Always Yours

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Aubrey Stone. Sweet, caring, a straight A student, a good girl. Francis ‘Franko’ Mendez. A bad boy, ruthless as hell and a pain in Aubrey’s side since preschool. Will she taint her good girl reputation and fall in love with the bad boy biker? Or will she realise love isn’t on her side? Follow her journey to see how 1 drunken night changed her life forever. (MC Romance)

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Chapter One

I hated him.

His cockiness, his attitude, those dark brown mesmerising eyes. Wait no. Shaking my head I went back to my text book.

Francis 'Franko' Mendez was everything. The king pin, the bad boy, the biker badass player. Every guy wanted to be him and every girl wanted to be with him.

Scowling I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth. I was not one of those girls. I got good grades, I didn't skip school for parties. I didn't drink on the weekend. I didn't get into trouble.

"Glare any harder and your face will stay like that specs".

Ah the famous nickname.

"Fuck off Francis". I ignored the sniggers coming from around the classroom. When he spoke everyone listened and when he teased everyone joined in.

"Ouch baby". He smirked holding a hand over his heart.

Like I said I hated him. Rolling my eyes I continued with the rest of my work ignoring the little comments and whispers. Something about a party near the clubhouse tonight.

Clubhouse as in biker clubhouse. Franko's dad Blue, I know right, what a name. Anyway Blue was the president of a motorcycle club called Devils Due.

An outlaw biker club which consisted of a group of old men breaking the law and doing whatever the hell they please. Always in trouble with the law and never out the daily paper.

They ran the town or so it seemed. Cops on their payroll, all types of authority in their pockets.

"How about it specs?".

This is what he does. Throws little comments here and there. Tries to get under my skin at any given chance. We weren't friends, we never have been. We shared pre-school, elementary and high school together. This is how it's been for years.

He teases and I bite every time. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now.

"In your dreams". I glared.

"Always darling". He winked causing his groupies to laugh.

Gritting my teeth I closed my book just as the bell went. The chatter in the classroom picked up as everyone packed away their stuff and headed for lunch.

Like always I was the last to leave. I didn't have many friends but that's the way I liked it. I kept my circle small, small consisted of me and my best friend Alice.

"You're face will stay like that if you glare any harder". Alice sniggered. She was waiting by my locker. We always met up here before heading to lunch.

"I can't stand him". I hissed.

"Who are-..Oh let me guess". She smirked. "Franko?".

"Why does everyone worship him, he's not a bloody god". I placed my bag inside my locker slamming the door shut.

"Wow". She looped her arm through mine. "Why do you let him get under your skin like that?".

"I don't. He-...".

"Aubrey". She pulled me to a stop. "He's been teasing you for as long as I can remember. Just try and ignore him".

I wish it was that easy. He was like an itch I couldn't scratch. "You're right". I sighed. "If I ignore him surely he'll leave me alone right?".

"Right". She agreed. "Now come on I'm starving".

We weren't popular but we weren't wallflowers. We were two teenagers going through high school giving it everything we had. We had each other and I trusted her with my life.

"You get a table and I'll get us lunch".

So I did. I found us a table in the far corner of the cafeteria. Of course it wasn't that far from where Franko was sat.

Loud and causing havoc as always. Sat in his normal spot with a blond hanging off him. Remember I told you he was a player. He had a different girl every time. It was like they took turns. A laugh fell from my lips at the thought. I'm surprised they didn't fight over him.

I'm still convinced it wasn't him but his dads club.

Everyone knew who he was and where he came from. Everyone wanted to get inside the clubhouse but that was a big no no.

Or so I've heard anyway.

"Pizza, hot chips and a coke". Alice grinned placing the tray in front of me.

"My favourite". I smiled lifting the piece of pizza to my mouth. "So good". I groaned.

"You girls mind if we sit?".

Face full of pizza I turned towards the voice. Tommy, Franko's best friend and Brian 'Bear' because of his size were staring at us.

"Eh sure". Alice glanced at me. "I mean if-...". She trailed off as Bear took the seat next to her.

