Billionaire's Reborn Baby

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Word had it that Vincent Scavo, who never took interest in women, suddenly showed special preference towards a retard from the Britt family. Believing that it was just a rumor, women in City Y set off together to disclose the truth, only to find that: The retard was lying on Vincent's legs leisurely, playing a game on her phone. While gently giving her advice, Vincent peeled an iced grape with his slender fingers and fed her himself. "No way!" The women howled with their eyes popping. Hearing them, the retard put on a mischievous smile. "You got so many, admirers!" Vincent looked down and nibbled her delicate chin. In a husky and charming voice, he whispered, "Cannot see any of them. I only have eyes for you." All the women outside fainted from anger and jealousy.


Chapter 1 Retard

The door was pushed open with a click, which sounded exceptionally clear in the quiet room.

A pretty girl in a white dress staggered in. With her cheeks flushing red, she leaned against the door panting. It was quite dark in the room, and she cried out in grievance and fear, "Eliot?"

Her voice was soft like that of a newborn kitten, which was enticing.

The man in the room wore a cold expression, but he felt his throat tighten upon hearing this.


The girl cried out again in a broken voice. She was afraid of the dark the most. After coming in, she stood against the wall in fear. Upon seeing the faint glow of a floor-lamp shining into the room, she rushed in that direction. However, she missed a step and fell into the swimming pool by accident.

Vincent Scavo's guards, hiding in the dark, looked at each other in surprise, for this girl's unexpected move indeed confused them.

At the previous banquets, a lot of stupid women pretended to be drunk and sneaked into this room. The guards couldn't even remember how many of them had been thrown out...

The sound of water bubbling came from the pool.

A lot of water went into the girl's lungs. She continued to sink, but she kept calling her brother's name. After struggling desperately for a while, she suddenly became motionless with her entire body sinking to the bottom.

The man in the dark frowned. He raised his hand, but his guards didn't take any action. They said respectfully, "Mr. Vincent, it might be her trick."

As soon as they finished speaking, the girl in the pool suddenly moved. With a string of bubbles coming out from the bottom, she moved her arms and legs hard and finally emerged from the pool. It was evident that this girl was a good swimmer.

The guards tacitly revealed a disdainful smile, for it was within their expectation.

The man in the shadows put on a colder expression. The guards all knew that Vincent hated to be cheated the most, not to mention that he was just about to save her!

After swimming ashore, Emily Britt coughed for a long time, resulting in sharp pain in the chest. Then she looked down at her hands and feet.

The scar on her right leg had gone.

Emily touched her face again with disbelief. Wasn't she disfigured?

No. Wasn't she dead?

She stared at the pool in disbelief. It took her a long time to realize that she was now at the Scavo's in City Y, and this whole drowning in the swimming pool thing actually happened seven years ago! Covering her mouth, she gulped in surprise. She was reborn and went back seven years!

Tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. Emily wiped away her tears over and over again. She never dreamed that she would be reborn and even go back to this day!

The water in the swimming pool reflected the bright light, and Emily's face looked even redder against the clear water. She looked quite charming even while crying. There was a hint of shock and disbelief on her face a moment ago, but now, only an angry and determined expression was left.

The man in the shadows slightly raised his eyebrows and recognized her as the retard from the Britts. However, judging from her expression, the man wondered if she was indeed retarded.

He adjusted his posture and stared at the girl outside the French window with great interest.

Crying for a long time, Emily suddenly sneezed. Feeling extremely dizzy and hot, she remembered that she was still under the effects of the aphrodisiac. Then she reached out to get some water from the pool and took a big sip.

The guards were rendered speechless.

This was the first time a woman had barged into Vincent's room at night just to drink his bathwater!

After drinking the water, Emily patted her face and stood up. It was the end of September now, and she was chilled to the bone by the night wind. However, the miserable memory inflicted more pain on her. It was this night that her sister, Elsie Britt, tricked her into drinking the wine mixed with aphrodisiac and asked her to look for her brother here. Back then, as a retarded girl, she believed her sister!

That night, she almost drowned. Fortunately, she was saved by a man. However, because of the aphrodisiac, she was all over her savior in public and was then notoriously known as a retard in City Y!

As soon as she stood up, her long white dress that had been soaked in water tightly clung to her body, revealing her curvaceous figure. With her head down, she wrung out the excess water, and her nice breasts were slightly exposed because of her movement.

The man in the shadows shot a cold glance at his guards, who immediately lowered their heads.

However, they felt a mixture of doubt and curiosity. In the past, every woman barking into Vincent's room was half-undressed. Why was this girl different?

Wringing her wet dress, Emily then squeezed the water out of her dripping hair. She looked at the pitch-black room and then stepped in barefoot. She wanted to leave before her sister brought other guests over.

After taking a few steps, Emily was gripped by fear and she couldn't help trembling all over.

There was someone in the room!

In other words, the person who saved her in her previous life might be in the darkness now.

"Hello, can I borrow some clothes?" she asked softly.

No one answered her, and there was an awkward silence. Emily couldn't help but flinch. "I'll take that as a yes. Thank you. I'll be grateful to you."

Leaning against the wall, she groped for the light switch. After failed attempts, she tried to find the closet in the dark. By pure luck, she soon found it.

She directly took off her wet dress, and she had no idea that a man was standing opposite her.

Vincent stared at her beautiful figure with a meaningful look.

Emily fumbled for a shirt and quickly put it on. The shirt was so long that it could cover her thigh. She suddenly felt hot all over again and her legs went limp. As she staggered forward, she lost her balance and fell with her face facing the man's crotch.

The air seemed to freeze.