Chapter 2

Shyla's POV

Is this what we get having mates? Pain, hurt, loneliness, heartbreak, coldness and Emptiness? I never knew who made this mate bonding. I want to question him or her, why? why? my fate is sealed like this? Why do I have to go through such a painful moment when the real adulterers are happy behind my back? Mate is your other half. This is what I have been listening to since I was a kid but now what? Do those words have any proof? Does someone who is your other half abandon you because you can't shift in your wolf form? Is this what a mate does?

Suddenly I felt pain in my chest. I clutched it as I ran. I don't want to be here anymore. I never want to come back in this pack. Because of my mind not being in its place I felt my body bumped with something. I stepped back immediately.

"Shyla? What happened to you?" I heard a familiar voice "why do you look so...."

I looked up. His eyes widened as he stared at my face. An expression of shock crossed over his face "Shyla you..."

"Step back" I almost growled. I don't know where I got such a strong voice but today my voice has become somewhat rough.

Ben moved back as he still stared at me.

"Go and ask your young alpha who is there fucking my so called half sister. If you go now then maybe you can see their beautiful moments or maybe even enjoy it" I spat angrily.

On normal days I never curse. Not even bad words form in my mouth but today, I really don't know what's happening to myself.

"Shyla you ..your .. you're..."

"Shut up" I shouted "don't fucking take my name. This kind of dirty place should not exist"

The pain in my chest started to increase, as it slowly spread throughout my whole body. I felt like I was burning inside. Is it because of the rejection? I can't figure out anything. Not thinking much I turned around and started to run towards the pack entrance gate.

"Shyla stop, where are you going?" I heard Ben shout behind me.

My head snapped back as I glared at him "I dare you to follow me" that was all I said before I finally exited the Bright Shine Pack.

The pack area is located near a valley and on the left side there is deep forest. It says no one of the pack went there. From the starting point of the forest falls in another area, which may belong to a Powerful pack and Bright Shine never dares to cross the boundary and offend them even though they never officially met. If I want to escape from the pack territory, I need to go to the forest. The moment I step in the forest I will become a rogue, no home, no family and no related pack. I closed my eyes, shaking my head.

I have lived in Bright Shine Pack for many years but there was not a day where I was able to get some respect from the pack members, other than Ben there was not a single soul who respected me. My existence in the pack was like an invisible one. Why is that? Because in the pack I am the only one who couldn't shift in wolf form? Most werewolves shift at their 16 but it didn't happen in my case. So they just got a big reason to mock. And I tolerated everything, I swallowed my pride thinking once I become Luna, then maybe they will accept me but today I got to know, I was just daydreaming for myself. Why? Because reality is far more different from the imagination. And in a blink of eyes all my hope, my dream, my love shattered; like a piece of glass that just slipped from my grasp.

The pain in my body started to increase more. My body started to feel numb. Painfully I dragged my body towards the forest. Once I step in, everything will be done. I will no longer be recognized as a member of Bright Shine Pack. And now that's what I really want. To cut all ties, actually I really don't have any real ties with them, since they are not related to me by blood. After all these years of humiliation,I gave them enough face and now I have paid everything.

I can see the dark forest. There was not a sound, it feels like I am stepping into a deadly silent world where no one will be able to find me no matter how much they try. And I know, they will definitely try to find me, search for me everywhere. For them, I am still useful so they won't let me slip so easily. If the situation was not shocking enough they wouldn't let me run away like this. And I don't want to see their faces. Not now, nor ever.

The sun was already setting and it started to become dark. As I stepped in the forest darkness surrounded me. There was some faint light falling from the tree branches. My breath started to quicken, as I can hardly drag my body now. My bones felt like they were breaking and I couldn't stand properly. I heaved a sigh as I leaned on the tree. This kind of feeling is something I have never felt before. Why is this happening so suddenly?

"Ah...." I almost screamed when I felt a sharp pain in my body. I felt my body slip from the support and landed on the ground.

I rolled on the ground with pain but there's no one who can hear it. Why am I feeling so much pain? Am I going to die? Just like this?

