Deadly Herbs

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In the past five years when he was away, two mysterious objects appeared in this world. One of them was the Reaper's Gem and whoever saw it would have a sure death. The other one was the Primal's Gem and whoever had it would have all the wealth and luck in this world... He was the sole owner of these two gems... With his return to the city, there would sure be a turmoil coming up...


Chapter 1 His Wife

“Five years, finally.”

“Old man, I kept my promise. Now it’s time to focus on my own business.”

At the gate of the Hospital of Stillwater, Qin Tian looked at the passersby and thought to himself.

Five years ago, he broke up with his family and came to this small city alone.

He found a job as a deliveryman.

He had planned to spend his life just like this.

However, to his surprise, he met the woman who could change his life when he was delivering a parcel to her.

They had sex that night.

After that, she told him that her name was Su Su, and she was an intern doctor at the Hospital of Stillwater. Also, she was well-known in this city for her stunning face.

That night had shocked the whole Stillwater.

The next day, Su Su took him to get their marriage license.

However, on their wedding night, a group of men in black broke into his house. They broke his arms and legs and threw him into the river.

He couldn’t see their faces clearly, but he still remembered the words they said.

“Mr. Wu Fei likes this woman. How dare you...”

Five years had passed. He had become the Primal, sitting on top of the world.

What about her now?


“Get out of here. You are not welcome here!”

“Get out, if you don’t have money. Old bitch, go out, or I’ll call the guards!”

“Get out of here!”

Qin Tian was interrupted by a brutal voice. He looked over.

A fat man in a white doctor’s gown was pushing a middle-aged woman at the gate.

The woman looked poor.

She was pushing a wheelchair.

When Qin Tian saw the woman in the wheelchair, he was stupefied!

Though the woman had a numb face, her delicate face and hot figure still made her outstanding.

He couldn’t believe his eyes!

In the past five years, he had dreamed of the scene when they met again many times.

But he had never expected that it would be like this.

The goddess who had shocked the city had become a disabled woman in a wheelchair!

The fat doctor was Cao De. He grinned and said, "Yang Yulan, do you think you are still the respected noble in the Su family?"

“You have been expelled long ago.”

“You don’t have money, do you? I learned a massage method recently. It’s much more efficient than the machine.”

“Come with me to my office. I’ll do the massage for your daughter. For free.”

As he said this, he stepped forward to take the wheelchair.

Yang Yulan knew what he wanted, so she hurriedly pushed Cao De away to protect her daughter.

But Cao De was fat and strong. He pushed Yang Yulan to the ground.

Yang Yulan lost her balance. The wheelchair rushed to the stairs

, and the woman in the wheelchair was thrown out.

“Su!” Yang Yulan screamed.

She was coming to save her daughter, but she staggered and fell again.

At this critical moment, a man flashed over and carried up the woman falling to the ground.

“Great!” The passersby breathed a sigh of relief and cheered.

Qin Tian was furious!

He hugged the weak woman in his arms and looked at her numb face.

He asked, “Miss Su, what happened to you?”

“You should be the noble lady of the Su family and the brightest star of the hospital. What on earth happened to you?"

His trembling voice showed his sadness.

Su Su looked at him. She seemed to have understood his words.

There were anger and fear in her eyes.

She opened her mouth but couldn’t say any words.

“Qin Tian?”

“You bastard! Leave my daughter alone!”

Yang Yulan rushed over and took Su Su from Qin Tian’s arms.

Qin Tian looked at Yang Yulan. He hesitated for a while and then greeted reluctantly, “Mom.”

“What happened to her?”

“It’s all your fault!”

“You should have died. Why do you come back?”

“Get away from us. We don’t know you!”

“Don’t disturb us anymore!” Yang Yulan looked so anxious. She didn’t want to see Qin Tian.

She pushed the wheelchair and was in a hurry to leave.

“You can’t go. Stay there.” Cao De came over and stopped Yang Yulan.

He sneered, "I suddenly remember that you haven't paid your bills yet."

“Let’s talk in my office.”

Yang Yulan shouted, “Impossible! The medicine we used is paid for by medicare!”

Cao De snorted, "It would be up to the director, not you!"

“Don’t worry. The director is my mentor. I will help you. Then everything will be fine!”

“Or you have to pay tens of thousands of yuan.”

“You don’t want to go bankrupt, do you?”

“Come with me!”

He thought Yang Yulan wouldn’t refuse his offer, so he reached out his hands to take the wheelchair again.

Yang Yulan was in a dilemma and didn’t know what to do.


Qin Tian roared and came over, “You dare to touch my woman!”

Cao De burst into laughter, "You must be the deliveryman who had slept with Miss Su five years ago, right?"

“You are just a dog! How dare you bark in front of me?"

“You know what, I...”

Qin Tian raised his hand.


Cao De covered his face and fell to the ground.

He was stunned. When he came back to his senses, he jumped up and was going to shout.

Qin Tian trod on his head and asked, “What’s going on with the bills?”

Cao De had never been humiliated like this. He spat out his broken teeth and shouted.

“Son of a bitch! Let me go!”

“Let me go!”

“You’ll pay for this!”

Qin Tian kicked his head hard.

Cao De’s head was going to explode. He was scared.

“Qin Tian!”

“I’ll call the director. You and your bitch wife will never be allowed in the hospital again!”

“The devices in this hospital are the best. Your wife will be a fool all her life without our help!”

“Let me go, idiot!”

Qin Tian said coldly, “I will pay nothing for killing an ant!”

He was going to kick Cao De’s head again.

“Qin Tian, stop!”

Yang Yulan was shocked by Qin Tian’s cruelty.

She had to endure this. She cried, “Don’t offend them, or they will refuse to treat Su Su!”

“Doctor Cao, please don’t call the director!”

“I know why you hate me so much. You suspect that I reported you for taking bribes, but I didn’t do that!”

“Qin Tian offended you. I will ask him to apologize.”

“Qin Tian! Let go of Doctor Cao. Then apologize to him!”

Cao De spat and stared at Qin Tian with complacency in his eyes.

Qin Tian kept silent for a while. He let go of Cao De and said coldly, “Call your director and ask him to come here.”

Nobody, including Yang Yulan, had expected Qin Tian refused to apologize and even asked Cao De to call the director here.

They all knew how much power the director had.

Was Qin Tian crazy?

“Good boy.”

“You want this yourself.”

Cao De gritted his teeth and called the director.