His Little Mistress

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In a chaotic world where predictability was far-fetched, the bullet of one man had killed thousands. I stared into his eyes, his facade giving nothing away, but darkness whirled in his eyes as they could pierce right into my soul. Damon Antonio, a mysterious man who sought no other woman except me, an ordinary orphan with a traumatic past, when my scars were visible and invisible. It was unclear why it was me he wanted, but his dark eyes gave nothing away. Having been sold by my uncle, to a man that held so much authority, I had to do whatever he told me to do. I had to follow his principles, I had to submit to him. I was terrified of him, being that he was so unpredictable. It turned out that Damon Antonio had bought me in order to marry me. I wanted to scream, to say no, but his presence alone choked all the words in my throat. I was just a weakling to a man who dealt with his enemies like they were nothing but animals. Drug dealing was his major, his wealth was extreme, and he owned clubs in states and countries. I turned out to be the wife of one of the most dangerous men in the world. And he had only one target, his brother. After his brother had killed their parents, Damon sought nothing but revenge. Damon was a man of mystery and power battling with his demons as they sought to be unleashed upon his brother one day. Derek Antonio, the silent killer. It was a battle between two brothers, one who was despised and the other filled with hatred. The answers had to be given, why had Derek killed their parents? Why did he seek to kill even Damon, his own brother? Could it be power? Or was it something else? Damon dragged me into his own world, using me as his bait to get to Derek Antonio. But along the way, Derek Antonio seemed to grow fond of me and that was when all hell broke loose. It caused me to wonder, had Damon fallen for me? He never revealed it, all he ever did was use me for his own pleasure. I was torn between two brothers now and didn't know how it would end. This was a world I never wanted to be a part of. And the worst part is Damon never ceased to reveal his brutality. Living in his world was chaotic...with this man, there was only danger lurking, but my heart spoke other languages, fear, curiosity, and lust...with this man, it was different, especially when he swore to break me.


CHAPTER 001: Sold


"So innocent". His icy blue eyes pierced into mine. "And submissive like a sheep to the slaughter." His hand traced my jawline right in front of my uncle. I shuddered out of fear. "So trusting." I gasped as his two fingers tightened on my jaw. " I could break you if I wanted to." He whispered into my ear, his breath hot against my neck. "Your innocence blares like a red flag." His grip tightened as his eyes darkened. I tried to shrink, I really did but his eyes kept me still. I was afraid to speak. I dared not. "I could make you do anything I wanted." He said. "Isn't that so Leo?" He asked my uncle.

"Yes Antonio. You can have her all to yourself." My uncle stated. I felt tears sting my eyes, feeling like a slave. "She's no use for me anyways. Her father and mother left her with me, and I'm in no state to take care of another child."

"Hmm." Antonio thought considerably. My body stiffened under his dark gaze. Then he smirked. "You don't know the things I would like to do with this little body of yours mi amore." He said pulling me closer to his body. "How much for her?" He asked in his thick Italian accent.

"It's a very high price, Mr. Antonio."

"Name it!" Antonio gave my uncle a harsh glare.

"Three hundred thousand pounds."

"Leonardo, settle him. You can keep the change." He took me by the hand and let me out of the house. I was as obedient as a sheep led to the slaughter indeed. He glared at me when he noticed my hesitance and I shrunk backward. "Get in, now." He opened the door, while I shakily entered. Leonardo was out in a moment. "Settled?" Antonio cocked a brow while Leonardo winked. I knew something wasn't right, but I dared not say anything. Antonio entered and immediately turned my face towards him. "Make sure you cooperate darling. If not, I will design your skull with my bullets." His fingers brushed my lips.

"Where to?" Leonardo asked from the passenger seat.

"Home, I still have a retard to deal with." Then he turned to me. "And perhaps, I might get a little pleasure as well." I shifted fearfully away from him but he only chuckled darkly. From the rear mirror, I saw Leonardo's smirk.

His massive mansion was dark, just like him. Well structured and constructed but with no life.