My body felt numb and my mind started to stop working. I closed my eyes with tiredness. I can't think of anything right now. The bones in my body become numb because of the severe pain. If I die here like this then it's not worth it. I don't want to die here. My senses started to drift in darkness. Then There's some paint sounds. Though I want to look, I don't have the strength to open my eyes.

The sound of footsteps stepping on dry leaves on the ground faintly reached my ear. I can smell some unfamiliar scent. I don't know when my smelling strength improved so that I can identify it with familiar to unfamiliar.



There seems to be more than one person. They are talking to each other and of course they can see me.

"Not from our territory" one of them said. It was a rough voice whispering slowly.

"Maybe a rogue passing by," another one replied.

"But in such a position? I can hardly believe that" the first one said again.

"This is somehow strange. Is it her first time?"

What the hell are they talking about? What is my first time and what's my position right now? Though I desperately want to know, I have no choice other than lying on the ground. I can't move my body no matter how much I try. And now slowly, I felt my senses slip into darkness.

"We can't leave her here"

"Let's take her with us. Maybe Alpha can help"

They whispered and then I felt myself being lifted. I don't know where they are carrying me but since I took the chance to gamble with my own life; I will see where my fate leads me this time.

A month later....

In Bright Shine Pack

Avan's POV

"Where is she?" I glared at the members as they stood before me with their heads down.

"It has been a month since she left and you can't even find a little girl who doesn't have any wolf power? Such worthless members" I growled and slapped the table so hard that it cracked.

"Young Alpha, we tried but she is nowhere to be found in the territory. Besides, no one saw her leaving the border'' one of them replied.

I closed my eyes "go away, I don't want to see your face until you find her and bring her back"

It has been a month since Shyla left the pack. At first I thought she is angry and will cry her heart out. Then when she calms down I will coax her again. But I didn't expected her to directly leave the pack like that. I knew my relationship with Reese with affect her but to this extent, it was not something I am hoping for. Though our relationship was not too intimate, we shared the bond of a mate bond and for a wolf, especially the one who is about to ascend the Alpha title; losing the mate will give a huge blow. Reese is sexy and attractive and was able to capture my heart but she is not my mate in reality where Shyla was my destined and her presence always gave the support and strength.

That night after she rejected me, I felt pain in my chest and it almost burnt me if dad did not give me the healing pill at the right time. I never thought Shyla would refuse the offer and even reject me as her mate. After all those matters, I never wanted to lose my mate. Without your real mate you can't get the Alpha title. But why did she leave? Didn't I tell her to be responsible for her? I wanted to give her every right that Luna has except the title of Luna.

But she refused it.

"Is there still no news about her?"

I turned around to see Reese standing on the doorstep with a worried face. I shook my head. She gave a small smile before walking towards me.

"If it was not for me, she would still be here. I think I really overthink of our relationship"

I frowned. "You don't need to say that. She is just angry so maybe that's why she is hiding"

"But she rejected you" I closed my eyes tightly. This is something I don't want to hear.

"You should leave now. I have work to do" I told her.

Her face turned pale "Avan I know you are worried about Shyla. She has been missing for a month now and I am also worried about her too. After all she is my sister. Though we are not related by blood but all these years we grow up together and that is something we can't change. Whatever happened we all has part in it"

I looked at her. Her beautiful face is now pale and white. As tears run through her cheeks it makes pitiful. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me.

"Don't worry about her. Apart from us she doesn't know anyone. So no matter what she can't hide for long. She has to return back in here" I tried to confront her but I am not even sure for myself.

Though I claimed her as my mate but still I was not so close to her as I am with Resse. I just know she was my mate and I have some responsibility towards her and other than that I never get closer to her nor ever be intimate with her. So now comforting Reese I also don't know how true my own words are.

Reese raised her head from his chest "really?"

I nodded trying to assure her. We both knew this day would come and we even discussed it. We will work together to sort the situation and make Shyla understand the situation but what I never expected was that Shyla will be this hard to handle. I was about to say more when someone knocked on the door.

"Alpha is calling you in the Astrology room" it was Ben who gave a poker face. Since Shyla left he hasn't talked to me.

