His Overwhelming Power

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Who is he? He is the person standing at the pinnacle of order! He is also the existence that terrifies everyone! The first forbidden myth to leave the Island of Heaven! His power is overwhelming; he is as wealthy as a nation; invincible in the world! The return of the Heavenly King causes all beings to prostrate themselves!


Chapter 1 Farewell to Dark Sovereign!

There was a place in the world—unmarked on maps, undetectable by satellites.

It was called Paradise Island, renowned as the sanctuary for the world's elite!

Once inside, all laws dissolved, shielding inhabitants from consequences, no matter their deeds.

Once, the western powers dispatched a force of 300,000 soldiers in an attempt to conquer Paradise Island, only to suffer complete annihilation...

Many forces and experts had sought to destroy Paradise Island, but without exception, all had failed.

Yet the price for entering was that one must remain there forever!

Because there were ten island guardians who were unbeatable!

But today, the myth that no one had ever left Paradise Island was shattered!

That person was the "Dark Sovereign" of Paradise Island—Ralphie Morgan!

Within Paradise Island, a saying was widely spread—there were two things in this world that one should not look directly at: the sun, and the Dark Sovereign.

"Farewell to the Dark Sovereign!"


The people of Paradise Island stood together, devoutly performing worship gestures, shouting aloud.

They gazed at the god in their hearts with fervent and reverent eyes!

They bid farewell to their sovereign, the pinnacle of their adoration.

Arriving at the exit, the ten island guardians were already waiting with dozens of people.

They were representatives of all the residents of Paradise Island!

"Dark Sovereign, the world's strongest assassin organization will serve you from now on!"

"Dark Sovereign, the world's most powerful mercenary group will serve you from now on!"


These people were either the kings of assassins or the emperors of mercenaries, all vying for Ralphie to take over their organizations.

Finally, an elder, deeply moved, grasped Ralphie's hand, "Dark Sovereign, as long as you accept this card, one-tenth of the world's wealth will belong to you! The Northbound's number one financial conglomerate, the Obsidian Gold Syndicate, will be at your service alone!"

This old man, before being imprisoned, once was dubbed the Bill Gates of the underworld, possessed riches rivaling small nations.

Ralphie accepted it.

These things were of no use within Paradise Island, but they were valuable outside.

The ten island guardians gazed at Ralphie, their expressions complex.

Paradise Island can contain everything in this world, but it cannot contain the person before them!


The gate of the paradise, capable of withstanding nuclear weapons, slowly opened.

"In fact, I could have defeated you when I was fourteen!"

The person had left, but the voice still lingered from afar!

The ten island guardians trembled all over!


As Ralphie departed from Paradise Island, his mind raced with thoughts of his past.

He was originally the young master of the Dragon City, the Morgan family, the number one family of the Dragon Kingdom.

The Morgan family was regarded as the leader of a hundred clans.

The family was filled with talented individuals, spanning across the military, business, and political realms.

His father, Ellis Morgan, had astonishing talents and was the first heir to the head of the Morgan clan!

Ralphie should have enjoyed limitless glory, born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

But he was just a bastard!

The Morgan clan looked down on Beatrice Davidson due to her humble background, deeming her unworthy of marrying into the Morgan clan.

Furthermore, they believed that her illegitimate child would taint the bloodline of the Morgan family and refused to let the child be born, seeking to eliminate the mother and child.

Pregnant Beatrice fled from Dragon City, facing numerous assassination attempts and life-threatening dangers.

She later gave birth to Ralphie with the help of her best friend, Nicole Kelly, in Rosall City.

Nicole later became Ralphie's godmother.

In order to avoid implicating Nicole, Beatrice took Ralphie and fled abroad.

It was in a critical moment of danger that they unexpectedly encountered the master of Paradise Island!

At Beatrice's pleading, the master of Paradise Island took Ralphie back to Paradise Island.

She left a note for Ralphie—stating that he must stay on Paradise Island for his entire life and never entertain thoughts of leaving, let alone seeking revenge against the Morgan family!