Great because this wasn't awkward at all. We knew both boys, shared many classes with them but never actually had a conversation and now they want to sit with us.

I smelled a rat and that rats name was Francis.

Continuing to eat my pizza I tried my hardest not to turn my head and look for him. What was he up to and why send his friends over here?

"You girls wanna come to a party tonight?". Tommy asked.

"No". I didn't have to think about my answer. I didn't associate with his kind.

"What about you beautiful?". He smiled at Alice. "You fancy it?".

Face scarlet she looked at me before looking down at her food. "N-no thank you". She stuttered making me want to face plant the table.

"You sure?". He smirked.

"She said no". I said a little to loudly.

"Wow princess". He threw his arm around my shoulders. "Was only double checking. She seems like she wants to go".

"I suggest-...". I didn't get to finish my sentence as a cry fell from my lips, my eyes squeezed shut as the pain took over my face.

"What the fuck?". Tommy roared pushing the chair back and getting to his feet.

"Oh my god". Alice cried.

Covering my nose with my hand I tried my hardest not to burst into tears. Blood, my blood was everywhere.

"Who the fuck was that?". Tommy yelled.

The full cafeteria grew quiet. I was more embarrassed than anything. All eyes were on us or more so me and my bloody nose.

Scraping back my chair I got out of there as fast as I could and headed for the girls toilets. Once inside I locked myself inside a cubicle and cried. I couldn't hold it in any longer.

Was my nose broke?

What in the hell did I get hit with?

Grabbing some toilet paper I held it against my face trying to stop the bleeding. I muffled my tears as I heard the door to the bathroom open.


It was Alice.

"I''s okay I'm fine I'll be out in a minute". I chewed the inside of my cheek to try and take the pain away from my face.

"We need to take you to the nurses office". She chapped on the cubical door. "Open up".

I wanted to go home. I couldn't believe someone would do this.

"Aubrey?". She chapped again.

"Give me a minute okay". Flushing the used piece of toilet paper away I took a fresh bit and held it back against my nose.

"Someone threw a milk carton".

"Okay". I felt that horrible feeling in my stomach. Why would someone do that? Was I the target? Was this Franko?

I saw red, angry tears strolled down my cheeks as I clenched my teeth.

"Come out please". She begged.

Opening the door I avoided her stare and went straight towards the sinks. My hands and jumper were covered in blood.

"Jesus Aubrey. You may need to go to the hospital".

"I'm going home". I said washing away the blood from my hands. My jumper would have to wait until I was home.

"Let's go to the nurse first and then we'll get them to call your mom".

We waited until lunch was over. I didn't need for anymore embarrassment. I didn't need to have everyone staring at my face.

"You better head to class before you get detention".

"I'm not leaving you". She frowned. "They can give me a detention if they want".

"Do you know who threw it?". I asked.

"No idea". She shrugged. "But Tommy was pissed".

Yeah I bet he was. Probably all part of the act because it was Franko that done this.

"Come on everyone will be in class now".

Following her out the bathroom I glared when I saw him. He was leaning against the wall across from us. Wait why was he here? Did he come to gloat? Did he come to laugh because I had been hurt?

"Shit babe". He hissed.

"Not now Franko. She doesn't need your shit right now". Alice looped her arm through mine and pulled me down the corridor. For the first time ever he didn't say anything back. No smart remark, no nothing.

It took everything in me not to turn around and look at him.

The nurse didn't think it was broken but suggested I get it seen to by a doctor. She gave me some ice to take the swelling down.

I was already starting to get a black eye.

Alice had went back to class and I was waiting for my mom to collect me. One thing I didn't need was for this to happen. My mom was a worrier. She panicked at everything.

I had a good relationship with my parents but they were strict and yes maybe a little hard on me but they were good parents. Could say I was used to it and knew they only wanted what was best for me.

She collected me and took me straight to the hospital. Turns out it wasn't broken but I was to expect 2 black eyes and a lot of swelling.

"Why would someone do this?". She asked.

"I don't know mom". I lay my head against the window. I couldn't wait to get home and go for a nap.