We highlighted from the limousine, and what caught me was the fascinating and expensive cars that he possessed. Everything about him screamed dread, wealth, and murder.

He grabbed me by the hand and I jumped but obliged as he escorted me into the mansion.

His pace was fast and I had to keep up. His grip was rough and unmerciful. He opened the door to a room with four walls. There was a man seated, looking tortured, nearly to death.

"Pass me the chain Leonardo and the gun." I moved to the wall as I tried to look away from what was about to happen. "Tell me something Francesco, are you proud of yourself?" He questioned, but Francesco seemed too weak to even reply. "That's what I thought. I would have handed you over to my men, but I will personally deal with you and torture you." He stated darkly. "And if you don't speak, you might as well just die, I have no need of you anyways."

"You can't get what you're looking for. If I tell you the truth you'll kill me anyways. Isn't that the way of the mafia? We're all merciless. Since you have no need of me, you might as well just kill me already." Francesco stated and Antonio moved back a little with cocked brows, slightly impressed at this man's boldness.

"You still haven't learnt your lesson I see. But you're right, our golden rule is ruthless. Perhaps I should show you just how merciless I can be." I noticed Francesco visibly tremble but tried to hide it behind a nonchalant face.

"Do your worst Antonio. You won't ever hear about his whereabouts from my lips."

"You've really told me how useless you are." He stretched his hand towards Leo who placed a knife in his hand. Leo went behind the man and held his head so he wouldn't move. I watched with terror. "Since you say I won't hear it from your lips, then it's useless, isn't it? And there are your tongue and teeth. How about I make them completely useless?" Fear flashed in the man's eyes. "Your death would have been less painful if you just told me where he was."

"Bu...buh... but you know who your brother is. A seasoned criminal, even detectives, have been searching for him for years. He's anonymous, how would I know where to find him?"

"Lies spilling from that tongue of yours. I have all the evidence to prove that you are closest to him. And you dare lie to my face?" Antonio's eyes flashed with anger as he questioned. Francesco's fear was beginning to reveal itself.

" don't know where he is." He stuttered.

"Hold him still." Leo obliged. "Only an idiot doesn't listen to me. Only an idiot."

I watched as the knife got closer through this man's lips and the way he instinctively shook on the chair.

I screamed as I slid down the wall down to the cold floor. I noticed Antonio's eyes shifted sideways in my direction and I covered my lips.

He instantly rose and shot the man over and over again.

The blood that slashed on his body made me unconsciously gag. I couldn't stand the sight of blood.

Leonardo glanced at me, his expression giving nothing away but I knew he didn't appreciate my interruption.

I visibly shook because this was worse, far worse than what I'd been through. It was adding more intensity to my trepidation.

"Take her upstairs." He ordered.

Leo wasted no time walking over to me and pulling me off the floor. I instinctively screamed out of fear but he tightened his grip on me.

"Please, please... please." I trembled.

Antonio tilted his head with interest and then walked over to me, I tried to shift away from him. I was terrified to the core. My heart pounded loudly in my chest.

His eyes stayed on mine for a little bit longer and I felt myself shrink even more. He motioned to Leo who pulled me out of the torture room.

Tears stung the corner of my eyes as he didn't give me time to keep up with him.

When we got to the door, he opened it and tossed me inside. I landed on the carpet, hands on the tiled floor.

"Coward," Leo said before shutting the door behind him. I looked around with shaky breathing.

I even feared getting up from this carpet because he could appear behind my back at any time.

My entire body was shaky. Unable to move. Then the door opened and I scampered backwards.

I looked up, staring into the icy blue eyes of Antonio himself.

"I don't think I introduced myself properly to you." He studied my movement and smiled as he bent down to my level. His grin is more devilish from this angle. "You can call me Damon. The deadliest mafia in the world. Care to know more?"

I shook my head vigorously. And his grin got wider.

"You've seen nothing amore. Just wait till you hear the whole truth about me." I observed as his eyes darkened. "Then you'll understand why they call me the deadliest."