The plan

Luciano's POV.

The air in the air felt chilly.

The man bound onto a chair, hands, and legs tied up like the criminal he was, had his face morphed into that of a rat that shivers in the face of a cat.

He struggled to get his hands loose but only ended up making the ropes bite more into his skin, causing the flesh to tear and blood to gush out from the inside. Still, he didn't give up.

A harsh laugh sounded from the doorway and the man shivered… as he should.

"I see you are trying to leave," I chuckled at him from the doorway where I stood, watching him for the past five minutes.

I saw the man pee his pants. Instead of finding pleasure in his fear, my anger only grew some more. I was expecting someone of a fierce spirit in that chair. Someone I could break his spirit and make him plead for his life. What fun would it be to me if my captive was already dying even before I unleash my demonic side?

I stalked toward the man with a slow calculative pace. When I got to where he was tied up, I bent low until my mouth was closed to his right ear and my breath was fanning his neck.

"Welcome to hell," I growled at the man softly, then I stood upright. My blue eyes were cold and I made sure they pierced into the very soul of the man until his teeth began to clatter.

"Pl-please, do…n't kill… m…e." The man pleaded.

Did I say I was angry at the cowardice of the man earlier on? I was wrong. My anger just showed itself.

"How dare a coward like you steal from me?!" I barked at him. My blue eyes began to glow the silver color I always spotted each time I was either angry or I was in my wolf form.

I would love nothing more than to kill this man. But I needed my answers first. A callous smile crept to my lips as I thought about the one million ways to make the man confess his sin.

I raked my hand through my black hair first, before I looked back at my right-hand man who stood a few feet away from where I was.

"Bring them in, Antonio," I commanded him.

"Sure thing, boss." My right-hand man answered with a chuckle. He snapped his fingers twice and one of the lackeys came in with a tray in his hand. He laid it down between the captive and me.

All the while, my eyes were fixed on the criminal and I felt immersed joy at how his eyes were rolled back like he was ready to faint.

I bent down and inspected the things on the tray. The dagger, the gun, the nails, the small hammer, the electric shocker, and the clipper were all available on the tray. I smiled to myself and picked up the dagger. I flaunted it in front of the man, making my intentions known.

"What did you do to me again?" I asked him.

"I-I stole from… you." The man stammered.

"Good," I answered. I raised the knife and slashed the criminal on his cheek. While the presence of blood made me feel at ease a little, the scream that accompanied it made me feel fulfilled.

"What did you steal again?" I asked the next question.

"Your… dr-drugs." The man sobbed. "Please don't-"

I didn't let him finish the statement before I gave him another cut on the other cheek. I dropped the knife and picked up the clipper instead, ready to take my torture to the next level. I held one of the five fingers of his right hand.

"What are… you… planning to…do?"

I gave him an innocent smile, then placed the clipper on the finger and clapsed it together. The bone in the finger cracked and a loud howling, painful sound vibrated through the room. My wolf jumped happily, finally happy to gey the exact fear he wanted.

I watched as the finger fell to the floor and blood began to drip from the open wound. I held the second finger and repeated the action, earning myself the same result. Just as I pocked the third finger, a voice came from the door of the basement.

"Alpha Luciano, your uncle is here to see you." My right hand man said to me.

I dropped the clipper back to the tray immediately, and got up.

"How about you take over, Antonio? Until I return to continue the torture myself. And I want you to make sure I hear him scream," I told my right hand man and went out of the basement without a word.

I got to the living room and saw my uncle, who doubled as my Beta, pacing around the large room.

I was grateful to the man for saving my life back then and helping me stand back on my feet. If it weren't for him, I wasn't sure if I would have survived on my own.

The man went as far as helping me found another pack and also a drug cartel business. Now, my name, Luciano, was a name well-known and well-feared among the powerful lords and Alphas of the world.

"What's up, uncle Tommaso?" I asked the moment I stepped into the living room. I knew Uncle Tommaso well. He only paced about when something was on his mind.

The older man stopped walking about and turned to look at me. "Luciano!" He shouted. "I have good news for you." The loud wailing of my prisoner reverberated and my uncle raised his brows.

I cocked an eyebrow at the man in a questioning manner. He sighed as his eyes raked through me for what seemed like eternity. I was sure the man was wondering when the young boy of seven years old became a full grown man.

My back itched as the memory from 20 years ago flashed through my mind. My eyes glowed silver and I had to close them to control my emotions.

What wouldn't I give to see the miserable end of Vitalio and his entire household and pack members?

"I found a way to get revenge on Vitalio." I heard my uncle said. My eyes clicked opened and I looked at the man to be sure I heard him right. "Yes, I did." He added, assuring me that my hearing drums were not damaged.

"How?" I growled. My claws extended and I nodded in agreement with my wolf’s anger.

Uncle Tommaso turned deadly serious in that moment.

"Vitalio’s daughter is being taken on a road trip to marry into another pack." The older man explained. "It is an arranged marriage though but that is the opportunity we are looking for. We ambush the cars, grab that traitors daughter, kill her, and send her corpse back to her father. What other revenge would be sweeter than that?"

I nodded my head in agreement to my uncle's plan. Truly, killing the only child of Vitalio was the cruelest and sweetest revenge I could ever think of to avenge the death of my parents.

That didn't mean I was going to end the revenge there though.

Until the last of Vitalio’s blood was killed, I would never back away from the man. Each of them would pay for the blood of my parents that was spilled that day many years ago.

I would make sure the man witnessed the death of each of them. I would make him plead for mercy, but he would get none, just like how he didn't show my family any. And when I am done with his family, then I can get hold of him.

Trust me when I tell you that I'll make sure his death was slow and painful and hard. He would beg for mercy and find none. Even if he died before I decide that he has enough torture, I would make sure revive him by all means and continue my vengeance.

Until my claws dug into his stomach and brought out his intestines, I would not stop. Even at that, I would still make sure he suffers some more before I roll his head off his neck.

But first, I would take what I can have and start with his daughter.

"Perhaps, I will cut off her head and send it back to her father. That would make him even writhe in more pain, not knowing what became of the rest of his beloved daughter's body. Of course, I'll leave the body for the vultures to feast on," I added.

"Aye, aye." Uncle Tommaso said in support.

The loud groan of my prisoner down at the basement came, jolting me back to the reality that I still had one more man to torture.

"I see you are busy. I'll leave you to it amd make sure everything is ready to execute our plan successfully." My uncle said.

I nodded at the man and turned away, going back in the direction I came from. When I got back to them basement, I saw the criminal all bloody.

Too angry to even think straight, I went to the tray that was now filled with blood. I picked up the gun and shot it at the man.

"Rot in hell, jerk!" I said as the man’s head rolled backwards and life went out of him.

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