"Little bastards". She hissed. "If I ever get my hands on who done this then god help them".

A laugh fell from my lips. It was always strange to hear her curse. She hardly ever did it.

"I'm angry Aubrey. I'm angry because someone hurt my child for no reason".

"I'm okay mom. The swelling will go down and the bruises will fade. I'll be back at school before you know it".

"And Alice will drop your work off to you?". She asked.

God forbid I miss anything. "Yes". I sighed.

"I just don't want you to fall behind".

That could never happen. I was already getting good grades and passing every class but I guess it wouldn't hurt to keep up to date with school work.

"I know". She pulled up outside our house turning off the engine.

"You sure you're okay?". She asked.

"A little sore but other than that I'm fine". I unclipped my seatbelt and got out.

"I'll make you some soup. You head upstairs. It won't be long".

"I'm not hungry mom. I just want to sleep".

"I'll make it anyway".

When I reached my room I didn't bother changing out of my clothes. I kicked my shoes off and got straight under my covers.

A few days off school would be good. A few days of not having to put up with Franko was even better.


The doctor was right about the black eyes. You'd think I'd been beaten black and blue. The swelling had went down massively. That's what happens when your mom straps a bag of ice to your face.

My mom and dad had already left for work. Let's just say my face didn't go down well with my dad at all. He came, he looked and he didn't say a word. But I knew he was angry.

Angry because I had been hurt for no reason. To be fair it looked much worse than it actually was. The pain had eased only the dark bruising left. But that was expected. If anyone gets hit hard enough on the nose they're sure to bruise under the eyes.

Heading downstairs I rolled my eyes at the note left by my mom. Remembering me to take it easy and get my school work from Alice. Also money was behind the clock and that both her and my dad would be working late.

They didn't have flashy jobs but they did everything to make it work and make sure we survived. I didn't go without, birthdays and Christmas were always good.

I went about making some breakfast before getting myself showered and dressed. It felt weird to be off school. I had never even been late before never mind off. I never got sick, I never ditched.

I was your all round good girl and that's the way I liked it. Good grades to get me through school and then off to university.

I didn't have long to wait. 2 more years and I'd graduate and be on my way. Putting my dirty dishes in the sink I made myself some tea. I couldn't do any work until Alice finished school and I didn't have any books home with me as my backpack was still in my locker.

I literally had nothing to do but wait.

It was around lunch time when there was a knock on my front door. You could guess the shock on my face when I pulled it open and Tommy was stood there holding my back pack.

"Damn sweetheart".

"Hey". I frowned.

"That looks a sore one". He took a step forward. "How bad does it hurt?". 

"Not much". I shrugged. "Looks worse than what it is".

"Looks like you've gone ten rounds with Mohammad Ali". He chuckled. "You're a tough little one princess".

Rolling my eyes I leaned against the door frame. "Is there something you need?". I asked.

He dropped my backpack close to my feet. "Alice asked if I could drop this off to you. Said she'll be over later with your school work".

Hold up what?

When did Alice become friends with Tommy. He was bad news, he was best friends with Franko. We didn't become friends with people like them.

They were trouble.

"So you and Alice are friends now?". I asked.

"She's a cool girl". He smirked. "Oh and Franko sends his love". He winked.

"Bite me". I glared.

A laugh fell from his lips. "Don't be acting like you don't know why he acts the way he does with you".

My stomach filled with butterflies, no nerves because as much as I hated him I wouldn't like to be on the wrong side of him.

Franko was dangerous regardless if he was only 17. He was old before his time.

I bent down to pick up my bag. "Bye Tommy and thank you for dropping this off".

"Not a problem darling. I'll see you soon, real soon". He winked.

Closing the door I fell back against it my heart hammering in my chest. Something was going on. Tommy showing up at my door with my school books? Alice and Tommy becoming friends?

I couldn't wrap my head around why all of a sudden we were suddenly being recognised by them. Not something I wanted by the way. Yes we knew each other, went through school together but we were never friends that spoke to each other or hung out.