I nodded "I will go right away"

He turned and left without any words.

"Why is Alpha suddenly calling in the Astrology room?" Reese asked.

"Maybe because of Priest Trivan. He was said to arrive in a few days. Dad was anxious so he invited him. I guess he has arrived so dad is asking to see the results of the stars" I replied.

"Will there be any complications?"

"I don't know. We can only find out after going there. Let's go" I pulled her towards the Astrology room.

When we arrived, there was already dad, mom, Reese's parents waiting for us. Priest Trivan is a well known Astrologer, and his direction was never wrong. But he doesn't stay in one place and roams around the world. Dad has worked hard to invite him.

"Come in Avan we have been waiting for you" dad said nodding before looking at Priest Trivan. I have met Priest Trivan a few times before this so I know his appearance very well. We settled in nearby couches where Priest Trivan sat in the center.

"The pack is not going well these days. I don't know what's the main reason behind it. One after another problems arrive continuously. Please help us to give some direction" dad requested.

Priest Trivan closed his eyes and threw some cowrie shells on the green cloth placed on the table. He chanted a few words which were whispered only to be hearable to him. Once he was done, he opened his eyes and eyed the cowrie shells which were spread in angles on the table.

"There is something amiss in this pack" the Priest Trivan said, but before anyone could ask anything he continued "who has Scorpius as birth star constellation in this pack?"

We looked at each other. When a child is born, the first thing we do is to identify his or her birth Star. There are many stars that could bring goodness and badness. So it's an important matter to identify it. But having a Scorpius Star is kind of rare.

"We don't have anyone with this birth Star priest" dad replied.

Priest Trivan shook his head "no, there is. The calamity in this pack is already predestined but because of the lucky star, it was suppressed so you all are living peacefully for years but...." He frowned as he looked at the cowrie shells again "this....the lucky is gone"

"What is the lucky star Priest Trivan?" I could not help but ask.

His head snapped towards me, still frowning, "your star Pegasi is too weak but you are fortunate to bond with a lucky star which has the ability to turn misfortune into fortune but why you lost that lucky star?"

His sudden question puzzled me. What is he trying to say? Lucky star? I could not understand it.

"What does that mean Priest Trivan" dad asked him.

Priest Trivan looked at him "It was heaven who united the lucky star with this pack but suddenly the heaven's wish twisted and the newly formed bond broke. And now there's no chance for it to mend. The lucky star of your pack is gone to its destined place"

"That means...." Dad started.

Priest Trivan looked calm "it means the fortune heaven bestowed this pack is left leading the calamity to take place. This place was fortunate enough to have the lucky star but alas! That star is now destined to somewhere else"

"What's the solution to that?" Dad asked again. His expression shows he is really anxious.

"There's no solution other than facing the calamity. Alpha your pack, choose it yourself, now no one can stop it. My deviation ends here, I have said much and now couldn't say more" then Priest Trivan got up and slowly walked out of the room leaving us behind.

I walk towards dad "dad what does Priest Trivan meant? I can't understand"

Dad looked at me. His eyes are red. I thought he was angry but beforehand I knew a hard slap landed on my face. The force was hard enough to turn my head to the other side. Mom gasped beside him. Reese called out my name.

"You don't know, are you that naive? You couldn't understand this simple deviation? How could you become such a fool? You could not understand who was the lucky star that priest Trivan was referring to? Rack your mind and try to find who left the pack" he shouted then turned around and left abruptly. Mom looked at me before following dad.

I held my cheek as my mind pondered over this matter.

"Avan are you okay?" Reese was immediately on my side.

Rack your mind and try to find who left the pack? Dad's voice rings in my mind. Who left the pack? The more I think..... Suddenly something came up. The only one who left the pack is Shyla.

So it means She was the lucky star of Bright Shine, because her the calamity is being avoided but now that she left everything is falling apart.

My eyes widened with shock. I don't care about Reese's concerned tone. My mind is filled with shock and realisation.

The lucky start of the pack, Shyla the lucky star of Bright Shine, but..... Unfortunately I already lost her, and now....

The calamity has already started.

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