Dragon Emperor

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Ben Liang


When Satan was angry, blood would be shed! His name was Satan, and in the name of Satan, he killed! When he returned to the city, he was surrounded by enemies and eventually won numerous bloody battles. Back to the battlefield where all his enemies were waiting, he only resumed his blood-soaked life of endless killing. He was Satan, the Dragon Emperor reigning over the entire world. All his life, he was ready to sacrifice his own life for his woman, his family and his brother...


Chapter 001 Bloodstained Escape!

In the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, South America.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


In the middle of the rainforest, the silence was suddenly broken by a burst of rapid gunfire. The damp air of the rainforest was immediately filled with a pungent and strong smell of smoke.


Suddenly, an upright figure scurried out from the layers of woods – no, to be precise, it was two people. There was another figure lying on his back. Judging from that wonderful curve, it should be a woman!

With the women on his back, it did not affect his speed and movements. He was jumping so fast and did not make any noise.

The sound of gunfire behind him faded away, and he slowed down a little. In a low bush, he stopped after looking around warily.

Jason Miller gently placed the woman he was carrying on the ground. It was a woman in her prime, her eyes were closed and it seemed that she had passed out.

However, that did not hide her angelic beautiful face at all.

It was an exquisite, delicate yet natural face and there was an unparalleled beauty in that delicacy.

Jason first checked on the woman and confirmed that she was fine. Then he spoke to his headset in a low voice, "Edison, Edison, can you hear me?"

After a long time, there were still no replies from the other end of the line.

Jason’s painted face gradually turned gloomy. He then contacted two more comrades, but still, he got no response. He certainly knew what that meant.

Jason took a deep breath before he contacted the last of his comrades, "Jimmy, Jimmy, can you hear me?!"

Just after he finished his words, he immediately heard a morose and cold piercing voice from the headset.

"You can't get away!"


Right after that, there was a high-pitched sound from the headset. It sounded like the headset on the other end had been crushed directly.

At that moment, Jason clenched his fists. His gloomy gaze was now flushed with blood. A rich and almost substantial bloody murderous aura emitted from his body. His anger and killing intent was like a reviving volcanic crater and would erupt at any time and anywhere.

Jason removed the headset. His face was emotionless and calm, and his furious killing intent was suppressed by him. Finally, he became incomparably calm, like a pool of stagnant water.

Those who knew him would know that he was absolutely the most terrifying in this state.

When Satan got angry, blood flowed!

This was by no means a vainglorious name, but a supreme prestige in the dark world earned through countless bloody battles and endless killing.

Jason began to check his own wounds. All kinds of wounds had been all over his body. Any subtle movement would pull his wounds, and the blood would seep out again.

With a woman in a coma, it would be difficult for him to escape from the countless deadly traps set by the enemy.

But the word "impossible" certainly was not even in his dictionary!


Several kilometers away.

A mountain that had obviously been baptized by war.

A beard man was holding a headset in his hand. He was tall and sturdy, wearing a camouflage uniform, and his cuffs had been rolled up, revealing his cardinal and gnarled muscles. A Carovian soldier was lying on the battlefield in front of him. The young soldier had lost his limbs, and his face was painted by the smoke, but there was only determination and no regret on his innocent face.

"Just one person. And he could get out from our encirclement and killed fifteen soldiers of ours. It's incredible. However, it's time for this battle to end. Just this one more little fish to go!"

The beard man spoke coldly, then a flash of deadly coldness crossed his eyes, "And that little fish is at 12 o'clock. He has a woman with him, so he can’t be far! Viper, Scorpion, you two immediately lead all the soldiers to surround him as fast as possible. No matter what, we can't let him take the woman out! That woman is worth 100 million dollars!"

"Yes! Captain!"

Around him, two men shouted in reply, each of them holding a weapon. They appeared incomparably fierce and brave, with a killing presence imprinted on their bodies. One could very easily imagine how ruthless they must be on the battlefield.

The men named Viper and Scorpion soon organized their teams of warriors, nearly twenty of them. Then they used the forest as a cover and pursued rapidly forward.

The beard man also walked forward. He walked past the dismembered body of the Carovian soldier who had died in battle and threw down the crushed earpiece in his hand.

Just now, he heard a voice coming from the headset, and he picked it up to answer the call.


In an empty space in the middle of the forest.

Sally Herthum slowly woke up and was startled by the blinding light. Her eyelashes blinked a few times, and got used to the surrounding gradually. She found herself lying on a dry ground surrounded by ancient trees, and the blazing sunlight shone right through the dense branches of the leaves of these trees.