Like I said we didn't associate with them well until now. I wasn't even sure how Tommy knew where I lived.

Alice of course.

Running a hand through my hair I chewed the inside of my cheek. This wasn't happening I wouldn't allow it to. I wasn't becoming one of these girls that get sucked in by them.

Sucked in and then threw away like trash.


I ordered pizza for Alice coming round. I knew she wouldn't be long after school finished. Good thing about Alice was she had her own car.

I wasn't allowed one until I was at least 17. I had my permit and only ever got to drive when my dad took me out.

Strict parents as well as protective parents. Now can you see why I couldn't wait to graduate and get the hell out of here.

Grabbing plates from the cupboard I set them on the table and grabbed 2 bottles of coke from the fridge. There was a chap at my door before Alice was standing in front of me a massive grin on her face.

"I think I'm in love".

"Oh god". I groaned. "Please don't say who I think you're going to say".

"He's fucking hot Aubrey and he has a motorbike".

"I'm off school for one day and you're already shacking up with one of the town's degenerates".

"Hey". She laughed. "He's actually not that bad and he's nice to me".

I bet he was.

"But we're not shacking up. I'm not that stupid". She went to get the pizza as the door went.

Thank god for that. The last thing I needed was to lose my best friend to a biker.

"I can't wait to-..hey where's the pizza?". I frowned.

"Not pizza. Franko is at the door". She whispered.

"Why?". My heartbeat quickened. Why did I suddenly have butterflies in my stomach at the mention of his name?

She shrugged. "I don't know. Go and speak to him".

"I don't want to". I groaned.

"Stop being a baby and go to the door".

"Fine". I huffed.

There he was. Stood outside my front door a cigarette hanging from his mouth, sunglasses covering his eyes and that damn cut clinging to his chest.

"Fuck baby it looks worse today". As he took a step towards me I wrinkled my nose at the cigarette smoke and took a step back.

"What are you doing here Franko?".

"How sore is it?". He ignored my question by asking his own.

"I'm fine now what do you want?". I couldn't stop thinking about how good he looked right now. I hated that damn cut and what it stood for but dammit if he didn't look hot in it.

My eyes trailed over his chest, down his legs and back up to his face. I couldn't help it, I couldn't stop the quickening of my heartbeat.

Oh god what was happening to me?

Was I actually attracted to him?

"Just checking in darling". I didn't miss his smirk, he had caught me looking. Trying my hardest to stay cool I could already feel the heat spreading over my cheeks.

"Well I don't need you checking in on me. Is that everything?".

"Look babe-...".

"We're not friends Franko I don't need you checking up on me. Bye". I slammed the door in his face instantly hating how bad it made me feel.

"What did he want?". Alice asked.

"He was just checking in". I rolled my eyes. "Weird right?".

"Maybe he likes you". She shrugged.

I made a face. "Yeah right. He likes to tease and make fun of me. He doesn't like me and I hate him".

"Do you really though?". I didn't miss the hint of her smirk. "I mean how long have you two been going at it?".

"We're not going at anything".

"If you say so. Do you want to go to the diner for a milkshake maybe even a burger?".

"I ordered pizza and I don't really feel like going out". I pointed towards my face.

"Don't really feel like pizza tonight but I could definitely go a cheese burger". She grinned.

So we ditched the pizza and she was currently driving us to the diner. I only came on the condition that she was buying, she agreed.

As she pulled into the diner carpark my eyes fell into slits as I noticed the two motorbikes. "Are you kidding me right now?". I asked.

"What, he's cute and I like talking to him".

"I'm not going in there to sit with them and the people they hang out with. I'm still not convinced it wasn't one of them that did this to my face".

"You really think Franko would let anyone hurt you?". She turned off her engine as we found a space.

"Don't come at me with that rubbish again Alice. We don't like each other and that's the end of it".

"Wow calm down I was kidding. Do you want me to take you home?".

"We're here now and I'm hungry so no".


I know you're all waiting patiently for the next chapter of where I belong and believe me it's coming.

This was just something floating around in my head so I thought I would start it and just go with it.

Let me know what you think :)