But how could Ralphie possibly stay on Paradise Island for his entire life?

He wanted to go out and find his mother, and he wanted to seek revenge!

The rule of Paradise Island—leaving is permissible, as long as one can defeat the ten island guardians!

However, the island guardians were unbelievably strong!

No one could defeat them!

Since he could remember, Ralphie's goal had been to defeat the island guardians.

He apprenticed under the master of Paradise Island and learned extraordinary skills.

In fact, he could have defeated the island guardians at the age of fourteen!

But he had waited another six years because he needed to suppress the Primordial Flame Venom within his body, which resided beneath the Earth Veins of Paradise Island.

Someone had poisoned him with the Primordial Flame Venom before he was born!

By the time the master of Paradise Island discovered it, it was too late to eradicate it and it could only be suppressed but not completely eradicated!

Now, leaving was also related to the exhaustion of the Earth Veins here, which could no longer suppress his Primordial Flame Venom.

In the following months, Ralphie searched for his mother's whereabouts while taking over organizations like the Obsidian Gold Syndicate and recruiting a group of powerful figures as his subordinates.

He also took the opportunity to avenge and clear the grievances of many of the top warriors on the global list of the hundred greatest war gods, as well as the strongest individuals on the assassin and mercenary lists, all for the sake of his old friends on Paradise Island.

However, there were hardly any clues about his mother, and all signs pointed to the Dragon Kingdom!

Afterward, Ralphie contacted his godmother, intending to return to the Dragon Kingdom.

Before returning to the Dragon Kingdom, the Obsidian Gold Syndicate made preparations in advance, making a high-profile entrance into Rosall in the Dragon Kingdom, causing a stir.

Upon returning home, Ralphie only brought the leader of the four emperors of the dark world in the West, who was also the controller of the Obsidian Gold Syndicate.

He was now Ralphie's servant!

This return had multiple aims:

First, to find his mother;

Second, to repay his godmother's kindness;

Third, to seek a way to suppress the Primordial Flame Venom;

Fourth, to seek vengeance!

On the private plane, just as they were about to reach Rosall, the Shadow Emperor suddenly received a significant message.

"Master! The four guardians of the Dragon Kingdom have joined forces to lead all the strong individuals of the four war god shrines to block your entry into the Dragon Kingdom!"

"Anyone who obstructs me will die!" Ralphie declared.

At Rosall International Airport, Nicole, her husband Dillon Cole, and their daughter Skyla Cole awaited.

"What? Mom, you're letting someone completely irrelevant stay in our house?"

Skyla couldn't imagine having a strange man suddenly living in her home.

Nicole, on the other hand, was excited, "What do you mean, completely irrelevant? He's my godson, and he even has an engagement with you."

"Mom, I absolutely disagree with this!"

Skyla, a renowned beauty in Rosall and the university belle with countless suitors, couldn't accept it.

Her father, Dillon, a billionaire in Rosall, only added to her sense of superiority. She held herself in high regard, looking down on even the elites in Rosall, let alone those from the capital!

Her ideal type was the Kunlun War God from the Dragon Kingdom!

He ranked first on the global list of the hundred greatest war gods!

When Nicole mentioned Ralphie, she instinctively compared him to the Kunlun War God.

It was like the difference between heaven and earth.

He had to live in her house and be under the same roof.

He even had to get married?


Dillon spoke up, "It's not easy to marry off my daughter. He has to show extraordinary ability or background! At the very least, he has to surpass me!"

Before Nicole could say anything else, the airport descended into chaos.

Countless figures in black appeared.

The airport was sealed off.

No one was allowed to enter or leave.

Vehicles and personnel from the war god shrines appeared, surrounding the airport.

"This is the Kunlun War Shrine!"

Skyla, who was familiar with the Kunlun War God, exclaimed.

"This is the Celestial Tactics War Shrine!"

"The Asura War Shrine..."

"The Shadow Dragon War Shrine..."

She was exclaiming in succession.