Where was she exactly?

Sally instantly got nervous. A trace of panic flashed across her watery beautiful eyes.

She remembered, before she passed out, there was a loud explosion, and she felt a strong and warm arm holding her before she fell unconscious. Other than that, she was completely unaware of what happened until she woke up at this moment.

"So you woke up finally?"

Coldly, a low and magnetic voice came.

Sally hurriedly looked at the source of the voice and saw someone a few meters away from the open space, who was standing straight like a javelin.

When she saw the man, she felt warm in his heart, as if the rootless duckweed finally found a home. The panic and fear in her heart were also gradually replaced by an inexplicable sense of security.

The next moment, Sally felt like her heart was stabbed by a needle. There were crystal tears in her red-rimmed eyes.

The man in front of her was half naked. And all she could see were his wounds. Some of the wounds were still seeping blood, and his body seemed to be dyed in red. It was quite a stunning sight.

At this moment, the man was holding a saber in his hand and was dealing with a bloody wound on the side of his waist.

There was a pile of charcoals on the ground, and the man had burned the saber red. He cut open the wound, and shaved off the rotten flesh with apparent inflammation. Then he reached further inside with his hand, as if to take out the fragments of a bullet or something.

When she saw that, Sally felt nervous for him. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but could not say a word.

She actually felt bad for him. She wanted to help but did not know how. For their escape, if not for the protection of this man, she would have fallen into the hands of those armed soldiers. Perhaps what awaited her would only be worse than death.

She had always been a strong woman in the eyes of others, but she was also an iceberg goddess in the eyes of others. She was rarely emotional, but for all this journey, she saw a man's bravery, commitment, and fearlessness.

At this point, Jason pulled out a bullet from the bloody wound on the side of his waist. He pinched that bullet between his fingers and threw it on the ground. Then he turned around and looked at Sally, who was already sitting up, and he said in a cold voice, "There's water in front of you, and some wild fruits and roots, just eat them all. It may not taste good, but it's still better than starving. You only have five minutes."

With that, Jason walked to the other side, cut a military undershirt into strips, and began wrapping the wound on the side of his waist.

After taking out the bullet, he felt much more relaxed. If he did not take that out, not only would it affect his next moves, but the wound would also cause inflammation. In this damp rainforest, he knew clearly what the consequences would be once such a wound caused inflammation.

Sally gritted her teeth. Throughout the journey so far, she had been somewhat accustomed to the commanding tone from this man.

People might not even believe it if they knew what happened to her.

In the prosperous metropolis where she lived, she was a goddess-like existence, and every man would be only respectful and careful with her.

They were totally unlike this guy, with a cold face and no smile, and he sounded extremely domineering.

Sally was indeed hungry. She picked up the water bottle in front of her and gurgled a few sips of water. Then she looked at the wild fruits on the ground. She gritted her teeth, but eventually picked them up and put them into her mouth.

These wild fruits were obviously not yet ripe, and they tasted a bit bitter, definitely not good, but Sally still ate them all.

Then she stood up, walked to the open space in front of her, and while Jason wasn't looking, she leaned down, picked up the blood-stained slug from the ground, and held it tightly in her hand.

Jason at this time had finished wrapping his wound up and put his camouflage combat uniform back on. He turned his head to look at Sally. The woman's long dress had been torn open in many places, especially the hem. The long rift made her originally well-hidden slender white legs stand out, which were extremely attractive.

Jason had also seen many beautiful women, but when he thought about it, it seemed that he had never seen any woman with a better appearance or temperament.

He did not know who this woman was, but judging from her temperament, she must have come from an extraordinary background. The good thing was that this woman did not have the pettiness of those noble ladies, and she had been quite strong and calm all the way, which was invariably a great help to him.

His mission was to escort this woman all the way out and broke out from the enemy's siege, until they could meet the reinforcements.


Jason took a fierce deep breath and thought it was almost time.

He stood up, took the bulletproof vest off, walked over to Sally, and said, "Put it on."

"No, you need it more than I do," Sally said.

"Put it on!"

Jason's words came with unquestionable authority.


Sally felt a bit annoyed inwardly, but she finally took the bulletproof vest and put it on.

"Come with me!"

Jason opened his mouth, and his expression turned serious. His grave face was composed and calm, his bloodshot eyes faintly reflecting the slightest hint of bitter killing intent. He held an M99 sniper rifle in his hand and walked along the forest, but he was not leaving the forest, but going backward!

Sally's heart got pounding as she knew another fight was about to happen.

Because she once again felt that pre-battle air from Jason's body – calm, collected, and dangerous!