming and honestly I do too wanted to spend sometime with her so I agreed.

"Wow really? I thought it will need more buttering but anyway, I have asked the boss and he has no problem so you can stay here for a month or two. Omg!!! It's going to be so exciting!!" She screeched, I chuckled at her childish behaviour, she is 43 and yet behaves like a 13 year old.

"Anyway, be on the private dock of the De'luca's, just say your name in front of the security gate and they'd let you pass. So you have to leave the day after tomorrow and please be there by 1 p.m" she instructed, I rolled my eyes at her as I struggled to open the door to my house while balancing the phone between my shoulder and ear.

"Yeah don't worry I'll be there, can't wait to see you! Bye momma, I have reached home" I said keeping down my bag on the couch and heading to my room, "yeah okay, even I have to go so bye but be there on time!!" She said and cut the call.

I kept on phone on the table and went to take a bath.

I wrapped a long towel on me and walked to my closet and took out a basketball shorts and a t-shirt, aahhh peace in loose clothes!! (A/n: relatable?)

I went to my cozy cozy, inviting bed, I fell as sleep as soon as I hit the bed, well no maybe after stalking some hot men...hehe *wink* *wink*




After waking up I did nothing but order take out and watch Netflix while being wrapped in the bedsheet till evening, yeah I forgot to shower as well. At 5 o clock, I made my bed and washed the dishes, after running all the chores, I went inside the small closet and started packing up my bags.

Mom used to teach in elementary school before but due to some scandals and rumours she was kicked out of the school and now jobless and me being just an underage kid, she had to do something so she doesn't lose my custody. Then she got a job as a maid in the De'luca's which paid ten times better than the school and even after me being an adult, she wants to work there. This house where I am living is actually her's, she gave me the join ownership of the house on my 20th birthday before that I used to live in a rental apartment, but since last 2 and a half years I have been living here which is great.

I packed a bunch of jeans, tops, t-shirt, one-piece and few dresses. You see I am a big girl with huge ass and tits I am very insecure about it but I want a good tan so that's why I packed a couple of swimming costume. After that I picked out some clothes that I'll wear tomorrow and as I don't wanna take any dirty laundry with me or put them away to rot in the washroom I just slept naked. I looked at my naked self in the mirror with disgust, I have tummy, love handle, cellulite, stretch marks, chunky thighs and man shoulders.

A tear slipped through my eyes and my heart started throabing, these all are the reasons why he left me. I wasn't good enough nor will I ever be, he was right! I just shook my head and headed to bed maybe this trip will help ease out the pain.

Not knowing how right and wrong I was at the same time.





The next morning

I woke up at 10 in the morning, I had a lot of time left so I decided to eat a nice breakfast in the near café, I went in the shower and washed myself with my favourite raspberry body wash with the same flavoured shampoo.

I wore a white v neck t-shirt with a high waisted blue jeans and a red flannel. I wore my favourite adidas shoes and went to the café.

I ordered a nice French toast with avocado, bacons, sausage and coffee. I went home to pack the toiletries and then I was off to the dock and within half an hour I reached there, the cab left me in front of the gate where security was eyeing me which made me shift my weight from one leg to another.

I timidly made my way to the security, "ummm..I am Fallon" I awkwardly said not looking at the guard whose eyes were burning hole on my face. "Yes, you may go the boat will be here any moment now" he said and pressed a button by which the door automatically opened.

I made my way to the dock only to discover a bunch of skinnies barely covered in anything who were also looking at me in disgust, some even snickered at me, I looked down I could feel my inner bitch telling me how worthless I am and I should kill myself. All these beauties, skinny, tall and flawless everything that I am not, I just wanted to go back home and cry on my bed, just then a hand was place on mine I snapped my head to wards the person.

She was a beautiful young redhead who offered a warm smile, "hey I am Elisabeth!" I gave her a forced smile

"Hi..I am Fallon" I introduced

"Wow such a nice name! You know it means leader?" She said and pulled me with her in front of the dock.

"You too have a nice name!" I awkwardly said, she looked at me in amusement and shook her head

"You don't have to be so uncomfortable and please ignore these bitches. They have no life so the only thing they do is judge and suck dicks!" She said making a disgust face which made me laugh a little.

Soon an extravagant yacht arrived , we all carried out bags into the boat and sat down, the captain said it'll be a half and hour journey. I sat with Elisabeth and throughout the ride we...well she made fun of these 'curveless bitches' but I have to say even if she is skinny, she has curves to die for. Anyway some jokes were so funny that I went into crazy fits of laughter which was joined by her too.

After that we got to know each other, she is here to move in with her brother and her boyfriend who too work for the De'luca's. I told her about my mom/aunt, "ohhh you're Martha's daughter!! She is an amazing woman, I lover her" she said I smiled at her, " yeah she is am amazing woman, I'll agree on that....anyway are these people visiting their family as well?" She snorted, "family? No they are here for some dicks and a minute of popularity!!" Her bluntness made me a little shy and my cheeks tinted red in embarrassment. She punched my cheeks and awed, this girl literally has no filter!

Then we talked more and I told her about myself like what I want to be, my hobbies etc she did that too. I found out that she is a computer programmer but she is new and she loves to hack things! She is damn cool, beauty with brains.

Soon we arrived at the destination but before that we exchanged numbers so that we'd hangout sometime in the future. I pulled my bags out but before I could actually analysis something a woman jumped on me, I wrapped my arms around her petite figure and hugged her like my life depended on it.

"I missed you so much baby!!" She said and started kissing my entire face, she pulled back and there were some unshed tears in her eyes, I hugged her again and kissed her cheeks, "I missed you too mumma!!" I said with a genuine smile.

She ushered me to come with her as instructed some people to take my bags and keep them in my room.

I walked with her as we caught up more though we talk almost every day, she looks more happy and healthy maybe it's better she stays here, she is happy and that's all that matters.

We walked for a few more minutes then we came across a huge..I mean huggggeeeee house, "woaahhh, that's fucking big!!!" I exclaimed (a/n: that's what she said *wink* * wink*) mom chuckled and pulled me in the house and honeyyyyyy the interior is more beautiful than the outside!

I looked up at everything hypnotized by the beauty of the house/mansion. "You done drooling at my house?" A strong husky voice said from behind me, I turned around............... I take back what I just said, I have never seen something or someone as beautiful and hypnotic as this man standing in front of me.

I was paralyzed by his beauty, he came a little close and stood beside mom, "she is your daughter?" His voice sent pleasurable shivers down my spine, he look at me with a smirk, "yeah she is my daughter! Isn't she beautiful!" Mom exclaimed

"How did a fine piece of factory like you.. manufactured this defective piece?" He told my mom, who gasped and hit his arms. Okay that hurt, I came back from my stance when he said that, pressed my lips in a thin line and looked down, I had tears in my eyes but refused to meet anyone's eye.

"Mom can I go to my room?" I asked in a cracked voice

"Awe honey yes, Damon can you please show her room, it's beside mine" she told to a guy.

I didn't look at the guy, he just told me to follow him which I did but kept my head down, I could hear mom telling him not to misbehave with me but come one the guy is right, she is a beautiful skinny woman with long silky brown hair and blue eyes while me...I have boring black hair and weird brown eyes.