Enslaved By The Ruthless Alpha King

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"You," he growled, glaring at me with hatred in his eyes even as he pinned me to the wall, obstructing my airflow. "I'm going to enjoy breaking you." "I'd like to see you try, Alpha." I spat at him, my voice filled with defiance. He dropped me to the ground before lifting me up as if I weighed nothing and pinning me against his study table, pushing my legs apart. "Oh, you'll see. And by the time I'm done with you, you'll beg for death." He growled against my ears, filling me with fear of what is to come. ***** In a world of false accusations and vengeful rulers, Evelyn's life takes a harrowing turn. Framed for a crime she didn't commit, she faces the wrath of the alpha king. Instead of death, he condemns her to a fate worse than she could have imagined: becoming his personal slave and breeder. As fear grips her, Evelyn must summon her strength to challenge the tyrant's rule and reclaim her freedom. Will she find a way to defy her captor and seek justice, or will she be forever trapped in a life of darkness and despair? What happens when the moon goddess announces that she is his second chance mate? Will she still try to escape him or will she let their bond bloom? A gripping tale of resilience and defiance unfolds in this thrilling journey of survival, betrayal and love.

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Standing in my shackles, I tried to block out the scream that was reverberating in the entire hallway, my heart racing. I had been falsely accused of killing my sister, and her mate, The Alpha king himself, is promising to make me pay for a crime I didn't commit.

A guard comes and pulls me with my chain, causing me to stumble forward, but he doesn't stop as he heartlessly drags me to the arena where a huge number of people are gathered, all waiting for the king's pronouncement to end my life.

Cheers and jubilations hit the air as I stand in the middle of the arena, some people having the nerve to throw things at me even at the presence. My wolf, alya has been awfully quiet since my imprisonment and I don't think she has any plans of talking to me soon.

"Silence." The alpha king's voice and everyone falls silent. I steal a peek at him and find him seated on his throne, eyeing me intently. Hatred grows in my heart whenever I remember he was the reason my sister ended my life. But no one knows that except me.

"Today we are gathered here to pronounce judgement on this traitor." He speaks, his voice dripping with venom and hatred as he gazes at me. "She is the reason, my Queen, Elizabeth and my unborn baby died, stabbing them out of jealousy." He says and shocked gasps fill the arena.

Lies!!!! I want to scream but nothing gets past my throat, I can only glare at him with hatred in my eyes.

"Kill her!!!" Everyone screams, their furious chants hurting my ears.

"Behead her! Make her pay!!" They continue to scream and tears stream down my eyes, my body trembling. Is this how I will end my life? I haven't even done anything yet.

He raises his hand and silence returns to the arena once more. "It is what I planned my beloved people, to make this monster pay but now that I look at her, I have discovered something better." He says and my heart skips a beat. Just what is he planning on doing to me. A sinister smile works his way through his face and a chill goes down my spine.

"Death is an easy punishment for the monster that killed my wife and child. She is going to be a slave. My personal slave. She is doing to do whatever I tell her to do and when the time is right, she will become my breeder and bear my children." He proclaims.

Surprised noises fill the arena and I stare at him. Alpha keiran, just what are you up to!? Slowly, people begin to agree to his judgement and jubilations fill the air once more. "All hail the king! All hail the king!" They chant even as some of them jeer at me.

"Prepare and let her come to my chamber tonight. Her punishment begins from now." He command and stands up to his feet, walking away from the throne but not before passing me a glance that is filled with evil intent.

Fear grips my heart and my palms start to sweat. I have no idea what he's planning to do to me but if he is as ruthless as he is rumored to be, my life is officially ruined and by the end of it all, I would know that death would have been a more suitable option for me.